”That ’s a pretty good idea, let ’s use that idea. ” Ye Chen felt that it was a very good idea, let Shen Fuma be a message for the Shen Clan to pay the bet they had agreed to.

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”Caiyi, come here, I have one more task you need to do. ” Ye Chen called Nanhua Caiyi, he wanted Nanhua Caiyi to do this task.

Nanhua Caiyi looked very excited when she heard Ye Chen telling her to do work, Nanhua Caiyi liked to do a job for Ye Chen.

”Caiyi, I want you to bring Shen Fuma back to the Shen Clan, but you have to make sure that this man returns on foot. ” Ye Chen wanted Nanhua Caiyi to take Shen Fuma back to the Shen Clan on foot, let Shen Fuma walk back in circumstances like this.

”Okay, I understand. ” Nanhua Caiyi understands, she will do what Ye Chen ordered.

”Hey you, come here ” Nanhua Caiyi called Shen Fuma.

Hearing the call from Nanhua Caiyi, Shen Fuma immediately went in front of Nanhua Caiyi, Shen Fuma looks like a dog who is very obedient to his master.

”I will let you leave this place, but you have to agree with the conditions I say this ” Nanhua Caiyi told Shen Fuma that he intends to let her go.

”Really, hurry up and say the conditions, I will definitely do it ” Shen Fuma looked very happy when he heard this from Nanhua Caiyi, Shen Fuma finally could escape from this woman.

”Why do you look so happy when you go away from me, don ’t you like being with a beautiful woman like me, didn ’t you say you wanted me, did you forget your words before, you boys are always like that. ” Nanhua Caiyi showed expression slightly disappointed as he said this.

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”No, I didn ’t mean it like that. ” Shen Fuma looked panicked as he tried to explain to Nanhua Caiyi.

Previously, Shen Fuma might like beautiful, sexy and seductive women like Nanhua Caiyi, but this woman has a frightening side, Shen Fuma no longer dares to mess with women like Nanhua Caiyi.

”Caiyi, it ’s enough for you to play around with this person, you better hurry up and take this person away.
I ’m sick of seeing him. ” Ye Chen told Nanhua Caiyi to take Shen Fuma away from this place.

”Okay, I understand. ” Nanhua Caiyi nodded to Ye Chen, he would take Shen Fuma away from this place.

”You can go as long as you return to the Shen Clan by walking normally, one more thing you are not allowed to change the appearance you have. ” Nanhua Caiyi told Shen Fuma the conditions that must be met if you want to leave this place.

”Okay, I ’ll do as you ask. ” Shen Fuma very easily agreed with what Nanhua Caiyi wanted.

Shen Fuma will do anything as long as he can stay away from this demoness.

If Nanhua Caiyi knew what Shen Fuma was thinking right now, perhaps Nanhua Caiyi would change her mind and not let Shen Fuma go.

”Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and do it now ” Nanhua Caiyi told Shen Fuma to quickly do what he had previously asked.

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”OK, OK, I understand. ” Shen Fuma immediately did as Nanhua Caiyi ordered him to, he started walking towards the direction the Shen Clan was in.

Nanhua Caiyi went along with Shen Fuma, she would watch that Shen Fuma would not commit a fraud in this matter.

Shen Fuma and Nanhua Caiyi began to move away from Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, and Wu Ping ’s view.

”Hey Ye Chen, how do you make the women from the Spring Palace so obedient like that? ” Wu Ping asked Ye Chen how to make Nanhua Caiyi obedient like that.

Maybe Ye Chen could learn from Ye Chen to make Yu Rou obey him.

” Grandfather Wu, if you want to make women obey, you have to conquer their hearts and bodies.
” Ye Chen tells Wu Ping how to make women become obedient creatures.

Hearing this, Wu Ping immediately nodded, it was a logical reason why Nanhua Caiyi was so obedient to Ye Chen.

”Husband, what did you just say? ”Zhao Yanyan stretched her hand out to Ye Chen ’s ear, She was irritated when she heard what Ye Chen just said.

”Ah Yanyan, do not be angry, I wasjoking just now ” Ye Chen trying to apologize to Zhao Yanyan, he didn ’t mean to say that.

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Zhao Yanyan didn ’t want to let go of Ye Chen ’s ear, she tugged Ye Chen ’s ear even harder.

Wu Ping saw what happened to Ye Chen, it seemed that Ye Chen also had his own difficulties when dealing with Zhao Yanyan.

After a while, finally Zhao Yanyan wanted to let go of Ye Chen ’s ears.

” Husband, have you got what you were looking for? ” Zhao Yanyan asked if Ye Chen got what he was looking for.

”I haven ’t got what I ’m looking for, the item I want is currently in Queen ’s hands. ” Ye Chen said while rubbing his ear that Zhao Yanyan had just pulled.

”So the item you are looking for is currently in the hands of the ruler of the royal family? , what will you do next ? ”asked Zhao Yanyan to Ye Chen.

”Maybe I will try to go and ask Queen, who knows he wants to give that thing to me ” Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that he wanted to go ask for the Ginseng of life edge from Queen ’s hand.

”Be careful not to be enchanted by the beauty of the Queen ” Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen not to be blown away by the beauty of the Queen who ruled this country.

”You don ’t need to worry, I think Yanyan ’s charm is the most powerful I ’ve ever seen. ” Ye Chen tried to praise Zhao Yanyan.

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”Gezzz ” Zhao Yanyan was helpless when praised by Ye Chen, Ye Chen really knew how to conquer Zhao Yanyan ’s heart.

”Ahem, Ye Chen, you better not go to see Queen. ” Wu Ping suddenly warned Ye Chen not to go see Queen.

” Ehh, what ’s wrong? ”Ye Chen wants to know why Wu Ping warned himself not to go see Queen.

” Grandfather, why did you forbid Ye Chen went to see Queen, shouldn ’t he be over you? ”Zhao Yanyan also wants to know why Wu Ping forbade Ye Chenwent to see Queen.

”It ’s because it ’s not good dealing with Queen, let alone you are a handsome man, if Queen likes you, then it is not a good thing at all ” Wu Ping said to Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan.

”Grandfather, wouldn ’t it be a good thing if the Queen liked Ye Chen? ” It would make things easier for the Wu Clan grandfather, ” Zhao Yanyan said to Wu Ping.

”Yanyan, this is not what you think, you know the man who is liked by the Queen always has a bad ending. ” Wu Ping started to say in a voice so low that Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan could hardly hear him.

Wu Ping didn ’t dare to say this out loud, if he said this out loud then Wu Ping would be in trouble.

”You mean grandfather? ”Zhao Yanyan still doesn ’t understand why men can have such a bad ending when it comes to Queen.

”Come over here, I ’ll tell you ” Wu Ping told Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan to get closer so that he could tell secret this.

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