me Shen Fuma was currently experiencing.

Today is the worst day Shen Fuma has ever had in this life.

If only today he didn ’t go to the Wu Clan ’s trading territory, Shen Fuma would definitely not have suffered this kind of fate.

Shen Fuma could only swallow this bitterness for a while, he had to endure himself to the Shen Clan manor.

Along the way Shen Fuma was constantly laughed at by both children and adults.

Even little children thought Shen Fuma was a madman because of his extremely ugly appearance.

Shen Fuma continues to walk as if he does not care what is around him, it is better for Shen Fuma to continue walking so fast to the Shen Clan.

After a long journey, finally Shen Fuma almost arrived at the Shen Clan, he felt very free when he almost arrived at the Shen Clan manor.

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”Looks like my task is done, it ’s time to go back. ” After completing the task asked by Ye Chen, Nanhua Caiyi decided to leave her surveillance behind Shen Fuma.

Nanhua Caiyi flew towards the Wu Clan manor, she couldn ’t wait to show what she had just recorded from Shen Fuma.

Nanhua Caiyi used an image stone to immortalize what happened to Shen Fuma while on the way to the Shen Clan, she was going to show this to Ye Chen.

Nanhua Caiyi seemed to be enjoying enough to torment Shen Fuma, it had been a long time since she had done this to someone.

Shen Fuma had now arrived at the entrance gate to the Shen Clan Manor.

When Shen Fuma came, he was immediately greeted by the guards who were guarding the gates so that outsiders would not enter.

Shen Fuma could no longer walk, he fell right in front of the Shen Clan manor gate.

”Young Master ” The guards immediately tried to help Shen Fuma who fell to the ground.

”Quickly call the Clan leader. ” One of the guards ordered another guard to call the Clan leader.

One of the guards swiftly went to call the Leader of the Shen Clan.

In just a moment, a middle-aged man appeared in front of the gate.

”Fuma, what happened to you ” This middle-aged man asked what happened to Shen Fuma.

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”father, I was just beaten by someone from the Wu Clan. ” Shen Fuma told his father that he had just been beaten by someone from the Wu Clan.

Shen Fuma ’s father ’s name is Shen Ao, he is the same as Wu Ping who is a Duke who has quite a strong influence in the royal family.

”Do those people from the Wu Clan dare to beat you up, do they really want to challenge us to war. ” Shen Ao said in an extremely loud voice.

”Guards, hurry and call all my greatest warriors. ” Shen Ao ordered the guards to call the greatest warriors that the Shen Clan possessed.

Shen Ao wanted to bring all the best warriors he had to the Wu Clan.

He had to finish this matter or the Shen Clan ’s reputation in the eyes of the allies would decline.

”Shen Ao , stopped ” When Shen Ao wanted to start trouble with the Wu Clan, there were two old people who came and stopped what Shen Ao wanted to do.

These two elders were the first elder of the Shen Clan and the second elder of the Shen Clan.

These two elders tried to stop Shen Ao from looking into trouble with the Wu Clan.

”Why did you two stop me? ” Shen Ao asked the first elder and second elder.

”Before you go, take a look at this first. ” The first elder threw a paper at Shen Ao.

Shen Ao received the paper from the first elder, he began to open the paper that the first elder gave him.

When Shen Ao saw what was in this paper, his face suddenly turned black, Shen Ao looked dissatisfied when he saw what was in the paper the first elder gave him.

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