When Ye Chen tried to enter Xue Suyin ’s honey cave, he encountered a bit of resistance from Xue Suyin ’s honey cave.

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It could be seen that Ye Chen ’s size was heavy enough for Xue Suyin ’s honey cave to bear.

Xue Suyin did not expect that Ye Chen ’s thing would become this big, her honey cave seemed to be having a hard time accommodating this big thing.

Xue Suyin tasted something this big for the first time, the wooden stick that Xue Suyin could use couldn ’t be compared to that of the mighty and powerful Ye Chen.

”Finally entered, this really makes me full ” After quite a lot of effort, Xue Suyin was finally able to fit almost all of these large objects.

Her body felt completely filled with large objects that had never been tried in this life.

On the lower side of Xue Suyin, Ye Chen felt a very tight feeling from the walls of Xue Suyin ’s Honey Cave, Ye Chen felt sucked in by Xue Suyin ’s honey cave.

Apart from being extremely tight, Xue Suyin ’s walls also felt like thousands of flower petals were gripping Ye Chen ’s large object, the feeling of being inside was really very good.

”Dear brother, older sister will move, you just need to enjoy this thing. ” Xue Suyin told Ye Chen that she was going to start the second round match.

Xue Suyin started moving up and down Ye Chen ’s body, Xue Suyin started with a slightly slow motion.

The reason Xue Suyin started off a little slowly was because she wasn ’t used to this large object yet.

Ye Chen ’s size was enormous, Xue Suyin felt a little sick with this big thing.

Even though it hurt at first, Xue Suyin gradually felt a very good feeling, this feeling was the most extraordinary she had ever felt for thousands of years.

”Dear brother, this is really great, big sister feels like she is in heaven. ” Xue Suyin said that she felt a very good feeling.

”sister, little brother also feels the same way, inside you is really very good ” Ye Chen said to Xue Suyin that he also felt very good feelings.

”Fufufu, then big sister will make you even more comfortable ” Xue Suyin started to move more aggressively than before, she started very aggressively moving her waist up and down, left and right.

Xue Suyin is indeed something, this woman ’s skill is number 1 among all the women Ye Chen has fought, inside Xue Suyin ’s Honey Cave feels very comfortable, this woman seems to be able to control at will the walls in her honey cave.

The walls of Xue Suyin ’s Honey Cave would sometimes narrow, sometimes it would become loose, and sometimes it would twist like a maze that could mislead any incoming enemy.

Ye Chen felt a dangerous feeling from Xue Suyin, this woman ’s skills were beyond his expectations, if it continued like this Ye Chen would not last long against Xue Suyin.

Xue Suyin saw the face of pleasure shown by Ye Chen, it seemed that Ye Chen was enjoying this very much.

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It was time for Xue Suyin to harvest Ye Chen ’s Yangqi for herself, with Ye Chen ’s pure Yangqi should Xue Suyin be able to break through to a legendary stage that no one in this world had ever reached.

Xue Suyin had been trapped in the realm of half a step to Divine Realm for quite a long time, she also wanted to break through to a realm higher than half a step to Divine Realm.

With rich Yangqi Ye Chen, Xue Suyin should have the possibility to break through to the early realm of the Divine Nascent Realm.

When Ye Chen was enjoying the love that came from Xue Suyin, he suddenly felt that his Yangqi was being sucked by Xue Suyin ’s honey cave, this discovery made Ye Chen wary of Xue Suyin.

Looks like Xue Suyin has started showing herself to Ye Chen.

” That..
., sister what are you doing? ,Little brother felt something was wrong ”Ye Chen said frantically to Xue Suyin.

”Big sister only takes a little your Yangqi, so my dear brotherdoesn ’t have to worry. ” Xue Suyin ’s triumphant face told Ye Chen what is being done.

” sister please stop, younger brother feels strange? ” Ye Chen tried to get Xue Suyin to stop sucking himself.

”Fufufu, it ’s too late to say that, this older sister will suck you dry. ” Xue Suyin giggled at Ye Chen, she seemed to be enjoying herself when she saw the terrified face shown by Ye Chen.

The terrified face shown by Ye Chen was quite cute for Xue Suyin.

Xue Suyin continued to move her waist as fast as she could, she was trying to absorb more of the Yangqi that was in Ye Chen ’s body.

In a short time, the Yangqi in Ye Chen ’s body was taken by Xue Suyin, this woman ’s absorbing speed was quite fast.

In his heart, Ye Chen was still very relaxed, he had deliberately let Xue Suyin absorb his Yangqi.

For Ye Chen who had an ancient (Yang) body, what Xue Suyin did was a good thing for Ye Chen.

