Eternity Sect use this technique, it seems that this is a powerful attack technique possessed by the Gates of Eternity Sect.

”die. ” Using a flash step, Mo Coun started attacking Ye Chen.

”Let ’s see who will die. ” Ye Chen this time will not remain motionless anymore, he will fight Mo Coun seriously.

”Breaking Meteor Blow ” Ye Chen used the Breaking Meteor Blow to respond to the Lightning Hammer Fist used by Mo Coun.

Ye Chen directed the Breaking Meteor Blow towards the coming of the Lightning Hammer Fist.

”Bam ”, Ye Chen ’s fist and Mo Coun ’s fist started colliding with each other.

When Mo ’s attack Coun hit the Breaking Meteor Blow, Mo Coun felt a terrible pain all over his body.

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Mo Coun felt that he had just been hit by an object that was very strong and very hard.

Mo Coun ’s body immediately flew out of the arena , Mo Coun ’s body crashing into a barrier wall very hard.

The barrier wall which was quite sturdy was cracked by the impact from Mo Coun ’s body .

” the audience saw that it must be very painful, Mo Coun must have been in a lot of pain when he hit the wall with such a hard way.

After crashing into the wall of Mo Coun ’s body now lying on the floor, blood gushed quite profusely from various parts of Mo Coun ’s body .

From here it can be seen that the wounds suffered by Mo Coun were quite severe.

Seeing Mo Coun who was badly injured, Hong Zim and Hong Yepu immediately went to see how he was.

They were both very quickly to the side of the body of Mo Coun, Hong Zim and Hong Yepu began to examine the state of Mo Coun.

When Hong Zim and Hong Yepu examine the state of Mo Coun, they found that the meridians in the Mo Coun body is quite badly damaged.

The two of them feared that it would be difficult enough to heal Mo Coun in the future.

”Hey Brat, how dare you hurt a Gates of Eternity Sect disciple this much. ” Hong Zim immediately said to Ye Chen who was on top of the arena.

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”Huh ?, wasn ’t it your man who wanted to kill me, I ’m just defending myself, so if he gets hurt don ’t blame me ” Ye Chen very easily answered Hong Zim ’s words.

Ye Chen showed an innocent face when he said this, the Gates of Eternity Sect was his enemy, so it didn ’t matter if Ye Chen offended the people of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

, how dare you say that, are you not afraid of our wrath? ” , Ye Chen ’s answer made Hong Zim feel really annoyed, he felt like he wanted to beat up and turn this person into a vegetable.

”Why am I afraid of you, nothing can scare me in this world ” Ye Chen very loudly answered the words of Hong Zim.

Ye Chen has never been afraid of the Gates of Eternity Sect, he will never back down when he gets a threat from his enemy.

Ye Chen was the person who didn ’t like to receive threats especially if it was a threat from the enemy.

., You..
., You..
., how presumptuous you are to you ”Hong Zim said while pointing at Ye Chen.

Hong Zim didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would be so presumptuous to himself, Ye Chen wasn ’t even afraid when he got a threat from the Gates of Eternity Sect.

In this Kunlun Holy Land, indeed, who would dare to oppose the Gates of Eternity Sect, no one would dare to oppose the Gates of Eternity Sect,.

There will be a result if you dare to oppose the Gates of Eternity Sect, which is bad luck.

Hong Zim started to use his own power to suppress Ye Chen, Hong Zim must make this man feel the consequences for having dared to oppose the Gates of Eternity Sect.

The pressure that Hong Zim exuded was like a bluff to Ye Chen, Ye Chen was completely unfazed by the pressure Hong Zim was exerting.

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