ld Ye Xiu that he didn ’t mind if Ye Xiu chose to stay in this place.

”That ’s not the answer I wanted. ” Ye Xiu was very annoyed when she heard the answer given by Ye Chen.

Even though Ye Xiu really hoped that Ye Chen wanted her to stay by his side.

Ye Chen was completely insensitive to what Ye Xiu wanted, even though Ye Xiu only hoped that Ye Chen would ask himself to stay by his side.

”Then what answer do you want? ” Ye Chen asked Ye Xiu.

”You idiot ” Ye Xiu was annoyed because Ye Chen did not understand what she wanted, Ye Xiu who was angry immediately left Ye Chen, Ye Chen was very insensitive to what she wanted.

Ye Chen started scratching his head, he didn ’t understand what was going on at all, why did Ye Xiu suddenly get angry like that.

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”Women are really strange and difficult creatures to understand. ” Ye Chen felt that Ye Xiu was quite difficult to understand.

Ye Chen chased after the angry Ye Xiu, he started to chase Ye Xiu who was going to the banquet.

Ye Chen started to enjoy the banquet held by the Clan Nine-Tailed Fox, the people from Clan were the Nine-Tailed Fox very kind and very friendly towards Ye Chen and Xing Mei.

The banquet was continuously being held, Ye Chen was quite drunk from drinking the wine provided by Clan the Nine-tailed Fox.

The wine made by Clan was the Nine-Tailed Fox very special, just drinking a bottle made Ye Chen look very drunk .

Ye Xiu was forced to help Ye Chen back to his room, there Ye Chen could rest in peace.

Due to the increasing number of residents in this village, this village became a crisis of places, the people from Clan the Nine-tailed Fox had just started building several places for their residence.

It is estimated that this process will take a few more weeks, while the people stay in the tent given by Zhang Shiyun.

Ye Xiu had brought Ye Chen back to her room, Ye Xiu quietly laid Ye Chen on her bed.

After laying Ye Chen into the bed, Ye Xiu sat right beside Ye Chen ’s body, herself starting to watch Ye Chen who was drunk.

”Yanyan, I want you ” Ye Chen started delirious, he was currently dreaming with Zhao Yanyan.

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Ye Xiu who was beside Ye Chen could listen to what Ye Chen said, it seemed that Ye Chen was dreaming of Zhao Yanyan.

It cannot be denied that Zhao Yanyan is Ye Chen ’s first woman, so Ye Chen will definitely love Zhao Yanyan more than anything.

Ye Chen who was drunk suddenly hugged Ye Xiu who was near him.

Ye Xiu was quite shocked when Ye Chen embraced herself like this.

”Master, what are you doing? ” Ye Xiu asked Ye Chen who suddenly hugged her from behind.

”I want you ” Ye Chen whispered in Ye Xiu ’s ear, he currently wanted Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu ’s face immediately reddened when she heard what Ye Chen said to her.

Ye Xiu knew that Ye Chen was dreaming of Zhao Yanyan, surely at this time Ye Chen thought of herself as Zhao Yanyan.

”Master, I am not Yanyan, I am Little Xiu ” Ye Xiu said to Ye Chen who was hugging herself quite tightly.

Ye Chen looked speechless when he heard Ye Xiu ’s words, Ye Chen looked confused by the same words he heard from Ye Xiu.

”Little Xiu then I want you ”, Ye Chen changed his words, he said he wanted Ye Xiu.

Ye Chen is currently drunk, of course Ye Chen doesn ’t have time to care about the identity of the woman in front of him, all he wants is to do this together with this beautiful Milf in front of him.

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