”Are you surprised to know the real identity I have? ”, Zhang Shiyun asked Ye Chen.

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”Of course I ’m surprised, a sexy, flirtatious and seductive woman like you really is a Queen that makes me almost don ’t believe it ” said Ye Chen to Zhang Shiyun who was

”fufufu, really ” Zhang Shiyun giggled when listening to this.

Zhang Shiyun looked very happy when she found out that Ye Chen was surprised to find out the identity she had.

It seems like the surprise she gave Ye Chen worked, Ye Chen was really surprised to find out that she was Queen.

”Let ’s get back to the core issue, why are you watching me from the start, what exactly do you want to pretend like that in front of me? ” ”Ye Chen wants to know why Zhang Shiyun did things like this to him.

Ye Chen was very sure that Zhang Shiyun wanted something from him, otherwise how could Zhang Shiyun take the initiative to approach him.

”Why do you think I suddenly took the initiative to approach you? ”, Zhang Shiyun asked Ye Chen back.

”If I knew the answer , I would not ask you ” Ye Chen immediately answered the question from.

”Do you really don ’t know the reason I approached you from the start? ”, Zhang Shiyun asked Ye Chen again.

”Why are you rambling on like that, just tell me why you approached me, is it difficult? ”, Ye Chen said to Zhang Shiyun.

”So you still don ’t know why I approached you, it ’s very simple, I approached you because I wanted you ” Zhang Shiyun said while pointing at Ye Chen.

Zhang Shiyun expressed what she wanted, from the start Zhang Shiyun had targeted Ye Chen to be hers.

”You want to target me, what do I have that you want to target me? ”,Ye Chen asked Zhang Shiyun.

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”You have everything this Queen wants, you are strong, smart, handsome and brave at a very young age, this Queen really likes you ” said Zhang Shiyun to Ye Chen.

”So that ’s what you seek from me? ” Ye Chen said to Zhang Shiyun.

Ye Chen did not expect that Zhang Shiyun would aim for good things from him.

”One more thing that I haven ’t said yet, I like this thing that ’s beneath you. ” Zhang Shiyun used her legs which were currently using her soft and smooth legs to tease Ye Chen ’s younger brother.

Ye Chen ’s younger brother who was below immediately got up because of this, Zhang Shiyun really knew how to make Ye Chen excited.

”Majesty please don ’t do this, I ’m just an ordinary young man so please don ’t do this to me ” Ye Chen suddenly asked for forgiveness from Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun ’s current status is Queen, how could Ye Chen dare to fight Zhang Shiyun who has the identity of Queen.

Ye Chen might become the enemy of everyone in the royal capital.

According to Ye Chen Zhang Shiyun is a Queen who is highly respected by all of her people, Ye Chen could see that from the attitude of the people towards Zhang Shiyun.

Everyone previously seemed to respect Zhang Shiyun, that ’s why Ye Chen firmly believed that Zhang Shiyun ’s people liked Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun did not rule tyrants which was why all the people liked her regardless of Zhang Shiyun ’s hobby of flirting with men.

Zhang Shiyun felt even more anxious when she saw Ye Chen ’s behavior, she felt like she wanted to play with Ye Chen on the bed.

”It ’s good if you are afraid of this Queen, from now on you have to obey what I want ” Zhang Shiyun said that Ye Chen must obey what he wants.

”Hahahaha ” Ye Chen laughed at what Zhang Shiyun had just said, from the start Ye Chen just wanted to joke a little with Zhang Shiyun.

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He did not expect that Zhang Shiyun would take his words seriously.

”Ye Chen , why are you laughing, is there anything funny? ” Zhang Shiyun asked Ye Chen.

”Of course what you did just now was quite funny. ” Ye Chen told Zhang Shiyun that what he just did was very funny.

Zhang Shiyun was still not aware of what made Ye Chen laugh.

After thinking for a while Zhang Shiyun finally understood what made Ye Chen laugh.

It turned out that Ye Chen was laughing at the words she just said.

Zhang Shiyun began to feel ashamed of herself, Zhang Shiyun forgot who Ye Chen was in front of her, how could this man be afraid of the status he had considering that Ye Chen ’s strength was above her.

Ye Chen felt even more happy when he saw Zhang Shiyun ’s face turn slightly red.

Finally this woman showed what little shame she had.

