in just said.

”Husband, you know, long ago an old hermit gave this to me, the old hermit was telling me to save it and keep it well until someone worthy of coming to pick it up, people who take this thing to say would change my life ”

”Initially I thought that The old hermit ’s words are just nonsense, but now I understand that this is a fate that can make me meet you.
”Xue Suyin said to Ye Chen about the beginning of her getting the Wind Crystal that was left by the Sage God.

what the old hermit said seemed to make a lot of sense, when he met Ye Chen, his life immediately changed.

Because of this, Xue Suyin thought that her meeting with Ye Chen was destiny.

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Xue Suyin was getting more and more convinced that Ye Chen was a man who would be her only man forever.

”Yes, it might be fate. ” Ye Chen didn ’t understand what Xue Suyin was saying, he could only nod at Xue Suyin.

”Suyin, let ’s get out of here. ” Ye Chen asked Xue Suyin to leave here, he wanted to immediately try to make the Divine Awakening Pill.

”okay let go out. ” Xue Suyin immediately agreed to leave this place, she began to wrap her hands around Ye Chen ’s arms, Xue Suyin started to drag Ye Chen away from this treasure warehouse.

Ye Chen and Xue Suyin left the treasure warehouse that belonged to the Spring Palace, before leaving, Xue Suyin didn ’t forget to close the door so that no one would steal the things that were in here.

”Let ’s go back to your room ” Ye Chen invited Xue Suyin back to Xue Suyin ’s room, he wanted to see the situation of Nanhua Caiyi and Zhang Shiyun.

Whether the two women are awake now or not.

Ye Chen and Xue Suyin returned to Xue Suyin ’s private room, when they arrived at Xue Suyin ’s room, the two of them immediately went into the room.

When Ye Chen and Xue Suyin entered, both saw that Zhang Shiyun and Nanhua Caiyi had awakened, both of them had just finished cleaning themselves and this room was chaotic because of the long battle they had been through for ten days and ten nights.

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”Husband, Mistress, where have you been? ” Nanhua Caiyi asked where Ye Chen and Xue Suyin had been just a moment ago.

”I just went to get something with Suyin ” Ye Chen explained where he had just disappeared.

”Oh ” Nanhua Caiyi nodded to Ye Chen, it turned out that Ye Chen and Xue Suyin had gone to get something, she thought Ye Chen and Xue Suyin had moved to continue their battle elsewhere.

If Ye Chen and Xue Suyin found out what Nanhua Caiyi was thinking, the two of them would definitely be very helpless, Nanhua Caiyi still had time to think things like that about Ye Chen and Xue Suyin.

”I will go to make a pill, you two please find a solution to reclaim Shiyun ’s power. ” Ye Chen asked Xue Suyin and Nanhua Caiyi to find a solution to help Zhang Shiyun regain her property.

”Husband, you don ’t have to worry, I will definitely find a solution to help my sister Shiyun. ” Xue Suyin promised to help Zhang Shiyun regain her property.

After joining hands during the battle against Ye Chen for several days, Now the three of them could be said to be sister in arms.

hard and happy they passed when they fought with Ye Chen for 10 days and 10 nights.

”Thank you, I leave everything to you. ” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction when he listened to the answer that came from Xue Suyin, with the help of Xue Suyin Zhang Shiyun would definitely easily regain her rights as Queen ruler of the royal family.

Ye Chen immediately disappeared from sight, Xue Suyin, Zhang Shiyun and Nanhua Caiyi, Ye Chen entered the fairy gate to make a pill, inside the fairy gate, Ye Chen didn ’t need to be afraid of being disturbed when making pills inside the fairy gate.

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