Zhang Shiyun did not immediately step forward when she heard Shen Guo challenging her, Zhang Shiyun immediately turned her gaze to the people behind Shen Guo.

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”All of you, I am giving you one last chance to repent, I hope you take advantage of this opportunity I have given you. ” Zhang Shiyun said to the people behind Shen Guo, she was still kind because she gave people one last chance, this is to repent and admit their mistakes.

People could only look at each other when they heard Zhang Shiyun ’s words, they had come to this point that there was no way they would return after coming this far.

These people trusted the Shen Clan more than Zhang Shiyun, a woman who already didn ’t have a strong support behind her.

The Shen Clan already clearly had strong backing like Shen Guo and the Gates of Eternity Sect.

It was clear that in terms of strength the Shen Clan was superior to Zhang Shiyun, these people were very reluctant to follow Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun was waiting for answers from people, until now these people had not given Zhang Shiyun an answer.

It was clear that these people did not want to repent and admit their guilt who had betrayed her.

Zhang Shiyun was not happy about this, it seemed that these people had already been completely influenced by the Shen Clan.

”Hahaha, Queen Zhang look at you, no one wants to follow you anymore, everyone already knows which person they deserve to follow now ” Shen Guo burst out laughing when he saw Zhang Shiyun who was ignored by the people behind him.

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These people really knew very well which side to follow.

”I ’ve given all of you one last chance, if something happens to you and your family, don ’t blame me for that. ” Zhang Shiyun had already given these people the last chance.

Unfortunately, these people turned down the opportunity Zhang Shiyun gave all of them.

Zhang Shiyun was not a cruel person, at least she had given the opportunity to people who betrayed her.

”Shiyun, what do you want, is it necessary to kill them all or not? ” Xue Suyin asked Zhang Shiyun, she wanted to know what would choose Zhang Shiyun.

Whether Zhang Shiyun wanted to kill all these traitors or not.

”Please don ’t kill them all, just arrest and incapacitate these people. ” Zhang Shiyun didn ’t want to kill these people, these traitors could still be of use to Zhang Shiyun.

”Hahaha, fine if that ’s what you want, I will follow you want ” Xue Suyin will follow what Zhang Shiyun wants, she will order the Spring Palace disciples to catch and incapacitate these people.

”All of you, hurry and cripple these people, I don ’t care how you catch and incapacitate them, as long as they are alive then it ’s fine. ” Xue Suyin ordered the women from the Spring Palace to arrest and incapacitate these people.

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All the women nodded, they were all given a freedom by Xue Suyin to capture all the enemies that exist.

That means they can use some extreme means of dealing with these people.

All the women from the Spring Palace immediately rushed towards the enemy, they all charged straight at the enemy behind Shen Guo.

All the female disciples and elders from the Spring Palace used their full strength, because the number of enemies was quite large, they all didn ’t dare to play around, all trying to show their full strength against the enemy.

Xue Suyin and Nanhua Caiyi also attacked the enemy behind Shen Guo, these two strong women very easily defeated many enemies very quickly.

Xue Suyin and Nanhua Caiyi were too strong, they did just a little knock, the enemy immediately fell and fell unconscious.

With the help provided by Xue Suyin and Nanhua Caiyi, the women from the Spring Palace began to intimidate all the enemies.

Tens of thousands of rebels felt so overwhelmed when they fought the woman who came from the Spring Palace, it was unexpected that the Spring Palace had such great strength.

The people Xue Suyin brought were the best people in the sect right now, naturally their strength couldn ’t be underestimated.

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This was still half of the strength that the real Spring Palace had, if the Spring Palace used its full strength, surely the battlefield would become even more chaotic than at this point.

While Xue Suyin and Nanhua Caiyi were handling the rebels, Zhang Shiyun was currently dealing with Shen Guo, Zhang Shiyun wanted to settle her own business with the Shen Clan, that ’s why Zhang Shiyun decided to intervene in fighting Shen Guo.

Shen Guo looked at the battlefield that was around him, the current situation was completely different from what he had imagined.

The tens of thousands of powerful cultivators he brought were completely unable to handle the street women of the Spring Palace, this really made Shen Guo feel extremely angry.

”You useless people ” Shen Guo cursed these useless people, why should he have these useless people.

”Shen Guo give up right now, there ’s no point in you fighting like this. ” Zhang Shiyun told Shen Guo to back down right now, this would make it easier for Zhang Shiyun to handle the Shen Clan.

If Shen Guo wants to surrender, then the rest of the Shen Clan will definitely give up too, Shen Guo is the mastermind of all this rebellion, as long as the mastermind of this rebellion is defeated then everything will be resolved very easily.

”Dream of a bitch, I will never give up on you. ” Shen Guo shouted at Zhang Shiyun, Shen Guo even called out to Zhang Shiyun with very harsh words.

Shen Guo ’s words made Zhang Shiyun feel very angry, she didn ’t like it when someone called her a bitch.

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”This Queen ’s patience is at its limit, it looks like this Queen is wasting too many words on you, from now on this Queen will use real actions on you ” Zhang Shiyun was tired of throwing unnecessary words to Shen.
Guo, he thought there was no point in wasting words on someone like Shen Guo.

”Shut up bitch, I ’ll kill you. ” Shen Guo rushed towards Zhang Shiyun, he seemed to be starting to launch an attack on Zhang Shiyun.

”Sky Claw Lock ” above the sky, appeared countless hundreds of claw slashes, these hundreds of claw slashes locked onto Zhang Shiyun ’s body.

In an instant, this attack targeted Zhang Shiyun ’s body, Zhang Shiyun ’s body began to be attacked by the Sky Claw Lock that Shen Guo was using.

”Die you bitch, hahahaha ” Shen Guo was very satisfied when he saw the Sky Claw Lock he used managed to lock Zhang Shiyun, now Zhang Shiyun would not be able to escape his attack.

Zhang Shiyun looked very calm when faced with attacks from Shen Guo, she didn ’t seem too concerned about this attack.

Hundreds of claw slashes began to land on Zhang Shiyun ’s body.
, clang..
, clang..
, clang..
, ”When this strike landed on Zhang Shiyun ’s body, you could hear a slashing attack loud enough to be heard.

This sound is similar to a collision between a hard object against a hard object.

claw slashes couldn ’t injure Zhang Shiyun ’s body at all

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