Zhang Shiyun tried to restore the appearance of the Queen that she had, as a Queen who was very experienced, Zhang Shiyun could easily restore her appearance and image as before.

”Ye Chen, let ’s go back to the focus of the conversation first, do you know why I called you here? ”Zhang Shiyun tried to change the subject.

If they continued with the previous conversation, then Zhang Shiyun would still lose face in front of Ye Chen.

”There ’s no way you called me here just to drink tea, what else do you really want from me? ” Ye Chen asked Zhang Shiyun.

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”It ’s simple, I want you to be more serious in the competition that is currently going on. ” Zhang Shiyun got to the point, she wanted Ye Chen to be more serious in the competition.

”That ’s why I have to be serious, this is just a competition that is not very useful for me ” replied Ye Chen to Zhang Shiyun.

Ye Chen said to Zhang Shiyun that this competition did not really benefit him, from the start Ye Chen was not interested in participating in this kind of thing, but because Zhang Shiyun forced him, Ye Chen would not want to participate in this.

”I know that you are not very interested in this considering the prizes of this competition are not that much, but I want you to help me a little to make the royal family name shine again, can ’t you do that for this Queen? ”, Asked Zhang Shiyun in a tone that very soft.

Zhang Shiyun ’s words just now can definitely make every man who heard her feel melted and will obey Zhang Shiyun ’s words.

Unfortunately Ye Chen was not an ordinary man, he had heard a very gentle voice more than Zhang Shiyun, so Ye Chen was completely unfazed by Zhang Shiyun ’s words.

”Majesty you won ’t be able to seduce this man with that Charm technique you have. ” Ye Chen told Zhang Shiyun to stop right now because there was no point in using charm techniques on him.

Zhang Shiyun was very annoyed, why didn ’t the Charm technique she had work on Ye Chen at all.

If only Zhang Shiyun ’s Charm technique could work, then it would make it easier for Zhang Shiyun to get Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen how about this, if you can get good results in the competition, then this Queen will give you a special gift and grant your one wish ” said Zhang Shiyun to Ye Chen.

Seeing that all means didn ’t work against Ye Chen, Zhang Shiyun had no way but to give a reward if Ye Chen could get a satisfactory result in this competition.

”What gifts can you give me? ”Ye Chen wants to know what gift Zhang Shiyun can give him.

”I will give anything even if it is myself ” replied Zhang Shiyun to Ye Chen.

Zhang Shiyun really offered Ye Chen a tantalizing thing.

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Zhang Shiyun was currently using both of her hands to hold her chin, Zhang Shiyun also smiled softly at Ye Chen, she was really waiting for the answer that Ye Chen would give.

Zhang Shiyun ’s offer was already very good, there was no way a man would refuse such a lucrative offer.

Ye Chen looked at Zhang Shiyun, this woman really made an offer that was very difficult for even Ye Chen to refuse.

Ye Chen began to be careful whether he should accept Zhang Shiyun ’s offer or not.

If Ye Chen agreed to this offer then Ye Chen could ask for the Ginseng of life edge from Zhang Shiyun ’s hand.

On the other side, Ye Chen was wary of Zhang Shiyun ’s covert plot against him, this woman might be aiming for something he had, otherwise how could Zhang Shiyun make an offer like this.

”How about Ye Chen, whether you want it or not, this Queen is waiting for your answer immediately. ” Zhang Shiyun tried to urge Ye Chen to immediately give an answer that could satisfy her.

After thinking for a long time, Ye Chen felt that the Ginseng of life edge was more valuable, so it was fine for him to take a risk to deal with Zhang Shiyun ’s hidden plan.

”Fine, I agree with that, but how can I believe that you won ’t lie to me when the time comes? ”, Ye Chen said to Zhang Shiyun.

”This queen will never return to her words so you don ’t have to worry, ” said Zhang Shiyun to Ye Chen.

”I ’ll take your word for it just now, ” Ye Chen said to Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun smiled wryly at Ye Chen, she saw that Ye Chen still didn ’t fully believe in herself.

The business has been resolved, it ’s time to flirt a little with Ye Chen before the second half begins.

” Ye Chen, if this Queen dares to lie to you, this Queen is afraid of being hit by the younger brother down here.
” Zhang Shiyun returned to using her soft legs to tease Ye.

Zhang Shiyun seemed to like the big thing below, he felt like he wanted to immediately play with the big thing below.

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