Ye Chen right now they wouldn ’t be in this position.

Xiao Bull is the most impatient of these 24 people.

Xiao Bull walked towards Ye Chen, Xiao Bull then lifted Ye Chen ’s collar, Xiao Bull had strong muscles so he was able to lift Ye Chen.

”Son, I don ’t care where you come from, but all the chaos here is caused by you ” Xiao Bull sounded very angry at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen: ”Then what do you want, beating me with your weak hands? ”.

Xiao Bull was even angrier when Ye Chen looked down on him, the veins on Xiao Bull ’s head protruded.

”My patience is over, I will kill you ” Xiao Bull clenched his fist preparing to hit Ye Chen on the head.

”Bamm ” The sound of a vicious blow was heard in the quiet room, the audience who saw this was shocked, the person flying was not Ye Chen but Xiao Bull.

Ye Chen patted his clothes Clean his clothes from dirt.

Everyone was surprised to see this, except for Zhao Jinshan who from the beginning had known Ye Chen ’s strength.

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Ye Chen ignored the injured Xiao Bull on the floor, Ye Chen walked towards Ke Bai Sheng who was sitting in his chair in a daze.

Ye Chen grabbed Bai Sheng ’s neck then put a pill into Bai Sheng ’s mouth.

Bai Sheng immediately noticed that someone put a foreign object into his mouth ”You what you just gave me ” Bai Sheng asked what object that Ye Chen had just put into his mouth.

Ye Chen: ”This Bai Sheng Poison will Work when you say Lie ”.

Bai Sheng: ”It is impossible for you to give me poison ”.

If you don ’t believe it, let ’s try ”Bai Sheng said, are you plotting with some shareholders to wipe out funds in this company? ” Ye Chen asked Ye Chen.

”I have never done that ” if Bai Sheng did not lie then Bai Sheng would be the target of the tantrum of these 24 people.

”Bai Sheng, do you feel heat in your body, and a little discomfort in your throat? ”Ye Chen asked.

after hearing it from Ye Chen, Bai Sheng ’s body was a little hot and the throat was uncomfortable, Bai Sheng swallowed ”maybe I was really poisoned ”.
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Ye Chen ”if you lie one more time then you can die, if you don ’t believe you can try it ”.

After hearing these words from Ye Che Bai Sheng was very scared, Bai Sheng was most afraid of death.

”Bai Sheng tells me honestly whether you are plotting with some shareholders to wipe out funds in this company, ” Ye Chen asked.

”Yes, we did ” This time Bai Sheng confessed, Bai Sheng was very afraid that what Ye Chen said was true, if he lied he would die.

”Then Mention who are the people involved in it ” Ye Chen asked who was involved in the embezzlement of funds in the company.

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Bai Sheng said one by one the names of people involved in embezzlement of company funds.

”Bai Sheng I have recorded everything you said, this will be strong evidence to imprison everyone involved in embezzlement of company funds. ” Ye Chen waved his phone in front of Bai Sheng.

everyone was shocked Ye Chen recorded all of Bai Sheng ’s words.

”Then please give me the antidote ” Bai Sheng asked Ye Chen for the antidote.

”What antidote? ”Ye Chen says like he doesn ’t know anything.

Bai Sheng: ”Of course the antidote to poison pills ” Bai Sheng glared at Ye Chen who did not want to offer the antidote.

Ye Chen ”What poison? that was just ginger candy.

Bai Sheng ”what, so you ’ve been lying to me all this time? ”

Ye Chen ”When did I ever say that what I threw into your mouth is poisonous? ”From the beginning Ye Chen never said what he gave to Bai Sheng was Poison, Ye Chen only said Poison would Work when he said Lying.

Ye Chen never mentioned that he had given poison to Bai Sheng, from the start Ye Chen had never had poison

all of this was just Ye Chen ’s strategy for Bai Sheng to admit everything.

”You you, ” Bai Sheng pointed at Ye Chen, Bai Sheng did not expect himself to be played by a boy who was 2 decades younger than him.

Bai Sheng was so angry that he vomited blood and collapsed on the spot

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