In this way, Ye Chen won ’t have to worry about Yangqi ’s superiority for the foreseeable future.

Ye Chen is currently enjoying the service from Xue Suyin who is really very good and very comfortable, that woman ’s movements can really make Ye Chen ’s things feel comfortable.

., ahhh..
., ahhh..
., ”Xue Suyin started to let out a voice that was very soft and very coquettish for Ye Chen to listen to.

Ye Chen who heard this became excited, his thing that was exploring Xue Suyin ’s honey cave began to swell to the largest size he had ever done.

Xue Suyin is a woman who is quite strong, there are not many women who are able to withstand the strength of Ye Chen ’s large object when it is at full size, even Nanhua Caiyi is still having trouble withstanding the strength of Ye Chen ’s large object.

Ye Chen looked at Xue Suyin who was already in the abyss of passion, Maybe now is the time for Ye Chen to counterattack Xue Suyin.

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Ye Chen started to circulate his king ’s heart technique into Xue Suyin ’s body, Ye Chen tried to get Xue Suyin excited.

Xue Suyin started to get drunk, Xue Suyin ’s face started to turn red and her breathing started to become faster, Xue Suyin ’s appearance started to look very lewd .

Xue Suyin started to feel her body getting hot and weak, she also felt a very good feeling in her body, this feeling was really extraordinary, Xue Suyin felt that this feeling was much better than before

”sister, what ’s going on, why is your face so red ? ” Ye Chen asked Xue Suyin who was in front of him.

Ye Chen no longer pretended to be an innocent man like before, now Ye Chen had become himself as usual.

”It ’s okay, older sister just feels too happy about this. ” Xue Suyin answered Ye Chen ’s question.

Xue Suyin still didn ’t realize that Ye Chen had changed, she was no longer like the innocent boy she had previously played with.

This feeling was too good, Xue Suyin felt that her body became very weak when she felt this good feeling.

This feeling was so good, if it continued like this, Xue Suyin could lose first to Ye Chen.

Xue Suyin decided to stop for a moment to take a short break.

” sister, why did you stop? ” Ye Chen smiled when he saw Xue Suyin stop like this.

”It ’s okay, just a little tired at the waist. ” Xue Suyin said that she was just a little tired at the waist.

”If sister is tired, let little brother move. ” Ye Chen started pushing Xue Suyin ’s body which was on top of him, Ye Chen was currently on top of Xue Suyin ’s body.

”You, what are you doing how dare you do this ” Xue Suyin looked angry when she saw Ye Chen pushing her like this.

”Hehehe, sister, this younger brother will give you a lesson that will never be forgotten ” Ye Chen said to Xue Suyin that he would give a lesson that Xue Suyin would never forget.

”How dare you say that to this Mistress, I will definitely make you regret it ” Xue Suyin looked angry when she heard Ye Chen words.

”Whatever you say, be prepared to suffer the consequences for daring to play with this little brother. ” Ye Chen smiled evilly at Xue Suyin.

”Damn ” Xue Suyin stretched out her hand towards Ye Chen, she wanted to hit Ye Chen and teach this selfless man a lesson.

” when Xue Suyin wanted to hit Ye Chen, Xue Suyin suddenly felt Ye Chen ’s large object hit her flower core, which is the innermost part.

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Xue Suyin immediately felt a very good feeling when this happened.

Xue Suyin ’s body trembled as Ye Chen started pumping with a very strong motion, Ye Chen didn ’t seem to hold back anymore when doing Xue Suyin.

Ye Chen knew he couldn ’t beat Xue Suyin unless he was serious, that ’s why Ye Chen used all his abilities to deal with Xue Suyin.

When Ye Chen was really serious, a woman could become damaged when she received the repeated blows from Ye Chen ’s large object.

Even Xue Suyin who was a veteran found it difficult to hold back the bull-like Ye Chen from rampaging.

, ahhh..
., ahhh..
., ”Xue Suyin groaned in a very lewd voice , Xue Suyin really enjoyed this feeling, she felt that her head had become chaotic when Ye Chen moved so aggressively.

It was the first time Xue Suyin felt this feeling, she felt like she was in the highest heaven in the sky, this was really very good.

Ye Chen could see Xue Suyin ’s face that looked very lewd, this woman seemed to have started to lose consciousness because of the nice and comfortable feeling she got from Ye Chen ’s big thing.

Seeing Xue Suyin ’s current expression, Ye Chen felt a very proud feeling, Ye Chen felt proud when he made an experienced woman into this state.

This was an achievement that was proud enough for Ye Chen to be able to make Xue Suyin like this.

