Ye Chen, Ye Xiu and Xing Mei immediately rushed towards Shaolin, the three of them used the full speed they could use to head towards Shaolin.

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”Little Xiu, those people called you Ayaka, is the real name you have is Ayaka? ” Ye Chen wanted to know the real name Ye Xiu had.

”Yes, your real name is Ayaka, master, what do you need to ask this? ” Ye Xiu wanted to know why Ye Chen asked about something like this.

”No, it ’s just that I want to confirm your real name. ” Ye Chen said that he only wanted to know the real name Ye Xiu had.

”Master, you can still call me Xiu as usual, I don ’t mind the name you gave me. ” Ye Xiu said that she prefers Ye Chen to call herself the usual nickname Ye Chen often calls.

According to Ye Xiu, it was a call that had stuck in Ye Xiu ’s heart.

”Oh yeah, I want to say something to you ” Ye Xiu wanted to say something to Ye Chen.

” What is that ? ” Ye Chen immediately asked what Ye Xiu wanted to say to him.

”Master, next time can you not add Little to my name, it makes me embarrassed ” With an angry face, Ye Xiu started scolding Ye Chen who kept calling herself Little Xiu in front of other people.

Ye Xiu was not small at all, she was a mature woman, so the nickname didn ’t suit Ye Xiu at all.

”Hehehe ” Ye Chen just chuckled when Ye Xiu scolded himself.

”Master, I ’m serious here, don ’t mess around anymore. ” Ye Xiu looked even more angry when she saw Ye Chen chuckling like that, it was clear that Ye Chen would definitely do something like that again in the future.

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”I ’m used to calling you like that, for me you are the little Xiu I used to care for. ” Ye Chen was used to calling Ye Xiu Littel Xiu, so it might be difficult for Ye Chen to change that.

Ye Xiu started reaching out her hand towards Ye Chen ’s ear, Ye Xiu began to pull Ye Chen ’s ear quite firmly.

”Little Xiu how can you do this to your master, I will punish you for what you have done this time, Ouch..
., Ouch..
., don ’t be too strong it hurts.
”Ye Chen said to Ye Xiu who was pulling his ear.

”Hempp ” Ye Xiu ’s just sniffed coldly, Ye Xiu looked quite angry because Ye Chen didn ’t want to listen to what she said.

Xing Mei could only see what Ye Chen and Ye Xiu were doing, according to Xing Mei, both of them looked like lovers who were flirting with each other.

Xing Mei looked utterly helpless when she saw this, Ye Chen really had so many women by his side, this made Xing Mei a little dissatisfied when she saw beautiful women close to Ye Chen.

”Wait a minute, why do I have to bother thinking about this man ’s romance, my goal in his side is just to get benefits, so why would I bother thinking about this man romance? ” Xing Mei immediately realized, why would she bother thinking about Ye Chen ’s love story, there was no point in her thinking about such things.

Xing Mei was with Ye Chen just to increase the strength of hers, Xing Mei had no other intention but to do that.

Xing Mei did not want to admit that she felt jealous when she saw Ye Chen flirting with another woman, Xing Mei was quite confident in the appearance she had, but it seemed that Ye Chen didn ’t have the slightest interest in getting close to Xing Mei.

This made Xing Mei a little annoyed, how could Ye Chen never try to take an initiative on her, is she any less beautiful than a beautiful Milf like Ye Xiu?.

Xing Mei looked at Ye Chen and Ye Xiu who were still flirting with each other.

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”Huft ” Xing Mei could only sigh, she couldn ’t do much about this matter, Xing Mei could only see Ye Chen and Ye Xiu flirting with each other like this.

Ye Chen, Ye Xiu and Xing Mei continued their journey to Shaolin, the three of them took a little longer to reach the Shaolin territory.

The distance between the Village belonging to clan the nine-tailed fox and Shaolin was quite far, this made it take them longer to reach the Shaolin territory.

”Is this Shaolin territory? ” Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu if this was really a territory that was owned by Shaolin.

”Yes, this is indeed the territory of Shaolin, if I ’m not mistaken the Taoji Sect is also not far from this place. ” Ye Xiu told Ye Chen that they had entered the territory that was owned by Shaolin.

This was the place that was said to be the holiest within the territory of the Kunlun Holy land, it was in this place that good people from all corners of the Kunlun Holy land gathered.

