”Well, since I previously had said that to you, then I will make a pill that is in the prescription manual pills ” Ye Chen told Shen Fuma if he will make the pill in the recipe manual pill that is in his hands.

Although this would be a little difficult to do, Ye Chen remained confident that he could do this.

After all, Ye Chen likes new unknown things like this, so this will be an interesting challenge for Ye Chen.

”Very good, you are a man who keeps the words you said just now. ” Shen Fuma looked very happy when he found out that Ye Chen was going to make something that was in the manual pill recipe that didn ’t know what was in it.

This will make Shen Fuma ’s victory even higher than before, Shen Fuma is very confident that Ye Chen will not be able to solve that mysterious manual pill recipe.

When Ye Chen couldn ’t break Secret the manual pill recipe, Shen Fuma would get the set of armor he wanted from Ye Chen.

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Shen Fuma had already imagined that if he brought the Tier 9 Armor Set back home, it would definitely be a shock to his entire Shen Clan.

After taking a copy of the manual pill recipe, Ye Chen and Kang Dim went to their respective tables, it was at this table that the two of them would mix the one that was in the manual pill recipe copy.

Zhao Yanyan and Nanhua Caiyi stood guard beside Ye Chen, the two of them would guard Ye Chen from the side so that no one would interfere.

Zhao Yanyan and Nanhua Caiyi were afraid that Shen Fuma would do something cheating that could make Ye Chen lose this match.

Because Kang Dim already knew what kind of pill to concoct, Kang Dim immediately took the necessary items.

Meanwhile Ye Chen was currently studying the manual pill recipe in a strange language that he had never seen.

Ye Chen started to observe the contents in the manual pill recipe, Ye Chen tried to find out a little clue that could be used to find out what kind of pill this was.

Since the time in this match was not fixed, Ye Chen could casually study the contents in the manual pill recipe he obtained.

Ye Chen really didn ’t know the language that was in this Pill manual recipe.

”Hey Yuechan, what kind of manual is this, why is the language so complicated ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan about the language that was in the manual pill recipe copy he had in hand.

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”Oh this ?, this is a special code seal, if you can break Code Seal it , then you will find out what is in it. ” Chu Yuechan explained to Ye Chen that this was a Special code seal, if Ye Chen wanted to know what was inside , Ye Chen should be able to break this special code.

”Oh, I see, thank you for explaining it to me ” Ye Chen thanked Chu Yuechan for explaining this to himself.

After getting Chu Yuechan ’s explanation, Ye Chen started trying to use the Mental power he had to break the seal of the code that was inside.

When Ye Chen used his Mental power to look into the manual pill recipe, he found dozens of seals that were quite complicated to break.

As Chu Yuechan said, this was a special code that had to be compiled in order to break the seal.

It may take a little while to break all of the seals in the manual pill recipe.

Ye Chen used all the full concentration he had to crack this special code.

At the moment Ye Chen was closing his eyes and trying to crack the Special code contained in the manual pill recipe.

Kang Dim has now started the first process in making a pill.

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