Meanwhile Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan and Wu Ping had returned to Wu Clan manor, they started to continue the banquet that had been delayed previously due to Shen Fuma ’s act.

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Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan, Wu Ping and Yu Rou started to continue the banquet, this time everyone was able to enjoy dinner very quietly and without any constraints.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy this dinner, they all looked happy while eating the food made by Yu Rou.

After he finished eating, Zhao Yanyan went together with Yu Rou, he wanted to talk to his grandmother a little alone, there were many things that Zhao Yanyan from Yu Rou wanted to know.

While Zhao Yanyan went together with Yu Rou, Ye Chen went to a room that Wu Ping had prepared for him, from now on Ye Chen would stay in this place for a while.

”Finally I can rest too. ” Ye Chen lay on the bed in this room, he began to relax and enjoy sleeping on this rather comfortable bed.

When Ye Chen was relaxing on the bed, a gust of wind was quite strong around him.

”Xiang, where have you been? ” Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang who had just entered this room.

Ye Chen already knew that the person who had just entered this room was Nangong Xiang.

”I just met some old acquaintances that I have in the royal capital, what are you doing anyway? ”Nangong Xiang asked what Ye Chen was doing right now.

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”Nothing, I ’m just relaxing and enjoying this quiet time. ” Ye Chen told Nangong Xiang that he was relaxing and enjoying this relaxing time.

”Why don ’t you train, don ’t you want to go to God Realm right away to meet that woman? ” Nangong Xiang said to Ye Chen about the Dongfang Xiu matter.

”Sigh. ” Ye Chen sighed as he remembered Dongfang Xiu.

It had been several weeks since Dongfang Xiu left himself, Ye Chen still felt quite a loss when he remembered Dongfang Xiu who had left.

”I ’ve been training hard for weeks but I still don ’t feel like I ’m going to break through to Divine Realm. ” Ye Chen felt that he was experiencing a stagnation to reach the Divine Realm realm.

Ye Chen found it extremely difficult to raise the cultivation he had to the Divine Realm realm.

”It ’s not easy for anyone to break through to the Divine Realm, let alone in this planetary condition. ” Nangon Xiang said to Ye Chen that it is indeed very difficult to break through to the Divine Realm.

What Nangong Xiang said was true that it was quite difficult for Ye Chen to break through to the Divine Realm even by using the pure Energy within the fairy gate.

”Oh yeah, your only lucky Woman is Caiyi, She really is lucky enough to break through to the Divine Realm by using your rich Yangqi Essence. ” Nangong Xiang felt that Nanhua Caiyi was a very lucky person to be able to use Ye Chen Yangqi Essenceto break through to the Divine Realm realm.

”Wait a moment, using Essence to break through to the Divine Realm realm, why didn ’t I think of this for a long time, I can use Essence Yinqi from women to break through to Divine Realm like Caiyi, all I need to do is look for women with Yinqi pure, that way I can quickly reach the realm of Divine Realm.
”Ye Chen started to say in his heart.

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Ye Chen could use Nanhua Caiyi ’s methods to increase his strength to the Divine Realm realm, all Ye Chen needed to do was obtain a large supply of pure Yinqi.

The only woman Ye Chen who has pure Yinqi essence is Nangong Xiang who is beside her, among the women Ye Chen Nangong Xiang can be said to have Yinqi a lot of.

If Ye Chen can harvest it then maybe Ye Chen can break through right now.

”Ye Chen, why are you looking at me like that? ” Nangong Xiang immediately felt uncomfortable when she saw the look that Ye Chen gave, she felt that Ye Chen was planning something bad on her.

Ye Chen got up from the bed, he got off the bed and started walking towards Nangong Xiang who was in front of him.

Ye Chen suddenly stretched out his two hands to embrace Nangong Xiang who was in front of him, Ye Chen began to pull Nangong Xiang ’s body into his embrace.

”Ye Chen ” Nanong Xiang frantically said to Ye Chen who was hugging her.

”Xiang, tonight I want you ” Ye Chen whispered to Nangong Xiang that tonight he wanted herself.

” Nangong Xiang was quite surprised when she heard what Ye Chen saying , she didn ’t expect it to be Ye Chen would speak quite boldly like this to herself.

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Without waiting for Nangong Xiang ’s approval, Ye Chen immediately took off Nangong Xian ’s mask and started to kiss Nangong Xiang ’s Cerry ’s lips.

”Umm ” Nangong Xiang ’s eyes widened when she saw Ye Chen kissing her.

This wasn ’t the first time the two of them had had a kiss like this, but Nangong Xiang was still not used to doing things like this with Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang began to remember the conversation she had previously had with Queen, it seems that what Queen said is true that most men want things like this from women.

Ye Chen saw that Nangong Xiang did not fight back, this was the right time for Ye Chen to conquer this beautiful goddess from God Realm.

Ye Chen ’s hand who was below started dishonestly caressing the body of Nangong Xiang who was carrying it.

When Ye Chen ’s hands dishonestly started caressing Nangong Xiang ’s body, Nangong Xiang felt an extremely comfortable feeling.

This feeling of comfort was a little strange for Nangong Xiang, Nangong Xiang felt that her body became hot and itchy when she felt this comfort.

Nangong Xiang felt like there were millions of ants that had started crawling all over her body.

”Erm, Ye Chen please stop for a moment. ” Feeling a strange change in her body, Nangong Xiang tried to stop what Ye Chen was doing.

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Unfortunately, Ye Chen did not want to let Nangong Xiang go, if he did let the current Nangong Xiang go, this beautiful goddess would definitely run away from him again.

Ye Chen didn ’t want Nangong Xiang to run away from himself again, tonight he had to get this Nangong Xiang beauty in front of him.

In order to subdue the beautiful goddess Nangong Xiang, Ye Chen had to use all the abilities he currently had, Ye Chen used the King ’s Heart technique to make Nangong Xiang excited.

When Ye Chen used the King ’s heart technique to stimulate Nangong Xiang, Nangong Xiang suddenly felt an extremely intense feeling in her body.

Nanggong Xiang had never felt this kind of feeling, this feeling could not be expressed in words by Nangong Xiang.

., ah..
., ah..
” for the first time Ye Chen listened to the extremely sweet moaning sound emitted by the beautiful Goddess Nangong Xiang.

This groan was so incredibly powerful, Ye Chen felt his bones melt when he heard Nangong Xiang ’s groan.

Ye Chen never knew that Nangong Xiang ’s voice would be this good to the point that it made Ye Chen ’s bones feel like melting like this.

Apart from Dongfang Xiu, Nangong Xiang was the second person who could make Ye Chen feel this kind of feeling.

It seemed that the Goddess of the God Realm had her own charm in voice to the point that it made a man ’s bones melt when he heard this voice.

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