Xing Mei looked at Ye Xiu, herself looking at Ye Xiu ’s double peak, Ye Xiu ’s size made Xing Mei very jealous, why did she not have the same thing as Ye Xiu.

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”What ’s little, it ’s obvious that this woman is a Milf woman who has a good body. ” Xing Mei didn ’t understand why Ye Chen called Ye Xiu little Xiu.

According to Xing Mei, Ye Xiu was not a little girl, how could Ye Chen call a beautiful Milf woman with a fine body like Ye Xiu as Little Xiu, this was inconceivable for Xing Mei.

”Is it possible that the people of the nine-tailed fox race are still being detained in the Shaolin and Taoji Sects? ” Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu.

”I also don ’t know about this, I ’m still finding out whether the people from Clan are the Nine-Tailed Fox still alive and being detained by Shaolin. ” Ye Xiu was still looking for an answer to this, she also wanted to know what she just asked by Ye Chen.

”If you two want to know the answer, why don ’t you go and find out at the Shaolin temple. ” Xing Mei told Ye Chen and Ye Xiu to go and find out the answer.

”It ’s not a bad idea, little Xiu how about we go and find out about it, I ’ll help you sneak into Shaolin ” Ye Chen offered Ye Xiu his own help, Ye Chen wanted to help Ye Xiu solve this problem.

”Master, are you sure you want to interfere in matters of my Clan? ” Ye Xiu asked if Ye Chen really wanted to interfere in the matter of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

”Of course, it ’s still your family, how can I stay silent when I see something like this happen to your Clan members ” Ye Chen said that he would definitely help Ye Xiu solve this problem.

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Ye Xiu felt very touched when she saw Ye Chen want to get involved in this matter, Ye Xiu was not wrong when she chose Ye Chen to be her master, Ye Chen was a person who was quite responsible and helped when the closest person was in trouble.

”Thank you very much. ” Ye Xiu thanked Ye Chen, she was very happy to hear Ye Chen ’s words .

”Then let ’s go right now, don ’t waste any more time. ” Ye Chen invited Ye Xiu and Xing Mei to go to Shaolin and the Taoji Sect.

Ye Xiu and Xing Mei nodded at Ye Chen, both of them agreed to leave right away.

Ye Chen, Ye Xiu and Xing Mei immediately left this building, the two of them headed straight for Shaolin.

”Oh yeah, where are the Shaolin and Taoji Sects located? ” Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu where Shaolin was.

Ye Chen didn ’t know where the Shaolin temple was, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Ye Chen to ask Ye Xiu ’s whereabouts of Shaolin.

”Shaolin and Tao Ji are to the east of this place, the location of Shaolin is quite far from this place. ” Ye Xiu told Ye Chen about the whereabouts of Shaolin and the Taoji Sect.

”It ’s good if the two of them are in the east direction, we don ’t need to bother going there anymore. ” Ye Chen was happy to hear that Shaolin and the Taoji Sect were in the same place, that meant Ye Chen didn ’t have to go back and forth to go to Shaolin and Taoji Sect.

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Ye Chen, Ye Xiu and Xing Mei were already getting ready to go to the Shaolin and Taoji Sect, when the three of them wanted to leave, someone suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chen, Ye Xiu and Xing Mei.

The person who had just appeared was a middle-aged woman who was wearing a kimono just like Ye Xiu.

”Ayaka, who are these people? ” The middle aged woman immediately asked Ye Xiu about Ye Chen and Xing Mei ’s identities.

”Aunt Liyu, this is Ye Chen and Xing Mei, they are both my friends. ” Ye Xiu immediately tried to explain Ye Chen ’s identity to a middle-aged woman.

This middle aged woman ’s name was Liyu, she was the one who had been taking care of Ye Xiu since she was a little girl.

It could be said that this woman named Liyu was the closest person Ye Xiu had.

”Oh so those two are your friends. ” Liyu looked at Ye Chen and Xing Mei, Liyu could see that Ye Chen and Ye Xiu were quite good people.

With Liyu ’s hundreds of years of experience, Liyu can easily spot good humans and bad humans.

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”My name is Liyu, nice to meet you two ” Liyu greeted Ye Chen and Xing Mei, she looked very friendly to Ye Chen and Xing Mei.

”Hello Aunt Liyu ” Ye Chen and Xing Mei greeted Liyu, this middle-aged woman looks very friendly, Ye Chen and Xing Mei returned Liyu ’s hospitality with their hospitality.

”Ayaka, where are you going? ” Liyu asked where Ye Xiu was going with Ye Chen and Xing Mei.

”We want to go do something important. ” Ye Xiu answered Liyu ’s question, but Ye Xiu didn ’t seem to want to give details about what she would do together with Ye Chen and Xing Mei.

”You don ’t need to hide it from me, I already know what you might do. ” Liyu already knew what Ye Xiu was going to do, surely Ye Xiu wanted to find out whether a member of the nine-tailed fox race was alive or dead.

”Aunt Liyu please don ’t stop me, I want to know if they are still alive or not. ” Ye Xiu told Liyu not to stop herself from going to Shaolin to find out whether a member of the Nine-tailed Fox Race is still alive or not.

”I won ’t stop you from doing what you want, but I just want to warn you that Shaolin is a powerful force, it ’s quite difficult for a Demi human like us to enter the Shaolin territory. ” Liyu tried to remind Ye Xiu that Demi Human was hard enough to leave to the Shaolin region.

”Thank you for the warning you gave me, I will definitely be careful when I go there. ” Ye Xiu understood, she would be very careful when going to the Shaolin territory.

”That ’s great, I hope you come back safely. ” Liyu hoped that Ye Xiu could return safely.

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Ye Xiu nodded at Liyu, Ye Xiu would definitely return safely.

”Let ’s go ” Ye Xiu invited Ye Chen and Xing Mei to go to the Shaolin territory.

Before leaving, Ye Xiu didn ’t forget to say goodbye to Liyu.

”Stop, I guess where do you want to go? ” When Ye Chen, Ye Xiu and Xing Mei were about to leave this village, there was someone who again stopped Ye Xiu from leaving.

A young man suddenly came and blocked Ye Xiu, Ye Chen and Xing Mei ’s path.

The man who had just arrived looked quite handsome and dashing, this man also seemed to be of a nine-tailed fox race.

”Nibi, don ’t get in my way, I have some business that I have to finish. ” Ye Xiu immediately drove away the man who was blocking the road.

The man blocking the path was named Nibi, he was the new leader of the nine-tailed fox Clan that Ye Xiu had previously told Ye Chen and Xing Mei.

”I won ’t leave until you answer my question. ” Nibi refused to go from Ye Xiu ’s path, Nibi wanted to know where Ye Xiu was going.

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