very far.

Wu Ping did not expect that the Shen Clan would have so many great supporters like this, in fact what made these strong cultivators want to follow and obey the Shen Clan to this extent.

” Duke Wu Get ready to accept your death, everything is going well, a full attack on these people ”the leader of the rebels told all the rebels to launch an attack on the people of the Wu Clan.

All the enemies immediately used the various techniques they had, they all launched attacks towards the people of the Wu Clan.

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”Everyone is quick to create a barrier to repel this attack ” Wu Ping ordered everyone to work together to create a barrier to repel this attack.

Wu Ping and the experts of the Wu Clan made a very strong barrier, they really hoped that the barrier they made would be able to withstand attacks from the enemy.

Because the enemies come from a variety of different backgrounds, the attacks of these people are quite varied, there is fire, wind, water, earth, Earth.

almost all the elements mixed into one take on a horrible attack.

., Boom..
., Boom..
., ”A devastating explosion hit the barrier created by Wu Ping and the members of the Wu Clan.

The barrier that was created began to vibrate, it was seen that the barrier was not able to withstand the combined attack of hundreds of cultivators who joined hands to attack the barrier created by the Wu Clan.

, Crack..
, Crack..
, Crack..
, ”The sound of cracks began to be heard, it could be seen that the barrier created by Wu Ping and the experts of the Wu Clan would be destroyed.

” Damn ” Wu Ping cursed very hard, the enemy they faced was too strong, they could not withstand the lucky attack that was launched continuously towards them.

”bomb ” The barrier made by the people Wu Clan was destroyed, the people Wu Clan were attacked by the enemy and flew everywhere.

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After being attacked like this, the people of the Wu Clan must have been very badly injured, they are clearly no longer able to fight against the enemy, This is the end of them all.

Wu Ping is currently injured, he suffered external injuries from the recent explosion, it can be seen that Wu Ping ’s body is now full of wounds.

”Seeing the Wu Clan who was already in this state, the leader of the rebels went to see Wu Ping, he went in front of Wu Ping who was currently wounded.

”Hahaha, Duke Wu, you are really a fool, do you think that with the strength of the Wu Clan alone you can win against your Shen Clan, you are too narrow-minded ”the leader of the rebels said to Wu Ping.

”Shen Bem so it ’s you ” after hearing this person ’s voice up close, Wu Ping finally knew who was in front of him.

The man in front of him was Shen Bem, he was the first elder of the Shen Clan.

”Hahaha, so you already realize that this is me? , as expected from Duke Wu ”Shen Bem began to open his head covering, he showed his original appearance to Wu Ping.

”You Shen Clan are really shameless dogs, how can you rebel like this against the royal family, aren ’t you ashamed of your ancestors who have been helped by the first ancestors of the royal family ” Wu Ping said to Shen Bem in front of him.

”Hahaha Duke Wu, the past is the past now the ancestors of the royal family are no more, there is no point in serving Zhang Shiyun as a Queen, it is better for our Shen Clan to take the new leadership to make the royal family as successful as before ” Shen Bem said to Wu Ping.

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