Ye Chen kept trying to stimulate Nangong Xiang, he was trying to make this Beautiful Goddess excited.

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Ye Chen wanted to see like Goddess Nangong Xiang who always looked dignified show the lewd side she had.

As the former empress Nangong Xiang it was impossible to show the lewd side she possessed, this was something that Nangong Xiang had never done in this life.

Little by little Nangong Xiang ’s usually dignified appearance began to disappear.
Nangong Xiang ’s face showed a joy that had never been experienced in this life.

Ye Chen felt satisfied when he saw Nangong Xiang in this appearance, there was a hint of satisfaction in Ye Chen ’s heart when he saw Nangong Xiang in this appearance.

As a man, conquering a woman like Nangong Xiang was a very difficult thing, that ’s why Ye Chen was quite satisfied when he could make Nangong Xiang look like this.

Ye Chen brought Nangong Xiang ’s body onto the bed, he began to lay Nangong Xiang ’s body on the bed.

Ye Chen started to try to take off the clothes that Nangong Xiang had, because the clothes that Nangong Xiang always wore were ancient types, with the belly belt still using a cloth, Ye Chen was a little difficult to remove.

Nangong Xiang is still not aware that the clothes she is wearing are being removed by Ye Chen.

She was already completely immersed in the pleasure granted by Ye Chen just now.

With Ye Chen ’s persistent effort, he was finally able to take off Nangong Xiang ’s clothes.

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When Ye Chen managed to take off a little of Nangong Xiang ’s clothes, he found a completely flawless body displayed before his eyes.

Ye Chen held his breath when he saw the perfect body that was owned by Nangong Xiang, Nangong Xiang ’s body was truly very beautiful and had a very perfect portion.

Ye Chen ’s younger brother who was below started to rise when he saw the beauty of Goddess Nangong Xiang who was currently naked right in front of him.

It was an extremely rare sight to see a former empress and one of the four God Realm Goddesses half naked right in front of him.

”It ’s beautiful. ” Ye Chen praised the beautiful creation in front of him, this beautiful work is something that is very extraordinary for Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang, who was unconscious, felt that his body felt exposed to the air, when Nangong Xiang opened her eyes, she found that Ye Chen had untied the clothes she was wearing.

Now Nangong Xiang ’s upper body was right in front of Ye Chen ’s eyes.

Seeing this, Nangong Xiang hurriedly tried to cover her own body, she felt extremely embarrassed when she was seen this way by Ye Chen.

”Xiang, why are you covering it up, let me see it. ” Ye Chen tried to get rid of Nangong Xiang ’s hand which was covering the forbidden area she had.

”I am ashamed of this ” Nangong Xiang told Ye Chen that she was embarrassed to show her body to a man.

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This was the first time that Nangong Xiang had shown her body to a man, even Sun Quan had never seen Nangong Xiang ’s body.

”Come on, I want to see it. ” Ye Chen asked Nangong Xiang like a child who wanted a candy.

Nangong Xiang looked at Ye Chen, in her heart Nangong Xiang had already accepted Ye Chen ’s existence as her husband, so it didn ’t matter if she gave something like this to Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang began to lower her hand from the private space she had.

When Nangong Xiang ’s hands moved away, Ye Chen could see the two double peaks that were standing in a profound way.

The cherry buds at the top of Nangong Xiang look pink and quite fresh, Ye Chen feels that he wants to taste these cherry buds.

Ye Chen started to bring his mouth closer to one of Nangong Xiang ’s peaks, the two started to open his mouth and put Nangong Xiang ’s cherry buds into his mouth, after which Ye Chen started to suck on Nangong Xiang ’s cherry buds.

”Ah. ” Nangong Xiang started to let out a very cute groan when Ye Chen sucked on her cherry bud.

Nangong Xiang felt an extremely comfortable feeling, this feeling made Nangong Xiang ’s head fly to heaven.

Nangong Xiang did not begin to lose consciousness of hers, she felt that her mind was chaotic when Ye Chen sucked her cherry bud.

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Nangong Xiang ’s groan made Ye Chen very excited, he felt very excited when he heard Nangong Xiang ’s voice.

One hand Ye Chen was not idle, one hand Ye Chen started playing with the other Nangong Xiang ’s cherry bud, he played the two of them like a favorite toy he had.

The current Nangong Xiang was speechless, only a soft moan leaked from her mouth.

Any man who listened to this groan would be very excited, this was a gentle voice emitted by a beautiful goddess like Nangong Xiang.

After several minutes of trying Ye Chen ’s technique Nangong Xiang ’s body started shaking uncontrollably.

Seeing this, Ye Chen knew that Nangon Xiang was about to reach the peak, Ye Chen began to bite Nangong Xiang ’s cherry buds even more strongly, he began to give a little tug to make Nangong Xiang feel an extraordinary feeling of ecstasy.

”Ah, no. ” Nangong Xiang groaned in a loud enough voice, for the first time Nangong Xiang felt the true happiness of being a woman, this feeling was very comfortable for Nangong Xiang.

After seeing Nangong Xiang reach the top, Ye Chen finally wanted to let go of Nangong Xiang ’s two cherry buds.

Nangong Xiang ’s feeling of sucking was quite refreshing, Ye Chen felt that he had the power to flow to fight Nangong Xiang all night.

After reaching the peak of Nangong Xiang ’s consciousness starting to return, Nangong Xiang could not believe that she and Ye Chen were doing such lewd things.

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At this time Ye Chen already felt very uncomfortable in his lower body, his younger brother wanted Nangong Xiang ’s body.

Ye Chen started to hug Nangong Xiang ’s body that was below him, he wanted to enjoy the beautiful goddess under him.

Nangong Xiang was now completely no longer fighting against Ye Chen ’s invasion, she obediently accepted what Ye Chen was going to do.

”Master, I ’m back. ” When Ye Chen and Nangon Xiang were about to do something more pleasant, suddenly the two of them heard Nanhua Caiyi ’s voice coming into this room.

Hearing this voice, Nangong Xiang hurriedly pushed Ye Chen away, she immediately tried to tidy up the clothes she had.

Ye Chen was very helpless when he saw Nangong Xiang pushing himself, even though earlier was a very good moment, it was unexpected that this good moment would be ruined by the arrival of Nanhua Caiyi.

”Eh, what are you two doing. ” When Nanhua Caiyi walked into the room, she found that in the room at this time Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang were sitting on the cross, they both sat with their backs to each other.

Nangong Xiang had just finished putting on her clothes again, just to finish on time or Nanhua Caiyi would find out what he just did together with Ye Chen.

Nangong Xiang started to get off the bed, when Nangong Xiang got off the bed, she felt that her legs were a little weak when used to step on the floor.

Nangong Xiang knew that this might be the result of him just doing something like that together with Ye Chen, this made Nangong Xiang ’s body weak and helpless.

Luckily, Nangong Xiang ’s strength was strong, so she quickly hid that her legs felt limp.

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