”Then what are we waiting for, let ’s sneak in and look for a clue. ” Ye Chen invited Ye Xiu and Xing Mei to sneak into Shaolin.

”Master, the Shaolin guard is quite tight, maybe it will be a little difficult to sneak in there. ” Ye Xiu told Ye Chen that they might have a little trouble when they sneak into Shaolin.

Shaolin is one of the forces controlling the Kunlun Holy Land, of course the guards they use around this place will definitely be very tight.

”You don ’t need to worry, leave the problem of sneaking to me, I am the expert when asked to sneak and look for something. ” Ye Chen began to boast of his abilities, Ye Chen was quite confident in sneaking, especially if it was sneaking and peeking at a woman who was bath :).

Ye Xiu could only smile when she heard Ye Chen ’s words, Ye Chen was too proud of his sneak skills.

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”Bah, you are too confident, do you think your sneak skill are already great?, Last time I remember catching you while sneaking ” Xing Mei immediately strongly denied what Ye Chen had just said.

Xing Mei did not believe in Ye Chen ’s ability, at that time she could easily catch Ye Chen who was sneaking to find information from Hong Zim and Hong Yepu.

”You don ’t believe in my abilities? , Then let me show my abilities. ” Ye Chen was not satisfied when he saw Xing Mei underestimating himself.

”Okay, I want to see what kind of ability you are. ” Xing Mei wanted to see the ability Ye Chen was very proud of.

”Fine, I ’ll show you how great sneak skills I have, you see and just wait here ” Ye Chen will show off his abilities to the bad girl Xing Mei.

Ye Chen immediately rushed into the Shaolin territory, himself immediately slipped into the territory belonging to Shaolin.

”Master, wait a moment, I want to come with you. ” Ye Xiu said that she wanted to come along with Ye Chen into the territory belonging to Shaolin.

Ye Xiu immediately caught up with Ye Chen, she was chasing after Ye Chen who had entered the Shaolin territory first.

Xing Mei only saw Ye Chen and Ye Xiu ’s departure, she did not immediately join Ye Chen and Ye Xiu who had already entered Shaolin.

”Let ’s see if you really have the ability or not. ” Xing Mei wanted to see if Ye Chen had the ability or not to sneak into Shaolin.

later Xing Mei intends to follow behind Ye Chen and Ye Xiu, she will see the skills that Ye Chen was previously proud of, when Ye Chen made a mistake and was found by one of the people from Shaolin, then Xing Mei would immediately ridicule Ye Chen skills.

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Xing Mei was impatient when she saw Ye Chen ’s unsightly face as she mocked Ye Chen ’s skills.

Ye Chen and Ye Xiu have now entered the Shaolin Territory, the Shaolin Territory is full of bald men who are mostly doing meditation to gain peace of mind and mind.

The Shaolin cultivation technique requires a calm heart and a calm mind, which is why most people meditate in order to gain peace of mind and heart.

”Looks like it will be easier than he thought. ” Ye Chen felt that sneaking into Shaolin would be easier to do.

”Little Xiu, let ’s go around this place to find the necessary clues. ” Ye Chen invited Ye Xiu to go and look for clues about the whereabouts of the demi humans who were captured by Shaolin.

”OK ” Ye Xiu nodded, herself quickly agreed with what Ye Chen just said.

Their purpose for coming here is to find an information whether the nine tailed fox race is brackets in this place or not, to find this information, Ye Chen and Ye Xiu had to go around this place to find the information they needed.

Ye Chen and Ye Xiu immediately went around this place, the two of them checking every place and room in Shaolin.

As Ye Xiu said, the guard that was in the inner Shaolin region was getting tighter, there were several Shaolin disciples guarding around the important place.

This made Ye Chen and Ye Xiu ’s movements a little hindered, the two of them had to be a little careful so as not to be found by disciples who came from Shaolin.

”Little Xiu be careful, don ’t let these people find us. ” Ye Chen told Ye Xiu to be even more careful, Ye Chen didn ’t want the two of them to be found by these people.

”I understand, I will try to be more careful. ” Ye Xiu said that he would be even more careful, Ye Xiu didn ’t want to be a burden to Ye Chen, that ’s why Ye Xiu would try not to be found by people from Shaolin

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