Clan gain the top position in the royal family, they had to pay a decent price in return.

Everyone seemed quite happy about this, after this event was over they would receive the reward that the Shen Clan had promised.

”Everyone welcome to the great event that is being held today, today is a historic day where after all this time the royal family has a new leader ” A spokesperson said to everyone present in this place.

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This spokesperson seems to be from the Shen Clan, this person is very eloquent in conveying Shen Ao ’s coronation process into a new King.

”We don ’t need to linger any longer, let ’s start the process of coronation of the new King who will become the new ruler of the royal family ” the spokesperson told everyone to immediately start this event.

Shen Ao immediately appeared in the center of the hall, himself starting to walk towards the throne that Zhang Shiyun previously had.

After all this time, Shen Ao finally got the thing he wanted the most in this life, soon Shen Ao will sit on this throne, Shen Ao will become the new King who will rule this Kunlun Holy land.

Shen Ao walked slowly towards the throne, himself starting to act like a king who has peerless power.

Shen Ao has finally reached the throne, a representative will hand over the crown to Shen Ao.

Shen Ao immediately knelt down, himself ready to wear the royal crown on his head.

”Shen Ao, are you ready to become a leader who will lead this country wisely and protect the people? ” Before wearing this crown, Shen Ao must be sworn in, this is a tradition that has existed since a long time ago.

”I, Shen Ao, will carry that tough task on my shoulders ” Shen Ao immediately swore in front of everyone.

This person is truly shameless, after carrying out a massacre of thousands of innocent people, Shen Ao still dared to swear like this in front of everyone in this Kunlun Holy Land.

As this coronation ceremony was broadcast throughout the Kunlun Holy Land, everyone could see Shen Ao ’s coronation process very clearly.

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Starting from today they will get a replacement from Zhang Shiyun, Zhang Shiyun is Queen who is quite wise in the hearts of his people, as long as Zhang Shiyun leads everything going very well.

Now that Zhang Shiyun is no longer there, she has not left an heir either, so no one can replace Zhang Shiyun.

Therefore the Shen Clan will become the new ruler of the royal family, people can accept this, the Shen Clan is quite a strong Clan, so it doesn ’t matter if the Shen Clan becomes the new ruler of the royal family.

These people only knew that Zhang Shiyun was rumored to be dead, so these people would take it for granted when the Shen Clan became the new ruler.

If they found out that Zhang Shiyun was still alive, maybe they would change their minds and reject this.

This is sneaky Shen Clan, they can reverse the fact that makes everyone believe that Zhang Shiyun is dead.

If the Kunlun Holy Land was ruled by the Shen Clan who was extremely cunning like this, then it was certain that something quite bad happened to the Kunlun Holy Land.

A start that was done in a cunning manner, then in the future the Shen Clan will continue to use cunning means to deal with its own people.

After Shen Ao swore in front of everyone, it ’s time to give this crown to Shen Ao.

” When the Crown was about to be placed on top of Shen Ao, suddenly an explosion occurred at the entrance to this hall, everyone immediately turned around and looked towards the entrance.

They all want to know who dares to cause a mess in this coronation process.

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