”Huh? , A are you kidding me? ”Shen Fuma still can ’t believe what he just heard.

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Ye Chen really wanted 50% of the territory that the Shen Clan had, this was the craziest thing Shen Fuma had ever heard.

Not only did Shen Fuma feel that Ye Chen was a lunatic, the cultivators in this place also felt that Ye Chen was a very insane person, he wanted something completely absurd like the 50% of the Shen Clan territory.

The Shen Clan territory was 50% large enough to create a trading area that was twice as large as the Wu Clan Territory they currently occupied.

It could be imagined how valuable the Shen Clan ’s 50% territory would be.

”I ’m not kidding with you, what I said was really serious. ” Ye Chen put on a serious face towards Shen Fuma.

”Hahaha ” Shen Fuma burst into laughter at Ye Chen, Shen Fuma thinks Ye Chen is like a stupid clown who is making a joke for himself.

”Hahaha, you are really very funny, you look like a stupid clown cheering everyone here, hahahaha ” Shen Fuma kept laughing out loud when he heard the ridiculous thing that Ye Chen just said.

”Hahahaha ” almost everyone in the crowd laughed along with Shen Fuma, they also thought that Ye Chen looked like a clown entertaining the audience.

Wu Ping still didn ’t understand what Ye Chen wanted, why did Ye Chen embarrass himself like this.

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Ye Chen looks normal when laughing by everyone here, to Ye Chen this person actually looks like an ignorant fool, so it ’s better for Ye Chen to ignore these people.

”Don ’t you dare accept a challenge from me, then why not just say it earlier ” Ye Chen said to Shen Fuma who was currently still laughing at himself.

Hearing Ye Chen ’s words Shen Fuma immediately stopped laughing, he looked at Ye Chen who was currently making a serious expression.

”I certainly still dare to accept your challenge, but the stakes you said earlier are completely incomparable to what you have right now. ” Shen Fuma told Ye Chen that he did not have something equal to 50% of the Shen Clan ’s territory.

”Really, then how about this. ” Ye Chen took out something from the fairy gate storage room, he put the item he picked up in front of everyone who was here.

The item that Ye Chen just took was a set of armor that looked really good, plus the aura of Ye Chen ’s armor set was incredible.

The people here could confirm that this was a set of high ranking artifacts that were extremely rare to find.

” What is that ? ” Shen Fuma immediately asked what Ye Chen just brought out.

”This is a rank ninth artifact set, I think it is quite valuable as a bet item. ” Ye Chen told Shen Fuma that this was a Tier nine armor set.

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”Huh? ”Shen Fuma looked dumbfounded when he heard what Ye Chen just said.

If I heard correctly, Ye Chen just said that this is an Artifact that is in tier 9.

This is something that Shen Fuma never imagined, it is necessary to know that in this Kunlun Holy Land, the highest artifact is usually at Tier 4 and 5, while Tier above is an artifact that is very difficult to find, only strong people can own artifacts above Tier 5, Tier 5 and above artifacts are extremely expensive, even the Shen Clan which is a large Clan only has One artifact in the 6th tier, it is also an heirloom left by the Shen Clan ancestors.

This is why Shen Fuma was surprised when he heard Ye Chen say that this armor set was at Tier 9.

”You ’re not kidding me, are you serious ”Shen Fuma asked Ye Chen if he was joking or not.

”Why am I joking with you, I ’m really telling the truth, if you don ’t believe you can see it for yourself ” Ye Chen didn ’t play around when he took out the tier nine armor set he got from exploring Devil ’s prison.

Ye Chen still had quite a few sets of armor like this, so it didn ’t matter if he used one to bet with Shen Fuma.

Ye Chen himself knew that in this Kunlun Holy Land it was very rare for High Tier artifacts like this, surely Shen Fuma would easily be attracted and want this Tier 9 armor set.

Shen Fuma was an extremely greedy person, if he had found out that this was a high level armor set, he would definitely try to get this rare set for himself.

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Shen Fuma started to approach and looked at the Tier 9 armor set that Ye Chen had just issued, when Shen Fuma took a closer look, he found that this was really a very high class artifact.

Even the heirloom artifacts that the Shen Clan possessed were far inferior when compared to the armor set that Ye Chen had just released.

”This really is a armor se Tier nine ” Shen Fuma said whatsaid Ye Chen becomes a truth.

The cultivators who had previously insulted Ye Chen were now dumbfounded, their jaws opened so wide they could even touch the ground.

They couldn ’t believe that the person they just laughed at had a tier 9 set of armor.

This was something that made no sense to everyone in this place.

Everyone of course knows that the artifacts in tier 9 are extremely valuable and invaluable.

Moreover, what Ye Chen just took out was a complete set, it meant that it was far more valuable than the entire territory that the Shen Clan currently had.

Wu Ping still couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen had a Tier 9 armor set, he tried to get closer and see for himself the armor set that Ye Chen had just issued.

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When Wu Ping saw for himself the set of armor that Ye Chen had just released, Wu Ping was a little shocked, he couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen actually had a tier 9 armor set.

”This is really genuine ” Wu Ping also strengthened the authenticity of the set.
the armor that Ye Chen just took out.

Hearing Duke Wu say that this is real, everyone started to believe that the set of armor that Ye Chen just brought out was an artifact that was in tier 9.

”How would you bet with me or not? ”, Ye Chen asked Shen Fuma if he would have a bet with himself.

Shen Fuma started to look at the artifact that Ye Chen had just released, if he could get this from Ye Chen, then Shen Fuma would get an enormous contribution to the Shen Clan.

That means Shen Fuma will certainly become the Clan Master of the Shen Clan, if he succeeds in getting this from Ye Chen.

Shen Fuma had already decided that he had to get this Tier 9 armor set from Ye Chen no matter what.

Shen Fuma is very confident in himself, he is sure that Kang Dim will be able to win the match very easily.

”Hey Kang Dim, what percentage do you trust against this young man? ”Shen Fuma asked Kang Dim, he wanted to know the confidence that Kang Dim would have if he went against Ye Chen.

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