”This is called the forest of death, here are many cultivators from the mortal world who died and buried in this place. ” Nangong Xiang began to explain to Zhao Yanyan where they were currently.

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The Forest of Death is a place where countless cultivators from the mortal world died while trying to enter the Kunlun Holy Land.

It could be said that this forest was a trial ground before entering the Kunlun Holy Land.

Here, a weak cultivator would instantly be killed by the monsters in this place.

That is why only a few people from the mortal world can get out of this forest of death.

, Roar..
, Roar..
, ”A monster roar was heard very loudly around this forest.

It seemed that these monsters had detected the arrival of Ye Chen ’s party.

The hordes of magical beasts that inhabit this place immediately head towards the place where Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang, Nanhua Caiyi and Yu Tifa are located.

Since Ye Chen had come here before, he already knew that this was this forest guardian monster.

These monsters are very annoying, when Ye Chen first came here with minimal strength, Ye Chen was beaten up by monsters in this forest.

Now that Ye Chen already had a strong enough strength, he wanted to get back at these annoying monsters.

Ye Chen will definitely make these monsters run away scared by the power he has.

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Tens of thousands of magical beasts immediately gathered around Ye Chen ’s party, they looked like they had just seen prey that was very delicious to eat.

”These magical beasts are annoying, I ’ll take care of them all. ” Nanhua Caiyi intended to take care of magical beasts that dared to bark at Ye Chen and herself.

”Let me do it. ” Ye Chen stopped Nanhua Caiyi who wanted to take care of the magical beasts that surrounded them.

Ye Chen himself will take care of the magical beasts here, it can be said that Ye Chen currently wants to take revenge on the magical beasts in this forest.

Ye Chen came forward, he was now standing near the magical beasts that had gathered around this place.

Ye Chen saw the magical beasts in front of him, Ye Chen ’s face grinned a little when he saw the magical beasts in this place.

Ye Chen can ’t wait to get revenge on this magical beast in front of him.

”Get ready to run scurry. ” Ye Chen told the magical beasts that were here to get ready to run away like little rabbits who saw scary monsters.

”Azure Dragon Domain ” Ye Chen opened an Azure Dragon Domain.

When Ye Chen did this the area around here darkened, an Azure Dragon projection appeared behind Ye Chen ’s body.

”, The shadow projection from the Azure Dragon roared towards the magical beasts around here.

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The roar carried an ancient power so terrifying that it terrified the entire Magical Beast around here.

All the Magical Beasts felt goosebumps when they heard the roar from the Azure Dragon projection.

The Magical Beasts who were here wanted to run as fast as they could from this place, but all of the Magical Beasts felt that their legs were soft and unable to move.

Zhao Yanyan, Nanhua Caiyi and Yu Tifa were quite surprised when they saw the Azure Dragon Domain that Ye Chen had just opened, the power of the Domain that Ye Chen had just opened was truly very powerful.

Among the four women, Nangong Xiang was the one who was the most shocked when she saw the Azure Dragon who was behind Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang did not expect that Ye Chen would have a complete inheritance from the Azure Dragon.

Ye Chen was able to surprise Nangong Xiang with what he had.

When Ye Chen opened the Azure Dragon Domain, he looked at the Magical Beast who was currently bowing fearfully at him.

The strength of the Azure Dragon Domain was indeed so great, all beings could be frightened by this Domain.

Ye Chen started to enjoy seeing all the Magical Beasts who were currently looking down at him in fear, this Magical Beast actually wanted to quickly escape from this place.

Unfortunately they couldn ’t escape due to the pressure emanating from the Azure Dragon Domain.

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After feeling enough torment on all the Magical Beasts in this place, Ye Chen finally pulled back the Azure Dragon Domain he had opened.

When Ye Chen withdrew the Azure Dragon Domain, all of the Magical Beasts regained a bit of their strength.

All of the magical beasts didn ’t dare to stay in this place anymore, they all immediately ran away like little animals that had just met a terrifying predator.

”Hahahahaha ” Ye Chen laughed with satisfaction when he saw this, he was really very happy when he saw all the Magical Beasts run away like that.

If Azure Dragon saw what Ye Chen was doing right now, he would definitely helplessly shake his head.

Ye Chen was so unreasonable, he used the inheritance given by the Azure Dragon to bully the weak magical beasts in this forest.

This was a very ridiculous thing to do using the Azure Dragon Domain, even though with the current pressure Ye Chen had, he could easily repel the Magical Beast that had previously surrounded this place.

But Ye Chen instead used an extreme method to repel all the Magical Beasts in this place.

”I ’ve cleared everything. ” Ye Chen returned to Zhao Yanyan and the others ’ side, he told Zhao Yanyanand the others that he had cleared the obstacles blocking the way.

Zhao Yanyan and the others were a little helpless when they saw just now, they didn ’t believe that Ye Chen would bully the Magical Beasts here in such a manner.

”Why are you shaking your heads, is there something wrong? ”Seeing all the women shaking their heads at Ye Chen , Ye Chen immediately asked all the women.

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”Nothing is wrong, let ’s continue our journey. ” Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that nothing was wrong.

Even though all the women felt sorry for the Magical Beast that Ye Chen was just bullying.

All women of course knew that they couldn ’t blame what Ye Chen had just done when bullying the Magical Beasts earlier.

What Ye Chen did was right to drive all of the Magical Beasts away from returning to cause trouble on the next trip.

”Come on. ” Ye Chen invited everyone to get out of this forest of death, here it is very unsuitable to live in for a long time.

Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang, Nanhua Caiyi and Yu Tifa continued their journey to get out of this forest of death.

On this trip, Ye Chen ’s party did not encounter any obstacles, all of the Magical Beasts avoided Ye Chen ’s party who was passing by.

All of the magical beasts in this forest were afraid to block Ye Chen ’s Party ’s Road.

Because there were no more obstacles blocking the way, Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang, Nanhua Caiyi and Yu Tifa very quickly came out of the terrifying forest of death.

After leaving the forest of death, Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang, Nanhua Caiyi and Yu Tifa were greeted by a very beautiful scene in the Kunlun Holy Land.

Although it wasn ’t as beautiful as the Fairy Gate, this place was still quite beautiful when compared to all the beautiful places that were in the mortal world.

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