When Ye Chen took out the strength he had, Hong Zim immediately felt a very frightening pressure, he immediately stopped in place when he felt this extremely oppressive pressure.

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It was not only Hong Zim who felt the pressure that Ye Chen had, Hong Yepu, Shen Ao and also the first elder felt an oppressive pressure exerted by Ye Chen.

This pressure was so strong that it made the bodies of these four people tremble with fear.

Hong Zim, Hong Yepu, Shen Ao and also the first elder did not expect that this mysterious man had such a high cultivation base, it is only natural that he dared to call Hong Zim a Brat, it turns out that the strength of this old man was Very Strong.

From the strength that was currently being extracted by Ye Chen.
Hong Zim, Hong Yepu, Shen Ao and also the first elder guessed that Ye Chen was in the realm of Half step Divine Realm.

In this Kunlun Holy Land there are only a few people who have stepped towards the half-step realm Divine Realm, and these people are commonly called old monsters, because they can cultivate to such a high stage.

”Senior, please forgive me for the impudence I just did, I really didn ’t think that senior is such a strong person. ” Hong Zim tried to kneel and apologize to Ye Chen.

After seeing the power that Ye Chen was currently exerting, Hong Zim did not dare to appear arrogant like before, before the Old Beast like the person in front of him.

”Hehehe, Brat, so now that you understand this old man ’s strength, do you still dare to fight with this old man, If you are still brave then, let this old man eliminate the cultivation base that you all have.
”Ye Chen said to Hong Zim who was in front of him.

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Hong Zim immediately broke into a sweat when he heard what Ye Chen just said, if this old monster eliminate his cultivation base, then Hong Zim would lose his position as well as what he currently had.

And even worse, Hong Zim could no longer use the power of the Gates of Eternity Sect to threaten Ye Chen.

The Gates of Eternity Sect would definitely not want to look into trouble with an old monster like this just because Hong Zim was alone.

Surely the Gates of Eternity Sect wouldn ’t want to help Hong Zim if he fought this Old monster.

”Senior, senior, please forgive me, I know I was wrong, so please let me go ” Hong Zim bowed to Ye Chen, he ’s trying to apologize to Ye Chen.

Hong Yepu, Shen Ao, and the first elder didn ’t dare to interfere in this matter, they were better off watching than being dragged into this.

Even Hong Yepu who was both from the Gates of Eternity Sect didn ’t want to help Hong Zim, he didn ’t want to be dragged down by what Hong Zim started.

”I will forgive you, but you have to keep kneeling in this place for 2 days, if you dare to leave this place, then I will come back here to beat you ” Ye Chen said to Hong Zim who was behind him.

In his heart, Ye Chen burst out laughing, he really liked it when he bullied Hong Zim like this, at least the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect felt the consequences for having dared to stop him just now.

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”Thanks to seniors for grandeur, thanks to seniors for grandeur ” Hong Zim thanked Ye Chen because of his majesty that wants to escape himself.

After giving Hong Zim a punishment, Ye Chen immediately left the second floor, he quickly disappeared from the sight of these four people.

Hong Zim still continued to kneel on the floor, according to what Ye Chen ordered, he didn ’t dare to move an inch from where he was kneeling at the moment.

The other people on the second floor could only smile when they saw Hong Zim ’s misfortune.

Hong Zim, Mr.
Hong Yepu, thank you for your time to discuss business with us, then we will leave first. ” Shen Ao doesn ’t want to stay any longer in this place, if he continues to live in this place, people anyone here would be suspicious of him meeting the people from the Gates of Eternity Sect.

Shen Ao and the first elder immediately left this place, they hurriedly left like a rabbit that had just seen its predator.

Hong Yepu was helpless to see this, he didn ’t expect that his partner Hong Zim would offend an old monster like that.

”Hong Zim, I will return to my room, I will send the results of our discussion to the Sect master. ” Hong Yepu decided to return to his room, he is not strong enough to accompany Hong Zim in this place.

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Hong Yepu could lose his face if he accompanied Hong Zim like this.

Hong Zim couldn ’t stop Hong Yepu from leaving himself alone in this place, after all this was his own fault to offend someone as strong as Ye Chen.

Ye Chen is currently standing beside the inn building with the face of a whale, tonight he can make Hong Zim from the Gates of Eternity Sect kneel at the inn for 2 days, it is something that is very wonderful for Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen said just now was just a bluff, he would no longer bother to keep an eye on Hong Zim in that place, rather than watching Hong Zim, Ye Chen would rather spend time with Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang or Nanhua Caiyi.

”It ’s time to come back. ” Ye Chen has already got a very useful information, maybe he should tell Wu Ping information about the Shen Clan that will stage a coup.

”The acting you did earlier was so good. ” When Ye Chen wanted to leave this place, right from behind his body Ye Chen listened to a woman ’s voice.

Ye Chen was very surprised, he didn ’t detect a presence near him from the start.

Ye Chen immediately turned around to see who the woman behind him was, when Ye Chen turned around he found a woman who was extremely beautiful.

This woman has a beautiful face, Very Long Hair and also a very well developed body.

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It can be said that this woman has a beauty that is almost equal to Zhao Yanyan who has also recently developed, if this beautiful woman is given a little time, then Ye Chen is very sure that this woman will become an amazing beauty that can shake a country.

Somehow Ye Chen had heard this woman ’s voice somewhere, he began to remember this woman ’s voice.

When Ye Chen started to remember it, he finally remembered the voice of this woman who was in front of him, this woman was definitely the woman who had come together with Hong Zim and Hong Yepu.

It was unexpected that a woman who wore a hood would be this beautiful if she took off the hood she was wearing.

This woman walked closer to Ye Chen, Ye Chen stepped back a little when she saw this woman walking closer to herself, according to Ye Chen this woman gave a dangerous feeling and should be shunned.

As this woman advanced, Ye Chen took a step backwards, for this matter the distance between the two remained the same and was not getting any closer.

A few steps later, Ye Chen found that he was already at the edge of the wall fence, he had no other way to go backwards.

looking at Ye Chen who was trying to get away from her, this woman continued to walk closer to Ye Chen, she kept trying to get closer to Ye Chen.

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