Ye Chen used the king ’s heart technique to take Yinqi Xue Suyin and cultivate it.

When Ye Chen took Xue Suyin Yinqi , Ye Chen found that Yinqi Xue Suyin was quite rich, with this much Yinqi, it should be enough to make Ye Chen break through the half-step realm to Divine Realm.

Xue Suyin really enjoyed Ye Chen ’s abilities, she loved Ye Chen ’s skillful abilities, as long as Xue Suyin enjoyed the abilities shown by Ye Chen, Xue Suyin didn ’t forget to continue absorbing Ye Chen ’s Yangqi.

Xue Suyin is really lucky, he gets two benefits at one time like this.

When Xue Suyin was absorbed in Ye Chen ’s Yangqi, suddenly something strange happened to her, Xue Suyin felt that she could no longer absorb Ye Chen ’s Yangqi, while Xue Suyin felt that her Yinqi was coming out towards Ye Chen ’s body.

” What happened ? ” This discovery made Xue Suyin quite shocked, she did not expect that her Yinqi would go to Ye Chen ’s body at such a terrifying speed.

., Stop..
” Xue Suyin told Ye Chen to stop right now, she was trying to push Ye Chen away from her.

If her Yinqi continued to leak at such speed, then Xue Suyin would be in danger.

Xue Suyin tried to push Ye Chen as hard as she could, unfortunately Xue Suyin didn ’t have the strength to push Ye Chen away.

Xue Suyin felt that all the strength in her body was starting to dissipate.

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”Stop, dear brother, please stop..
” Xue Suyin ’s desperate voice tried to ask Ye Chen to stop right now.

If this continued, Xue Suyin ’s cultivates & youth could disappear, Xue Suyin didn ’t want that to happen, she had to ask Ye Chen to stop right away.

”Dear brother, please stop right now, older sister promises to do whatever you want as long as you want to stop ”, Xue Suyin had thrown away all her Mistress pride, she tried to ask Ye Chen.

” sister I don ’t want to stop, it ’s too comfortable inside, little brother feels very comfortable. ” Ye Chen refused to stop halfway, Xue Suyin honey cave was very comfortable, Ye Chen didn ’t want to leave this comfortable place.

, over..
., it is over..
, my youth will end.
”Xue Suyin closed her eyes, she was already feeling very desperate, she said farewell in her youth.

When Xue Suyin was very desperate, Xue Suyin suddenly felt a very rich Yuan Yin energy enter her body, this discovery made Xue Suyin very surprised.

Xue Suyin opened her eyes, she looked at Ye Chen with a strange look.

Xue Suyin did not expect that Ye Chen would give her Yinqi back in the form that had been taken by Yuanyin, this way Xue Suyin no longer needed to bother turning Yangqi Ye Chen into Yuanyin.

Ye Chen just cultivated the Yinqi he got from Xue Suyin into pure Yuanyin, he didn ’t absorb it for himself, Ye Chen gave more than half of this Yuanyin to Xue Suyin.

This was done by Ye Chen solely so that his soul could be imprinted on Xue Suyin ’s soul, so Xue Suyin would find it difficult to leave himself.

”Beautiful sister why are you looking at me like that? ” with a very handsome smile Ye Chen asked Xue Suyin.

Seeing Ye Chen ’s extremely handsome face, Xue Suyin immediately became embarrassed and flushed, Xue Suyin tried to take her face away from Ye Chen.

Somehow Xue Suyin started to feel different when she saw Ye Chen, she felt that Ye Chen had entered the depths of her soul.

”Ye Chen why are you doing this? ” Xue Suyin asked why Ye Chen did something like this to him.

What Ye Chen just did made Xue Suyin very touched, maybe Xue Suyin won ’t be able to leave this little boy again in the future.

”Beautiful sister, I ’m doing this because I want you, please be my woman ” Ye Chen whispered in Xue Suyin ’s ear in a serious tone.

Xue Suyin ’s heart was beating hard when she listened to Ye Chen ’s proposal, Xue Suyin felt that she had returned to being a young woman who had just fallen in love.

And the lucky person Xue Suyin loved was Ye Chen.

”Really, this older sister will no longer be able to leave little brother anymore, from now on older sister will be your wife forever ” Xue Suyin couldn ’t take it anymore, she promised to be loyal and become Ye Chen ’s woman.

After tasting Ye Chen ’s taste, Xue Suyin couldn ’t possibly leave Ye Chen again, her soul and body had already belonged to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt happy when he succeeded in conquering Xue Suyin, from now on Xue Suyin would only belong to him.

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