ked Qin Shao to give him all the Manuals recipe for making Pill that was at Tier 4 for himself.

”What do you need the Manual for making pills from me for? ” Qin Shao asked Ye Chen what he wanted with the Tier 4 pill manual recipe he had.

”Of course I want to use it to fight with that person. ” Ye Chen told Qin Shao that he wanted to use the Pill Manual that Qin Shao had to fight against Kang Dim.

Ye Chen began to explain in detail what he was going to do to Qin Shao.

After gaining enlightenment from Ye Chen, Qin Shao finally understood what Ye Chen wanted from the pill manual recipe he had.

”Okay, I understand. ” Qin Shao nodded at Ye Chen, he was a little interested in what Ye Chen just said.

”Qin Shao started to take out all the copies of the Pill Manual recipe he had, what Qin Shao just took out was a copy of the original manual recipe he had.

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This copy is not permanent, it will disappear within 4 ~ 12 hours after the seal is opened.

Normally the Qin pavilion would sell these copies to cultivators who wanted this Pill Manual.

Because this manual is temporary, once used it will immediately disappear and cannot be traded back to other people.

This was quite a lucrative business for the Qin Pavilion.

Ye Chen looked at the dozens of scrolls that were in front of Qin Shao, it seemed that these were all the Pill manuals that were in Tier 4 that belonged to the Qin Pavilion.

The number of Tier 4 Pill manuals that the Qin Pavilion possessed was quite large as well, Ye Chen firmly believed that this wasn ’t all the Qin Pavilion had.

”In this Alchemical battle we will randomly choose the Pill manual that is here, each of us has to make what is in the manual that we have taken, whoever can make pills with perfect purity will win the this battle ”Ye Chen explained the rules of the game to Kang Dim.

”Okay, I understand. ” Kang Dim nodded at Ye Chen, he felt that the Alchemical battle this time was more challenging than before.

This makes each of the two of them will not know what they will make later, it could be easy and it could be very difficult.

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”Then you can choose first ” Ye Chen invited Kang Dim to choose first.

Kang Dim went to have a copy of the manual recipe in front of him, he randomly picked up a copy of the pill manual recipe that was in the pile.

Kang Dim starts to open a copy of the manual of the pills he just took, Kang Dim wants to know if he found something difficult or mundane to make.

When Kang Dim removed the seal and looked into the copy of the pill manual, he found something that was very familiar to him, this was the manual recipe for making a fire resonant pill.

This was a pill commonly used by cultivators at high levels to help them make a Tier 5 pill and above.

By using a fire resonant pill, the probability of failure can be minimized by 15%, this is a weapon belonging to Alchemists to make a pill above Tier 4.

This pill can make one ’s own fire more stable and easier to control.

Things like this are very functional when doing the process of making a Pill for Alchemists.

Kang Dim was quite happy when he took a copy of the manual to make a fire resonant pill, this is something that is quite easy to make.

Kang Dim has already made fire resonant pills, so this will feel like turning your palm over to Kang Dim.

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