Nanhua Caiyi continued to drop her whips on the enemies in front, all the enemies of Nanhua Caiyi looked resigned when they received attacks from Nanhua Caiyi.

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These people never expected that Nanhua Caiyi would become this strong, they all couldn ’t understand how a beautiful and seductive woman like Nanhua Caiyi would become this strong and cruel.

For people Nanhua Caiyi was no longer like a weak woman who was beautiful and very seductive, they began to think of Nanhua Caiyi as a terrible devil.

”This woman is really a devil, all of us quickly join hands to create a barrier. ” The team leader invited these people to join hands to create a barrier.

If they continued to be in this state, they could die by this demoness.

Unlike before, these people did not dare to look down on Nanhua Caiyi anymore, they all started to be very serious about fighting Nanhua Caiyi.

These people began to join hands and create a layered barrier around their bodies, this barrier was made by a large number of people at once, they were very sure that this barrier would be able to protect them from Nanhua Caiyi.

Nanhua Caiyi stopped when she saw these idiots create a barrier to fend off her attacks.

The reason Nanhua Caiyi thought these people were stupid was because they created a barrier for her.

Nanhua Caiyi walked towards the barrier created by these people.

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”devil woman, now you will no longer be able to attack us. ” The squad leader was delighted when he saw the barrier they had created successfully restrained this devil.

Nanhua Caiyi only smiled when she heard what people were saying, Nanhua Caiyi would definitely make these fools despair until they would rather die than live.

Nanhua Caiyi stretched out her hand towards the barrier these people had created, Nanhua Caiyi started pinching the barrier that was in front of her.

When Nanhua Caiyi did this, the barrier in front of him looked like a very soft Tofu, with the very ease that the barrier created by people was shattered in Nanhua Caiyi ’s hands.

Everyone inside the barrier dawned when they saw what Nanhua Caiyi had just done, they couldn ’t believe that Nanhua Caiyi could so easily break the barrier they had created with all the strength they all had combined.

”Fufufu, do you think a weak barrier can help you protect from me, you are really wrong, this fragile barrier will not be able to protect you from me, now prepare yourself to feel the torture you have never felt in this life ” Nanhua Caiyi laughed evilly at everyone in front of her.

Everyone in front of Nanhua Caiyi immediately became very desperate when the barrier they had created was destroyed by Nanhua Caiyi, now who else would protect them from the dangers of this devil woman.

Nanhua Caiyi went back to torturing people, she would make sure that these disgusting mice got the consequences because they wanted to sneak into the Wu Clan manor.

” under the pitch black night sky could be heard screams and cries of despair that echoed around the Wu Clan manor.

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This voice naturally came from people being tormented by Nanhua Caiyi, from the sounds they made, they looked like they were in a lot of pain when being tortured by Nanhua Caiyi.

The people in the Wu Clan manor didn ’t dare to look at what was happening right now, they were all afraid that they would get involved if they saw what was happening right now.

Time passed so fast that morning very quickly arrived at the Kunlun Holy Land.

When morning arrived at the Kunlun Holy Land, the unconscious Zhang Shiyun began to make slight movements in her body, Zhang Shiyun ’s seductive lashes began to tremble slightly, it was seen that Zhang Shiyun would soon regain consciousness.

Because the medicine given by Ye Chen was so effective, Zhang Shiyun ’s condition recovered quickly, it wasn ’t strange that Zhang Shiyun had regained consciousness in just a few hours.

With a little heavy feeling, Zhang Shiyun started to open her eyelids, when she looked up at the ceiling, Zhang Shiyun saw a place that was very foreign to her, it was clear that this place was not her room.

Seeing herself in a strange and mysterious place, Zhang Shiyun immediately got up to look around this place, when Zhang Shiyun looked around this place, she saw Ye Chen who was currently sitting beside her bed.

Ye Chen is currently closing her eyes while sitting cross-legged on the chair, it can be seen that Ye Chen is currently cultivating.

When Ye Chen felt that there was a small movement in this room, Ye Chen immediately opened his eyes to see what was going on.

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When Ye Chen opened his eyes, he found that Zhang Shiyun was currently sitting on the bed, Zhang Shiyun was currently conscious.

” You woke up already ? ” Ye Chen greeted Zhang Shiyun who was in front of him.

Zhang Shiyun nodded to Ye Chen.
”Ye Chen where are we now ? ” Zhang Shiyun asked where they were at the moment.

”Before that why don ’t you try to cover your body first, from here I can see everything ” Ye Chen reminded Zhang Shiyun that Zhang Shiyun was currently half naked.

Hearing Ye Chen ’s warning, Zhang Shiyun immediately looked down, when Zhang Shiyun looked down at her body, she found that her current body did not have a thread wrapped around her body.

Seeing this, Zhang Shiyun did not scream like a normal woman, she immediately took the blanket under her to cover her body.

In an instant, Zhang Shiyun ’s body was covered by a blanket, even though she was covered by a blanket, Zhang Shiyun ’s seductive body was still visible to Ye Chen.

”Ye Chen, you still haven ’t explained why I ’m in this place? ” Zhang Shiyun wanted an explanation as to why he was in this place.

”So you don ’t remember what happened last night, then I ’ll remind you a little about what happened last night. ” Seeing Zhang Shiyun still a little confused by what happened, Ye Chen started trying to remind her of what happened last night.

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After being explained by Ye Chen, Zhang Shiyun finally remembered what happened last night when the rebels attacked her.

” Ye Chen Thank you for helping me.
” Zhang Shiyun thanked Ye Chen who has helped herself.

If only last night Ye Chen had not helped herself, the current Zhang Shiyun would have been thrown into a brothel and turned into a toy by tens of thousands of people from this Kunlun holy land.

”You ’re welcome. ” Ye Chen nodded at Zhang Shiyun.

”Shiyun, do you have any plans to do for now ” Ye Chen asked if Zhang Shiyun had a plan to do at this time.

”I will probably go to the Spring Palace to ask for asylum ” Zhang Shiyun said to Ye Chen said that she would go to the Spring Palace to ask for asylum.

”Why did you go there, don ’t you have an ancestor to help you out of this situation? ” asked Ye Chen to Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun shook her head at Ye Chen, ” Ye Chen is actually the ancestor of the royal family lost hundreds of years ago, I don ’t know their current whereabouts.
” Zhang Shiyun told truth to Ye Chen, if the ancestor of the royal family is no longer there.

It was for this reason that the Shen Clan had become so bold as to carry out a rebellion, if the royal family ’s ancestors were still around, perhaps the Shen Clan would not have dared to make a move against Zhang Shiyun.

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