All the participants in this place were stunned when they heard what Ye Chen just said, they did not expect that Ye Chen wanted to fight everyone at the same time.

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This was something that no one in this place would have imagined.

the genius participants like Yui Mui, Yui Mi, Mo Coun, Tai Ji, and Zhang Jingu couldn ’t believe what Ye Chen just said.

Yui Mui, Yui Mi, Mo Coun, Tai Ji, and Zhang Jingu do not have the confidence to win against that many participants, plus there are participants from the royal family, the Gates of Eternity Sect, Shaolin, and Spring Palace.

If you force against all the normal participants plus the participants from the royal family, the Gates of Eternity Sect, Shaolin, and the Spring Palace.

then it is certain that anyone will suffer a terrible defeat.

”Ye Chen, do you mean what you just said? ” Shun Buzi also almost couldn ’t believe what he just heard from Ye Chen ’s mouth, Ye Chen really wanted to challenge all the participants at the same time, this was something that no one who heard it could believe.

”Of course I mean it, it will be faster if all the participants fight me at the same time ” Ye Chen said to Shun Buzi if he meant it in his words just now.

”Are you looking down on us? ” All the participants felt very angry when they heard what Ye Chen just said.

They all didn ’t like it when they saw Ye Chen daring to underestimate the fighting strength they had.

”I ’m not underestimating you, it ’s just that I want to quickly end this competition ” Ye Chen wanted to end this game as soon as possible, He was quite bored with a game like this.

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Ye Chen ’s words even made all the challengers even more angry, they all wanted to immediately destroy Ye Chen with the strength they had.

”Your Majesty, what do I do now? ” seeing the situation in this place getting more and more heated, Shun Buzi immediately asked Zhang Shiyun.

Shun Buzi wants to know whether Queen will support this or not.

”General Shun, you don ’t have to worry, let him do what he wants ” Zhang Shiyun told Shun Buzi to let Ye Chen do what he wanted.

Zhang Shiyun was very confident in Ye Chen ’s strength, fighting all these participants was definitely not a problem for Ye Chen.

Shun Buzi nodded at Zhang Shiyun, he would do what Zhang Shiyun ordered.

Shun Buzi himself didn ’t know what Queen was thinking right now, all Shun Buzi needed to do was do what Zhang Shiyun ordered.

”Well, if that ’s what you want then you can fight against all challengers at once. ” Shun Buzi finally gave Ye Chen ’s approval to fight all challengers.

The decision given by Shun Buzi again surprised the people in this place, unexpectedly, Shun Buzi will allow something crazy like this.

The challengers felt so happy about this, they were finally able to fight and destroy Ye Chen.

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All challengers no matter who will get the first seat, what they want right now is to destroy Ye Chen, that is the greatest wish of everyone.

Ye Chen and all the challengers went to the middle of the arena, Ye Chen stood alone on the left side alone, while all the challengers lined up on the right side like a crowd of people who were angry at Ye Chen.

”Well this match will be held soon, whoever can beat Ye Chen will get a seat that belongs to Ye Chen. ” Shun Buzi said to all the challengers that they could get Ye Chen ’s seat if one of them could beat Ye Chen.

All the challengers became excited when they heard this, if they could be the first to defeat Ye Chen, then it was certain that they would get the first Seat that Ye Chen had.

All challengers must be the first to defeat Ye Chen.

In this case the challengers from the royal family, the Gates of Eternity Sect, Shaolin, and Spring Palace will defeat Ye Chen as fast as they can, these people have the confidence to win against Ye Chen.

Everyone in the audience began to look straight at the middle of the arena, something like this was absurd, how could one person win against dozens of people at once.

It looked like all the challengers were trying to bully Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen ’s match can only be stopped if you win or admit your defeat, so if you are no longer able you can give up ” before the match started, Shun Buzi told Ye Chen an important detail.

Shun Buzi told Ye Chen that the match would not stop if Ye Chen won against all these people or Ye Chen admitted his defeat.

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Ye Chen nodded at Shun Buzi, he understood what Shun Buzi meant just now.

”Are you ready ” Shun Buzi asked everyone whether they were ready for battle or not.

Everyone had been preparing for a while, they couldn ’t wait to crush Ye Chen who was in front of them.

”Then , start ” Shun Buzi officially started the battle.

When Shun Buzi started this match, all the challengers immediately rushed towards Ye Chen like a raging bull, they charged towards Ye Chen at their full speed.

”Shadow Clone ” Ye Chen ’s used the Shadow Clone technique to create several Clones out of himself.

About 10 Clones appeared in front of Ye Chen ’s body, the 10 Clones that Ye Chen had just created were not very strong, even this Clone ’s strength was less than 1% of Ye Chen ’s original strength.

Even though the strength of the Clone that Ye Chen created was less than 1% of the strength that Ye Chen currently had, this was enough to deal with all of these people.

All the challengers saw the 10 Clones that Ye Chen had made at this time, all the challengers didn ’t really care about Ye Chen ’s Clone, they continued to advance towards Ye Chen.

Dozens of challengers who wanted to attack Ye Chen were immediately stopped by the Clone that Ye Chen had made.

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The clone that Ye Chen made directly attacked everyone who tried to get closer to Ye Chen.

It was very easy for the Clone that Ye Chen made flew the participants one by one out of the arena, even though it was only 1%, the strength of Ye Chen ’s Clone was terrible.

This clone was like a hefty bodyguard protecting Ye Chen from his enemies ’ attacks.

”What the hell? ”

”Is that a Clone? ”

The audience who saw this became rowdy when they found out that the Clone made by Ye Chen began to defeat one by one the challengers very, very easily.

All of the challengers became like weak ants when faced with the Clone made by Ye Chen.

The challengers who had been very confident in defeating Ye Chen, now began to retreat backwards, they all started to keep their distance from Ye Chen ’s clone which was very powerful.

The challengers could not understand how Ye Chen would make something like this, this is completely unreasonable for the challengers in this place.

At first the participants thought that the Clone that Ye Chen had just made was just a substitute shadow that aimed to confuse them all.

When they tried to attack this replacement shadow, suddenly the replacement shadow could strike back at them, this made a part of the challenge flew out of the arena because they were not ready for what was going to happen.

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