The name of the old man who had just interrupted Hong Man ’s words was Hong Gijun.
He was one of the most senior elders in the Gates of Eternity Sect, his position was almost comparable to that of Hong Man.

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With Hong Gijun ’s position on par with Hong Man, Hong Gijun was naturally brave enough to criticize something Hong Man shouldn ’t have done as a sect leader.

”Hong Gijun, you don ’t have a child, so you don ’t know how I feel right now. ” Hong Man said to Hong Gijun who doesn ’t have a child.

Hong Gijun is a cultivator who is crazy about the world of cultivation, every day Hong Gijun is always cultivating to the point that he is not interested in a woman.

”I do not have children, but you still have countless concubines, you can make new ones with your hundreds of concubines . ” Hong Gijun was not angry with Hong Man ’s insinuation, he instead teased Hong Man.

Hong Man was getting angry with the words said by Hong Gijun, he felt like fighting with Hong Gijun.

In large gatherings like this, things like disagreement had become commonplace among the higher ups of the Gates of Eternity Sect, so the elders were used to seeing Hong Man and Hong Gijun teasing one another.

”You two do not bring personal affairs into this place, here we are discussing the issue of the royal family were preparing to attack us ” A very old man spoke to Hong Man and Hong Gijun.

From the appearance of this old man, it could be seen that this old man was much older than Hong Man and Hong Gijun, the position of this old man should not be inferior to that of Hong Gijun either.

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This old man ’s name is Hong Tien, he is a great elder like Hong Gijun, Hong Tien is a very wise person, if not for his too old age perhaps Hong Tien will become a Sect master.

”We don ’t need to be afraid of women.
Damn it, that woman is not strong enough to threaten Sect our.
”Hong Man was not afraid of the royal family, to him the royal family was not a serious threat.

”Hong Man, the current royal family is no longer what they used to be, now that they have the allies Spring Palace by their side, that means the strength of the royal family is getting stronger and stronger. ”

”Plus Zhang Shiyun has completely mastered all the major Clans in this Kunlun Holy Land, one word from Zhang Shiyun ’s mouth can make all the major Clans move against us all. ” Hong Gijun told Hong Man that the Royal Family had collaborated with the Spring Palace.

In addition, Zhang Shiyun had really made everyone obey him, this would focus the royal family ’s strength and become much stronger.

”What Hong Gijun said is true, the royal family has now become very strong after collaborating with the Spring Palace, their strength is probably comparable to us, this is something we should take into account well. ” Hong Tien quite agreed with Hong Gijun ’s words, The current royal family is no longer the royal family it used to be, now the royal family is something that the Gates of Eternity Sect must reckon with.

Hong Man gritted his teeth a little when he heard this, Hong Man the most disliked when he saw that there was another power capable of threatening the Gates of Eternity Sect, he had to quickly get rid of threats like the royal family and the Spring Palace.

”Do you have any other information about the royal family? ” Hong Man asked all the elders in this place, he wanted to know if there was any other information that would be useful for them to know.

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”report Sect Master , I just heard the news that Queen Zhang has reached the legendary realm, it is said that Zhang Shiyun can defeat someone in the Half-step towards Divine Realm with just one hand. ” One of the elders reported an important finding to Hong Man.
, Hong Gijun and Hong Tien.

” What ! ! ! ” Hong Man was quite surprised when he heard the news that one of the Elders in front of him had just conveyed.

he did not expect that Zhang Shiyun had reached a legendary realm that no one in the history of this world had never penetrated.

It was not only Hong Man who was shocked when he heard this news.
Hong Gijon , Hong Tien and all Elders who were in this place were shocked when they heard this news.

”Are you serious ? ” Hong Man questioned the authenticity of this news.

”Sect Master, this news is still confusing, what I found, Shen Guo who has stepped into the realm of half-step towards Divine Realm has been killed by Zhang Shiyun with just a few moves, in addition Zhang Shiyun did not leave a single body of Shen Guo.
”Elder said that this information is still not confirmed the truth.

All the elders in this place became noisy when they heard this, Zhang Shiyun could kill someone who was half-step towards Divine Realm very easily, how strong is Zhang Shiyun right now, the people here wanted to know about this issue.

” Sect master, what are you going to do now?, All decisions are in your hands. ” Hong Gijun began to say to Hong Man, he was waiting for the decision that Hong Man would take to solve this problem.

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For this time Hong Gijun was not too brave to speak up, if Zhang Shiyun was so strong that he could kill a cultivator who was half a step towards Divine Realm, then he and Hong Tien were not worthy of being Zhang Shiyun ’s opponents.

Only the ancestors of the Gates of Eternity Sect could possibly overcome Zhang Shiyun.

” Sect Master, make your choice right now. ” Hong Tien also told Hong Man to determine the choice he would make in this matter.

Just like Hong Gijun, Hong Tien also did not dare to make rash decisions in this matter, he completely left the decision to Hong Man to take the necessary action in this situation.

All of the Elders were also waiting for Hong Man ’s decision, they wanted to know what Hong Man would do in this kind of situation.

Hong Man felt depressed in this situation, he had to immediately come up with the answers these people wanted.

”I want you to immediately give orders for this Sect disciple to come back right away, then activate the strongest defensive Array we have, send some of our greatest spies to find information about the moves made by the royal family and the Spring Palace, for Zhang Shiyun problem , I will talk to the ancestors.
”Hong Mam finally made his choice.

Hong Man decided to close the Gates of Eternity Sect for the time being, if the news about Zhang Shiyun who had reached the legendary stage was true, then Zhang Shiyun could be an enormous threat to the Gates of Eternity Sect.

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Hong Man couldn ’t be too relaxed when faced with a big threat like this, he had to be firm in the face of a big threat that could harm the Gates of Eternity Sect.

”We will immediately do as the Sect Master ordered. ” All of the elders compactly answered Hong Man ’s orders.

”Good, now you can go. ” After giving orders to these people, Hong Man told them all to leave right now.

All the elders did not leave him here, they immediately went to carry out the orders from Hong Man.

Even Hong Gijun and Hong Tien also left this place, the two of them still had some business to settle.

Now in this room only Hong Man is left.

”Damn this problem is so troublesome. ” Hong Man felt that this problem was really very troublesome, he had to make a very difficult choice like this.

Hong Man now had to go to discuss this matter with the ancestors, he had to ask the ancestors to help deal with Zhang Shiyun.

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