umiliated that he couldn ’t kill Bitch like Zhang Shiyun ’s

”Sky Wind Cannon Blast ” Shen Guo started to raise his left hand to the sky.

Right above Shen Guo ’s hand, an enormous amount of wind began to gather.

The wind that gathered in Shen Guo ’s hand made a very dense ball, the ball in Shen Guo ’s hand was getting bigger and bigger over time, the

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size began to extend from 50 cm to 50 M, this size was quite large, the ball This 50 M size is a wind that has been compressed by Shen Guo, if this ball of wind explodes then it is certain that there will be a very strong wind explosion that can blow up whatever is nearby.

It could be said that this wind ball was like a nuclear bomb that was thousands of times more powerful than those made by humans, Shen Guo was really crazy, he wanted to kill Zhang Shiyun along with the people around here.

”Bitch, be prepared to accept your death, this time I used my mass destruction technique, hahahaha ” Shen Guo burst out laughing, he already felt like he was winning over Zhang Shiyun.

”You idiot ” Zhang Shiyun said that Shen Guo was a fool, Zhang Shiyun had said several times that Shen Guo would not be able to beat her, but this old man still forced a fight with her.

”Invisible Wind Slash ” , Zhang Shiyun ’s moved one finger of hers down, when Zhang Shiyun moved one finger of hers down, Shen Guo ’s hand that was used to support the Sky Wind Cannon Blast was immediately cut off.

Immediate blood started gushing out when Shen Guo ’s arm was cut by the Invisible Wind Slash.

”Huh? ” Shen Guo felt quite shocked when he saw his arm cut off, Shen Guo hurriedly used his left hand to grab his right hand which had just been cut off.

Shen Guo felt unbearable pain from the part of his arm that was cut off, Shen Guo was a senior cultivator, even though Shen Guo was injured, he would not scream like an injured baby.

Gritting his teeth, Shen Guo used the strength he had to stop the bleeding from occurring in his arm.

Blood was still dripping from Shen Guo ’s hand, Shen Guo ’s strength was still unable to stop this bleeding.

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After a while, the pain started to subside a little, Shen Guo was delighted as the pain started to subside.

”Don ’t be too happy that fast, I ’m not finished here. ” Zhang Shiyun moved her hand again, this time Shen Guo ’s left arm was suddenly cut off.

”Argghh ” Shen Guo shouted when he saw that his left hand was also cut off, Shen Guo finally couldn ’t take this excruciating pain anymore.

Shen Guo really didn ’t know what Zhang Shiyun had just done, he didn ’t even feel an attack coming from Zhang Shiyun.

what Shen Guo knew, his hand suddenly cut off, this was really very very strange for Shen Guo.

”What kind of technique did you just use, why don ’t I know such a technique? ” Shen Guo asked which technique Zhang Shiyun had just used , Shen Guo had never seen the technique used by Zhang Shiyun.

”For what this Queen bother to explain what happened to the enemy like you, there is no point I ’m explain this to you ” Zhang Shiyun reluctant to tell the technique that recently she used to Shen Guo.

The invisible Wind Slash technique is a technique that was taught by Nanhua Caiyi to Zhang Shiyun.

Nanhua Caiyi herself got this technique from the fairy gate, because Zhang Shiyun was Ye Chen ’s woman, there was no harm in Nanhua Caiyi sharing the technique with Zhang Shiyun.

After all, Zhang Shiyun and Nanhua Caiyi were both wind element users, so the invisible Wind Slash could not match Zhang Shiyun.

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