g enough for the rest of the Shen Clan, now that they could finally take revenge on Ye Chen for the humiliation that was done by Ye Chen.

Before the people from the Shen Clan could go towards Ye Chen, the sight they had became blurry, they could no longer clearly see what was going on around them.

Zhang Shiyun didn ’t let people do anything to Ye Chen, herself immediately used her own power to kill people from the Shen Clan who intended to kill Ye Chen.

Zhang Shiyun very easily turned the people of the Shen Clan into a mist of blood, they all died at Zhang Shiyun ’s hands very easily.

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Shen Ao didn ’t know what just happened, he didn ’t see how the people from the Shen Clan just died like that.

”Everyone please kill these two people right now ” Shen Ao had no other choice but to order everyone who was here to help him kill Ye Chen and Zhang Shiyun.

high-ranking clans men and generals who had quite high cultivation bases, immediately went to surround Ye Chen and Zhang Shiyun.

In an instant, Ye Chen and Zhang Shiyun were surrounded by the enemies in this room.

Ye Chen and Zhang Shiyun were both quite calm when facing the enemies in this room, the two of them were not afraid of the people in this place.

”You all really turned against me, I will never let you all go ” Zhang Shiyun said that she would not let go of the big Clan high-ups and generals who had betrayed her.

”We don ’t care, Queen Zhang in a moment we will all kill you and solve the mess you have made ” General Zhang who is the highest general as well as the strongest said to Zhang Shiyun.

General Zhang was a cultivator at the 10th stage of the Overlord Realm, General Zhang was a fairly strong cultivator who used to have strength comparable to Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun narrowed her eyes when she heard what General Zhang said, this person dared to say he wanted to kill herself.

General Zhang along with the higher ups of the big Clan immediately went towards Zhang Shiyun, they all immediately launched various kinds of attacks on Zhang Shiyun.

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Zhang Shiyun didn ’t want to waste a lot of her words on people like this, using an action was the best way to deal with these people.

Zhang Shiyun slightly waved her hand, when Zhang Shiyun waved hers, when Zhang Shiyun did this, these people ’s legs were suddenly cut off.

All the great generals and all the higher-ups from the Great Clan immediately fell to the floor when their feet disappeared.

These people have absolutely no idea what just happened, how could they have lost their legs for no apparent reason.

Zhang Shiyun snapped her fingers, when Zhang Shiyun snapped her fingers, a very strong wind began to blow the people on the floor, the people on the floor were flown and hit the walls in this hall.

Zhang Shiyun didn ’t care if the palace walls were destroyed because of this, as long as he could teach these people a lesson, then Zhang Shiyun would do anything.

The power that Zhang shiyun had used just now was quite strong, these people immediately vomited blood when they crashed into the wall.

part of the palace walls were destroyed because they were hit by the people who were knocked down by Zhang Shiyun.

Zhang Shiyun was really strong, in just a few breaths, she was able to defeat the people who had nearly killed her before.

While Zhang Shiyun defeated those who surrounded her, Ye Chen was currently also fighting those who surrounded him.

In contrast to Zhang Shiyun who quickly defeated her enemies, Ye Chen looked quite relaxed when dealing with his enemies.

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