Shen Fuma is truly shameless, he is actually trying to run away from the responsibility he has created with Ye Chen.

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”Hey brat from the Shen Clan, do you dare to run away from the bet you previously agreed with Ye Chen? ”Wu Ping immediately stepped forward to collect the bet previously made by Ye Chen and Shen Fuma.

Wu Ping couldn ’t possibly let this go away 50% of the Shen Clan territory was quite precious, Wu Ping shouldn ’t just let this end.

Wu Ping was currently in a very happy atmosphere, finally he was able to avenge a boy like Shen Fuma who had dared to create chaos in his territory.

This was all thanks to Ye Chen who had won the match just now, thanks to Ye Chen Wu Ping not losing face in his own territory.

”Duke Wu, I was just playing around.
I ’m not serious about doing that, if you want to collect the bet, then you can ask my friend Kang Dim. ” Shen Fuma started giving this problem to Kang Dim.

Because Kang Dim was incompetent, it made Shen Fuma lose, which was why Shen Fuma could only place all this blame on Kang Dim.

”Why did you drag me into your betting problem, I have nothing to do with the bet you made. ” Kang Dim did not accept the words from Shen Fuma just now.

From the start, Kang Dim had nothing to do with Shen Fuma ’s betting problems, he only acted as an Alchemist invited by Shen Fuma to help solve a problem.

But now that Shen Fuma was instead using himself as a shield, this made Kang Dim dissatisfied.

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”Isn ’t this a loss for you, so you have to take responsibility for this matter. ” Shen Fuma wants Kang Dim to take responsibility for losing against Ye Chen.

If only Kang Dim won against Ye Chen, this situation would never have happened to Shen Fuma, Shen Fuma would definitely bring Ye Chen ’s set of armor.

But reality is not as good as his wish, Kang Dim had actually lost against Ye Chen made Shen Fuma had to pay a very high price for this problem.

Even Shen Fuma had to pawn the reputation he had in order to get out of this matter.

”You shameless ” Kang Dim began to berate Shen Fuma, this person dared to speak like that to himself.

Kang Dim who didn ’t accept immediately rushed to Shen Fuma ’s side, he wanted to attack Shen Fuma.

Kang Dim didn ’t care anymore, he wanted to beat up this shameless young master of the Shen Clan.

Shen Fuma who saw the direction of Kang Dim ’s attack immediately made a defense to fend off the attack that was about to be carried out by Kang Dim.

”Bamm ” Kang Dim and Shen Fuma ’s palms met and made a small explosion.

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In the exchange that just happened, Kang Dim had clearly suffered a crushing defeat.

It could be seen that Kang Dim ’s fighting strength was insignificant compared to Shen Fuma.

Kang Dim is an Alchemist who spends his time every day making pills, so it is not strange that Kang Dim ’s cultivation base is low.

The cultivators here couldn ’t believe that Shen Fuma and Kang Dim would instead fight and blame each other.

This is a lot different from before, where the two of them seem to get along very well like close friends.

”It ’s useless you fight me, you are no match for my strength ” Shen Fuma told Kang Dim if he ’s not a worthy opponent for himself.

”Damn it. ” Kang Dim gritted his teeth, he just wasn ’t a worthy opponent for Shen Fuma.

”Look, one day I will make you pay for what you did today. ” Kang Dim gave a warning to Shen Fuma, after giving a warning to Shen Fuma, Kang Dim left this place.

”Where are you going? ” Seeing that Kang Dim wanted to leave this place, Shen Fuma tried to chase after Kang Dim, the reason Shen Fuma was chasing Kang Dim was not to capture Kang Dim, but Shen Fuma wanted to use this to escape from this place.

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After escaping from this place, Shen Fuma will explain everything to Kang Dim so that Kang Dim doesn ’t get angry with him.

Just as Shen Fuma wanted to catch up with Kang Dim, someone suddenly grabbed his shoulders.

The person holding Shen Fuma ’s shoulder was Ye Chen, Ye Chen was currently holding Shen Fuma from escaping from this place.

”Quickly let me go, I want to chase after that person, he must be responsible for this problem. ” Shen Fuma tried to run away from Ye Chen, but Shen Fuma seemed unable to escape from Ye Chen ’s hand that was holding himself so strongly.

”Do you think I will be fooled by the charade you are doing right now, if you think so then you are an idiot ”, Ye Chen already knew that Shen Fuma was trying to do a drama so he could escape from this place.

Shen Fuma ’s charade was too easy for Ye Chen to guess.

”Glup ” Shen Fuma swallowed his own saliva, he started breaking out in a cold sweat when he found out that Ye Chen already knew the clever plan he was making to get out of this place.

It seemed that Ye Chen was much smarter than Shen Fuma thought, from the start this person had pretended to be an idiot in order to deal with him.

”Hey, guys hurry up and let me go, I was just kidding when I made a bet with you ” Shen Fuma tried to ask Ye Chen to let go.

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”Do you think you can just run away from the bet we agreed on? , you have to pay what you promised as soon as possible, otherwise don ’t blame me for making regret for coming here.
”Ye Chen gave a warning to Shen Fuma to immediately keep the promise they had previously made.

Otherwise Ye Chen will do something bad for Shen Fuma.

”I won ’t do it, no matter what you do I will never give you that bet. ” Shen Fuma refused to pay the bet they had previously agreed to.

”Brat, you dare not to keep the bet you ’ve made, do you dare to call yourself a boy ” Wu Ping started helping Ye Chen to humiliate Shen Fuma.

Wu Ping was going to let this brat from the Shen Clan get retribution for having dared to break the promise he made in what was done with Ye Chen.

In this way the Shen Clan ’s reputation in the royal capital will decline due to the actions of Shen Fuma who is the son of the current leader of the Shen Clan.

”I don ’t care, I won ’t pay a dime to your Wu Clan. ” Shen Fuma still insisted that he didn ’t want to pay the bet he previously agreed with Ye Chen.

”Well if you still insist on not paying it, then I have no other choice, Caiyi please take care of this person, do whatever you want to this person ” Ye Chen told Nanhua Caiyi to take care of Shen Fuma.

”Fufufu, master, I ’ve been waiting for these words for a long time, you don ’t need to worry, let me take care of this person, I ’ll make sure that he will get a lesson that he never forgets in this life. ” Nanhua Caiyi smiled with a face, slightly evil, it looks like Shen Fuma will suffer at the hands of Nanhua Caiyi.

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