”Sister Yin ” several women shouted when they saw Ling Yin fall down after being hit by the black liquid just now.

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Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng intended to help Ling Yin who had just fallen.

”Wait a minute, don ’t touch her. ” Liu Yue immediately stopped Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng from touching Ling Yin.

Su Mengxin Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng immediately stopped on the spot.
” Sister Yue why are you stopping us? ” Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng asked Liu Yue who suddenly stopped them from seeing Ling Yin ’s condition.

”If you touch sister Yin now, then you will be contaminated by that poison. ” Liu Yue said to Su Mengxin, Ling Rouxi and Qing Cheng.

Liu Yue had already realized that the black liquid that Nie Nuren had just used was an extremely dangerous poison.

After listening to the explanations that came from Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng finally understood why Liu Yue had stopped them.

If they touch Ling Yin now, then they will also be contaminated by the poison that Ling Yin possesses.

”You are a very smart woman, I think I have to get rid of you first. ” Nie Nuren saw that Liu Yue was a very smart woman, a woman like Liu Yue was a very troublesome thing for Niu Nuren.

That ’s why Nie Nuren intended to defeat Liu Yue first.

Nie Nuren again raised the bottle in her hand, intending to shoot the black liquid that was in the bottle at Liu Yue.

When Nie Nuren intended to shoot the poison that was in the bottle at Liu Yue, suddenly a fire arrow shattered the bottle in her hand.

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The bottle that was in her hand broke and hit at Nie Nuren ’s hand.

”Arghh. ” Nie Nuren shouted, as the poison liquid hit her hand.

Nie Nuren ’s hand instantly turned black when it was hit by the poison liquid.

The poison quickly spread, the poison began to spread throughout Nie Nuren ’s hands, in an instant Nie Nuren ’s body was full of poison.

Fu Lanling descended from the sky, she descended right in front of Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Mu Lanyin, Qing.
Cheng and Ling Yin.

”Are you all right? ” Fu Lanling asked about the circumstances of Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng and Ling Yin.

”Sister Lanling, this is very bad, Sister Yin was exposed to a very dangerous poison. ” Liu Yue immediately explained to Fu Lanling what had happened.

Fu Lanling immediately saw Ling Yin ’s state, she found that Ling Yin ’s body had turned black in several places.

Fu Lanling immediately took an action, she immediately stopped Ling Yin ’s blood flow so that the poison would not spread quickly.

When Fu Lanling touched Ling Yin ’s body, she found that the poison in Ling Yin ’s body was trying to enter her.

Seeing this, Fu Lanling immediately stopped the flow of blood in her hands.

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Fu Lanling has absolutely no idea what kind of poison Nie Nuren used to poison Ling Yin, the poison that Nie Nuren used was very strange and had never been seen by Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling immediately turned her attention towards Nie Nuren, when Fu Lanling turned her attention towards Nie Nuren, she saw that Nie Nuren ’s body had completely turned black.

Just like Ling Yin, Nie Nuren also fell to the ground and was unconscious.

Nie Nuren was far worse than Ling Yin, herself being exposed to more poison than Ling Yin had.

Yu Ting was very scared when she saw the condition of her master like this, her master looked like she was dying and was at the edge of death.

”It ’s bad that I have to leave this place ”, feeling that Nie Nuren couldn ’t do much, Yu Ting decided to immediately leave this place.

Her great master was already in a terrible state, if Yu Ting continued to be in this place, then she would likely be judged by Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng and Fu Lanling.

”Where are you going, after injuring one of us, you want to go like that ” Seeing Yu Ting wanting to run away from this place, Fu Lanling immediately went to stop Yu Ting.

Fu Lanling only needed to use her own pressure to knock Yu Ting out, because Fu Lanling had just entered the entry level of the Divine Nascent Realm, the pressure Fu Lanling had could easily knock Yu Ting unconscious.

Nie Nuren is currently in a bad state due to the poison, meanwhile Yu Ting is now unconscious.

”Sister Lanling ,how is sister Yin condition, can she still be saved? ” Su Mengxin asked Ling Yin ’s state.

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As the person closest to Ling Yin, Su Mengxin was very worried about Ling Yin ’s situation.

”Her condition is quite bad, I don ’t know what kind of poison that woman used, for sure that woman ’s poison is very dangerous and very contagious, you all don ’t want to touch Sister Yin body. ” Fu Lanling told Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng about the dangers of poison suffered by Ling Yin.

”Then what should we do now, if we don ’t do something, Sister Yin ’s life could be threatened. ” Su Mengxin was quite confused about what to do in a situation like this, she didn ’t know what to do to heal Ling Yin.

If even Fu Lanling couldn ’t do anything to the current state of Ling Yin, then what power could Su Mengxin have even less knowledge than Fu Lanling.

”I will immediately look for husband and Master, they might know a way to solve this problem. ” Fu Lanling decided to immediately look for Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang.

The two of them just might know a way to heal Ling Yin.

”Sister Lanling, husband is currently in the Kunlun Holy Land, you can search there. ” Liu Yue told Fu Lanling about Ye Chen ’s current whereabouts.

”Fine I understand, I ’ll be right there. ” Fu Lanling didn ’t dare delay, she immediately went towards the Kunlun Holy Land with the full speed she had.

Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi, Mu Lanyin, Qing Cheng could only see Fu Lanling ’s departure, they all hoped that Fu Lanling would return to this place as soon as possible.

”What should we do with these two people. ” Qing Cheng wanted to know what to do with Yu Ting and Nie Nuren.

”Let ’s see who the other intruder is. ” Lin Rouxi was very curious about the identity of the other intruder.

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Lin Rouxi immediately went towards Yu Ting, she started to open the robe that Yu Ting was wearing.

When Lin Rouxi opened the robe that was wearing Yu Ting, he discovered that the woman in this robe was Yu Ting.

”This ” Lin Rouxi was quite surprised when she saw that the person behind the robe was Yu Ting, it turned out that the mastermind behind all of this was Yu Ting, who was Ye Chen ’s ex-girlfriend.

Liu Yue, Su Mengxin started getting closer towards Lin Rouxi, the two of them wanted to know who the person Nie Nuren was with.

wasn ’t this Ye Chen ’s ex-girlfriend, so she was the one behind all of this

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