” Ye Chen, I ’m contemplating a matter of heart.
” Wu Ping told Ye Chen if he is contemplating his heart problem.

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”What problem do you have? ”, Ye Chen asked what problem was making Wu Ping ’s heart restless.

”It ’s about the relationship that I have with Rou, you know it seems like our relationship is hard to return to before. ” Wu Ping said the reason why his heart was troubled.

It turned out that the reason Wu Ping was daydreaming like this was because he was still dumped by Yu Rou.

”Oh ” Ye Chen said oh to Wu Ping, Ye Chen began to understand why Wu Ping was daydreaming like this, the reason turned out to be love.

Wu Ping spoke to a very apt person, if the matter of Ye Chen ’s love was his master in this matter.

”Hey grandpa Wu, do you want to restore the relationship you had with Grandma Yu to the way it used to be? ” Ye Chen said to Wu Ping who was beside him.

”Of course I want our relationship back to how it used to be. ” Wu Ping immediately nodded at Ye Chen.

It had been a long time since Wu Ping wanted his relationship with Yu Rou to go back to when the two of them still loved each other.

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”Fine, then let me give you a little advice. ” Ye Chen intended to give Wu Ping a little advice to make the relationship he had with Yu Rou harmonious like before.

”What advice do you have? ”Wu Ping wants to hear the advice that Ye Chen will give him.

The current Wu Ping really needed Ye Chen ’s advice to make the relationship he had with Yu Rou back to the same harmony as it used to be.

”Well, Grandpa Wu first of all I want to ask, have you ever taken the initiative to try to seduce or just try to get close to Grandma Yu? ”First, Ye Chen wants to know whether Wu Ping has ever tried to seduce or simply explain to Yu Rou the problem they have.

”So why are you asking about it? ” Wu Ping wanted to know why Ye Chen was asking about this.

”I just want to know if you ’ve ever taken an initiative to restore the relationship you Two have. ” Ye Chen just wanted to know whether Wu Ping had ever done that.

If Wu Ping had done this before, then Ye Chen would have given Wu Ping another suggestion.

”I ’ve never tried it, I ’m afraid if I try I will make Rou even more angry with me ” Wu Ping told Ye Chen that he had never taken the initiative to seduce or just tried to get close to Yu Rou.

”Now that ’s the problem, Grandpa Wu you is a man, as a man you have to take an initiative first, you don ’t need to be afraid if Grandma Yu is angry, the most important thing is you have tried everything you can, as long as grandma.
Yu saw the persistence you have, I really believe that Yu ’s grandmother will melt with the persistence you do.
”Ye Chen started to give a short lecture to Wu Ping, he wanted Wu Ping.

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Ye Chen wanted Wu Ping to take the initiative first to improve the relationship he had with Yu Rou.

Wu Ping was a man, there was no way a man would wait for a woman to take the initiative first.

”Are you sure that this method can work? ” Wu Ping had a little doubt that Ye Chen ’s suggestion would work.

”Grandpa Wu I told you not to worry when you take the initiative, the most important thing is that you have an intention to make the relationship you have with Grandma Yu to be better, ” said Ye Chen to Wu Ping.

Ye Chen didn ’t want Wu Ping to think about this too much, conquering a woman ’s heart is not as easy as imagined, there must be some sacrifices to cultivate a love.

Wu Ping started thinking about the words that Ye Chen had, after thinking for a while, Wu Ping finally started to have the confidence to do this.

”Do you have a suggestion to melt a woman ’s heart? ” Wu Ping wanted to ask Wu Ping for advice on how to melt a woman ’s heart.

Ye Chen started telling Wu Ping the best way to make Wu Ping and Yu Rou relationship back to how it used to be.

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”Grandpa Wu, do you understand what you have to do? ”, Ye Chen asked again if Wu Ping understood what he should do next.

Wu Ping nodded at Ye Chen, as much as possible Wu Ping would try to do what Ye Chen said before.

After receiving Ye Chen ’s suggestion, Wu Ping wanted to try to take the initiative to be with Yu Rou.

”Hey, Grandpa Wu where are you going? ”, Ye Chen asked where Wu Ping was going.

”Of course being a Rou, so what? ” Wu Ping asked Ye Chen.

”Grandpa Wu, I haven ’t finished talking, I have other things to talk to you about. ” Ye Chen told Wu Ping that there was anything else he wanted to talk about.

”What do you want to talk to me about, is this very important? ”Seeing the serious face shown by Ye Chen, Wu Ping wanted to know what Ye Chen wanted to talk about.

”I want to discuss Shen Clan matters with you. ” Ye Chen told Wu Ping that he wanted to discuss matters concerning Shen Clan.

”Shen Clan, is the Shen Clan back looking for trouble with you, if so then I will recalculate with them. ” When he heard Ye Chen wanted to discuss matters concerning the Shen Clan with himself, Wu Ping immediately became very angry.

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The Shen Clan had been enemies with the Wu Clan for generations, so it wasn ’t strange that Wu Ping hated the Shen Clan more than anything.

”They are not looking for trouble with me, this time I found a grand plan that the Shen Clan wants to carry out behind the royal family. ” Ye Chen told about the secret he discovered last night about the great plans of the Shen Clan.

”What big plan? ” Wu Ping started to wonder what Ye Chen was talking about , Wu Ping didn ’t understand what the big plan Ye Chen was talking about.

Ye Chen started to explain in detail what he was referring to, Ye Chen told all the things he saw last night during the Shen Clan and the representatives of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

” What ! ! ! ” Wu Ping was very, very shocked when he heard this, he did not expect that the Shen Clan would collaborate with the Gates of Eternity Sect to destroy the royal family.

”Ye Chen, are you sure that the Shen Clan is planning such a thing? ”,Wu Ping asked Ye Chen in a very serious tone.

”From what I saw last night they planned it ” Ye Chen said that this is the thing that Ye Chen heard last night.

”Do you have any evidence for this matter? ”, Wu Ping asked if Ye Chen had any evidence of the conversation that the Shen Clan and Gates of Eternity Sect had.

”I don ’t have it, last night I had a little trouble hearing their conversation because of the sound insulation they made, fortunately I could find out the conversation they were having by using lip language. ” Ye Chen told Wu Ping that he had no evidence.

Last night the Shen Clan and the Gates of Eternity Sect were extremely careful, they really didn ’t let other people know what they were planning behind the scenes.

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