though Zhao Jinshang was very confident with his breathing control ability.

”Looks like Zhao ’s grandfather knows quite a lot about cultivators whether Zhao ’s grandfather has met with many cultivators before ” Ye Chen asked Zhao Jinshan.

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Zhao JinShan: ”You ’re right, even though I am not a cultivator, but when I was serving as general I met a lot of cultivators, they were very strong people, even the highest generals respected them very much ”

as a former General Of course Zhao Jinshan ’s knowledge of cultivators is not small, although Zhao Jinshan is not a cultivator, but he has met many cultivators while still serving as a general.

”Grandfather Zhao, I want to know that behind our government is a very strong cultivator, ” with Zhao Jinshan ’s connection as a general, he should know a little about it.

Zhao Jinshan: ”Behind the Government there are indeed powerful cultivators.
They are called Guardians.
Their job is to protect the country if the situation cannot be overcome anymore.
splitting the sea, or being able to destroy a big city, they can even be called a walking nuclear power plant.

Ye Chen Thoroughly Refreshes the story of Zhao Jinshan ”if this country has such power why this country does not become the ruler of the world ” from the story of Zhao Jinshan should not be a problem for this country to become the strongest country in the world.

Zhao Jinshan: ”Ye Chen Even though We Have Guardians, Other Countries Also Have Them, Even though They Are Not Called Cultivators, Their Strengths Are Even Above Our Country, Some of the names of the Great strongholds I know are: Holy Church, Chaos Bridge, Dark Legacy , Carmilla ’s Rose, Yagatama Orochi, Blue Esper, Devil Lucifer ”.

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Zhao Jinshan: ”That ’s all I know, all the names of the basebacks I mentioned earlier are the forces that currently dominate this world, countries around the world as much as possible to avoid conflict with this power ”.
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After hearing Zhao Jinshan ’s explanation, Ye Chen began to understand that the Earth also had very strong people, if ordinary people heard the Zhao Jinshan story, they would definitely treat him as a crazy person making it up, but not for Ye Chen if it was said by Zhao Jinshan was right, Ye Chen was no longer the strongest person on this Earth.

when he came to earth Ye Chen was very confident that no one could defeat him, but now Ye Chen had to think again, now all Ye Chen had to think about was increasing his own power as fast as possible, so that it could be proportional to the strength of the Great Like them.

”Then in our country is there no power that can match them all? Ye Chen was increasingly interested in what Zhao Jinshan said.

”Of course there are.
They are the most powerful cultivators currently in the Holy Land of Kunlun ” when Zhao Jinshan said Kunlun, Ye Chen felt a bit of hostility from Zhao Jinshan ’s tone.

out of curiosity Ye Chen immediately asked Zhao Jinshan ”Grandfather Zhao did you have a conflict with the Khulun people ” Ye Chen wanted to know if Zhao Jinshan had a dispute with Kunlun

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