Nine Shadow step, Ye Chen hurried towards Du Yao, Ye Chen used the breaking meteor blow to hit Du Yao ”Bammm ” Du Yao was bounced until it came out of the building cedela.

Du Khun couldn ’t even see Ye Chen ’s movement just now, Ye Chen had managed to attack Du Yao.

Du Khun wanted to save Du Yao but unfortunately, Chief Du Khun was gripped by Ye Chen very strongly.

Ye Chen grabbed Du Khun ’s head and took him Fly away from the Liu Company Building.

Before leaving Ye Chen had already installed a barrier in the room so that others could not enter it.

Ye Chen flew at full speed, Ye Chen brought Du Khun to an abandoned Old Warehouse, this was quite far from the Settlement Settlement.

Ye Chen slammed Du Khun to the ground, ”Bamm ” Ye Chen then also went down.

Here they both can use force freely.

Du Khun immediately got up from the ground, and looked around then looked towards Ye Chen standing.

Du Khun could not see when Ye Chen took him to Fly, so Du Khun did not know whether Ye Chen could purely fly or use an artifact to fly.

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moreover Du Khun could not see Ye Chen ’s cultivation level, there were two possibilities, first Ye Chen ’s cultivation level was higher than hers or Ye Chen used an artifact to hide his cultivation base.

Du Khun could not believe that Ye Chen was an Emperor Emperor Realm stage cultivator, if True Ye Chen could fly Du Khun predicted that Ye Chen was a cultivator at the Sky Realm stage.


At that level, a cultivator can start to fly, at the level of Sky Realm, cultivators can fly within a certain period of time, while at the level of the emperor the Realm they can be free to fly without being limited by time.

And seeing Ye Chen ’s age could not be in the stage of the Emperor Realm, even Du Khun to reach the 7th level of the Earth Realm took 7 decades to reach this level.

Du Khun has been practicing since he was 10 years old and began to enter the world of cultivators when he was 15 years old.

As a middle class sect, to reach this stage is already an extraordinary achievement.

And if it ’s true that this boy in front of him is a cultivator in the Sky Realm stage, isn ’t that an insult to him who has been training for decades.

”Your real kid ” Du Khun asked Ye Chen directly.

”I ’m just an ordinary school student ” Ye Chen answered Du Khun ’s question.

Du Khun could not believe that Ye Chen was only an ordinary school student, if ordinary school students could have such a high cultivation level, all the students in the sect would definitely enroll in an ordinary school.

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If the situation is unfavorable for him, Du Khun has no choice but to use 100 poison magic beasts, this poison was made by Du Khun ’s teacher, this poison has a very violent ferocity that even his teacher had killed a cultivator in the early levels of Sky Realm by using this poison.

”Nothing here can disturb us.
Let ’s fight. ” Ye Chen released the one hundred thousand fire Swords technique, immediately 10 fire swords appeared behind Ye Chen.

When Ye Chen released the Duoun hundred thousand fire Swords fire technique, Ye Chen ’s cultivation level turned out to be only the second level Earth Realm.

when a cultivator uses his strength the original level can be seen and it cannot be hidden by an artifact

Du khun Seems to think Ye Chen is too great, it turns out that his strength is far below him.

The reason Ye Chen could destroy his arm was because Du Khun was unmindful and unprepared, Du Khun finally gained his confidence to kill this damn boy.

Ye Chen used the Riederan Pendant necklace to conceal his true strength, Ye Chen could change as he desired the height of strength he wanted.

Ye Chen wanted to see if this Riederan Pendant necklace worked or not.

”Hahaha, son.
It turns out that you are only at the level of the second level Earth Realm, unfortunately I ’m already at the 7th level, so you definitely don ’t have a chance to win from me ” Du Khun released a poisonous aura from his body.

Even though Du Khun had only one hand left it was enough to fight with Ye Chen.

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