Hong Man again tried to destroy the chain that shackled his body, this time Hong Man used the full strength he had.

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Too bad Hong Man ’s second attempt was in vain, Hong Man was still unable to break the chains that held him back.

”I told you what you did was useless ” Zhao Yanyan said that what Hong Man did was pointless.

No matter how hard Hong Man tries, Hong Man will definitely not be able to escape from her Chain of Light.

”Hong Man, be prepared to receive punishment for what you have done ” Zhao Yanyan started playing the Saint Light Zither that was in her hand, Zhao Yanyan used the curse of Melody on Hong Man.

Hong Man, who heard the voice of the Saint Light Zither, began to feel that his head was very painful.

The pain was so intense, Hong Man had never felt anything like this in his life.

Zhao Yanyan began to strengthen the power of his Melody curse.

”Arghh damn, this hurts so much. ” Hong Man started screaming in pain, he couldn ’t stand the pain he was suffering from.

Now it ’s not just his head that hurts, almost every part of Hong Man ’s body is in a lot of pain.

The screams made by Hong Man were quite hysterical, no one would know what kind of pain Hong Man was currently experiencing.

A strong cultivator like Hong Man who was the leader of the Gates of Eternity Sect screamed hysterically like this, this was definitely inconceivable for anyone in the entire Gates of Eternity Sect.

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Since Hong Man ’s body is currently in chains, Hong Man can ’t move too much, if only Hong Man weren ’t shackled by the chains, Hong Man would have been rolling on the floor because of this unbearable pain.

”Stop playing the Zither, the sound is so terrible. ” Hong Man tried to tell Zhao Yanyan to stop playing Saint Light Zither.

To Hong Man, the sound that came out of the Saint Light Zither was like a poison that made Hong Man ’s headache.

Hong Man had never heard of something as terrifying as this, he really couldn ’t stand the Sound that came from the Saint Light Zither that Zhao Yanyan was playing.

Zhao Yanyan seemed unwilling to stop, she continued to play Saint Light Zither and strengthened her Melody curse technique.

Hong Man was really in torment, Hong Man ’s body started twitching and trembling when he heard Saint Light Zither ’s voice.

Even though the sound produced by Saint Light Zither was very melodious and very beautiful for other people not far from this place to listen to.

Unfortunately for Hong Man this was the worst voice he had ever heard in his life.

Hong Man ’s brain started to feel very hot, he really couldn ’t stand the sound of Saint Light Zither ’s music.

”Stop, stop, please stop. ” Hong Man tried to beg Zhao Yanyan to stop torturing himself with this terrible voice.

For the first time a leader of the Gates of Eternity Sect begged a woman like this, this had never happened in the history of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

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Even though Hong Man had begged Zhao Yanyan like this, Zhao Yanyan seemed unwilling to stop playing Saint Light Zither.

The normal Zhao Yanyan would stop when the enemy had surrendered, Zhao Yanyan would definitely let go of the enemy who had admitted defeat.

However, this time it was different, the person in front of her was the person who had killed her father without mercy, for what Zhao Yanyan felt sorry for a man like Hong Man who had made her parents die, Zhao Yanyan would definitely never let Hong Man go.

It turned out that the usually kind-hearted Zhao Yanyan could do things like this if needed, she didn ’t hesitate to act cruelly to the enemy who had made her loved ones suffer and killed.

Hong Man began to close his eyelids, Hong Man looked no longer strong enough to endure this excruciating pain, he would rather die than have to feel this kind of torture, according to Hong Man this was truly inhuman.

At times like this, Hong Man could still think like this, even though when he killed and tortured someone he had never thought of anything like this.

Hong Man ’s brain exploded because it couldn ’t stand the Saint Light Zither ’s power which was too terrifying.

Hong Man ’s body became stiff like a corpse, it can be seen that Hong Man had died at the scene.

It was unexpected that the most powerful ruler who ever existed in the history of the Gates of Eternity Sect would die from a sound of the Zither being played by a woman, people would definitely not believe this.

Seeing that Hong Man had died, Zhao Yanyan decided to stop playing Saint Light Zither, Zhao Yanyan did not expect that Hong Man would die like this, even though Zhao Yanyan wanted to punish Hong Man to suffer even more, unexpectedly Hong Man would not be strong and die this way.

” Zhao Yanyan let out a sigh of hers, this was the first time Zhao Yanyan had killed someone.

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For some reason Zhao Yanyan felt a little guilty about this matter, there was a bit of a strange feeling in her heart when Zhao Yanyan killed someone.

”Wife, are you finished? ” Ye Chen came and approached Zhao Yanyan who looked confused, Ye Chen asked whether Zhao Yanyan had finished her business with Hong Man.

Ye Chen himself was done with his business, he had already taken care of the elders and disciples of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

Zhao Yanyan didn ’t say much, she suddenly left and hugged Ye Chen ’s body which was not far from her.

Ye Chen saw what Zhao Yanyan was doing right now, it seemed Zhao Yanyan ’s heart felt chaotic after killing Hong Man.

”Wife, everything is fine. ” Ye Chen tried to calm Zhao Yanyan who was in his arms, he started stroking Zhao Yanyan ’s perfect back.

”Husband, what I did before was wrong? ” Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know whether what she had previously done was wrong or not.

”You are not wrong, you have done something right, if you let this man live any longer, surely there will be more people who will suffer because of him? ” Ye Chen said that what Zhao Yanyan did was absolutely correct.

” Is it true ? ” Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded lightly at Zhao Yanyan who was in his arms.

” wife, Your and I have entered the world of cultivators, you have to get used to things like this. ” Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to get used to this kind of thing.

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The world of cultivators is quite a cruel world, if you don ’t have the strength you might be killed by the enemy.

Zhao Yanyan nodded at Ye Chen, it seems like what Ye Chen said was right, she didn ’t need to be guilty after killing Hong Man.

”bastard, How dared to corrupt this Sect. ” A voice filled with anger resounded throughout the entire Gates of Eternity Sect.

This voice was filled with such terrifying pressure, it was obvious that this voice was being emitted by a very strong cultivator.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan looked towards the source of the sound, when the two of them looked towards the source of the sound they both saw two male figures flying above the sky.

These two figures were clearly the ancestors of the Gates of Eternity Sect.

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