n this place.

Ye Chen fought these people barehanded, while Ye Xiu used her tail to fight these people.

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Ye Xiu still didn ’t need the Chi Yin Hand Fan artifact, In order to fight these people, Ye Xiu could still easily win against these people by only using her tail which was like a spear that could pierce anything.

In just a few moments, Ye Chen and Ye Xiu had finished tidying up the guards guarding this place, Ye Chen and Ye Xiu did it very neatly, both of them did not cause a fuss when fighting the guards from this dungeon.

”Very good, they are easy to deal with. ” Ye Chen felt satisfied when the two of them didn ’t have to cause a fuss when fighting these people.

”Let ’s see the Demi Humans who are detained in this place. ” Ye Chen invited Ye Xiu to see the Demi Humans who were detained in this place.

” Let ’s see ” Ye Xiu looked very excited when she answered Ye Chen ’s words , she couldn ’t wait to see who was detained in this place.

Are among the Demi Humans detained in this place, are there any members of her Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

Ye Chen and Ye Xiu entered the main part of the dungeon, when the two of them entered the main section, Ye Chen and Ye Xiu saw an unsightly sight, they both saw the condition of the human being locked up in this place, the condition of the Demi Humans it looked terrible, their bodies looked shabby and covered with bruises everywhere.

”How cruel. ” Ye Xiu looked very sorry when she saw this scene, Ye Xiu did not expect that Demi Human would be treated this badly by those people earlier.

”You are absolutely right, those guys were really very cruel, they did cruel things to the Demi Humans who were here ”, Ye Chen had already seen the condition of the Demi Humans when he used God Eyes.

So Ye Chen was no longer surprised when he saw the scene in this place.

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Ye Chen and Ye Xiu immediately look one by one face of which is owned by for the sake of the human being in this place.

It just so happened that when Ye Chen and Ye Xiu were looking, the two of them found a nine-tailed fox who was very young.

Seeing this, Ye Xiu immediately went to see who the young girl who was locked up in this place was.

” Hello, are you okay? ” Ye Xiu destroyed the cell where the young girl was being held, she immediately took the nine-tailed fox girl whose condition was quite dire.

”You? ” The nine-tailed fox girl immediately looked at Ye Xiu, feeling that she was a little acquainted with Ye Xiu.

”Are you a leader of Clan the Nine-tailed Fox? ” The nine-tailed fox girl  immediately asked if Ye Xiu was the leader of the nine-tailed fox Clan  . 

Ye Xiu immediately nodded, telling this girl that she was indeed the leader of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan  .

”Thank God, I heard from mom and dad, they said that the Clan leader will definitely come save us all. ”  nine-tailed fox girl  said to Ye Xiu with a smile full of hope.

Ye Xiu almost cried when she saw the words that the nine-tailed fox girl in front of her had just spoken, Ye Xiu could feel that this girl was the daughter of a member of the nine-tailed fox Clan that she once led.

”I ’ve been here, from now on, I will save all of you from the hands of these cruel people. ” Ye Xiu promised that he would protect the nine-tailed fox girl from evil people, Ye Xiu would not let anything bad happen to  this little girl.

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