entrance, when she looked towards the entrance Zhao Yanyan saw Nangong Xiang who was already standing in front of the entrance.

”Sister Xiang, what ’s wrong? ” Zhao Yanyan asked about what happened to Nangong Xiang.

”I just want to see the situation of Ye Chen, is he getting better? ” Nangong Xiang asked Zhao Yanyan.

”husband is just exhausted, taking a short break will make him fine. ” Zhao Yanyan told Nangong Xiang that Ye Chen needed a little rest for a while to recover.

Nangong Xiang nodded when she heard that Ye Chen was only a little tired, Nangong Xiang felt relieved when she found out about this.

Nangong Xiang walked towards Zhao Yanyan ’s side, she sitting right beside Zhao Yanyan.

Since there was nothing Nangong Xiang could do, Nangong Xiang decided to go back and accompany Zhao Yanyan to take care of Ye Chen.

At least this was what Nangong Xiang could do for now.




” this time the entrance to this room was opened quite loudly by someone.

Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang were quite surprised by what had just happened.

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”Master ” from outside Fu Lanling burst inside, she immediately shouted the name of Nangong Xiang.

Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang were shocked when they saw Fu Lanling in this place.

”Lanling ,why are you here? ” Nangong Xiang asked why Fu Lanling was here.

”I came here because something bad happened ” Fu Lanling told Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang that something bad happened.

”Something bad?, What happened? ” Zhao Yanyan immediately asked what was happening to Fu Lanling.

”That, sister Yin was poisoned by a very strange poison. ” Fu Lanling told Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang about what had happened.

” What! ! ! ” Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang both shouted when they heard this news.

”How could that be? ” Nangong Xiang asked Fu Lanling.

Fu Lanling started explaining what happened to Nangong Xiang and Zhao Yanyan, herself briefly explaining what had happened to Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang.

Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang listened to the explanation given by Fu Lanling, they didn ’t expect that something like that would happen.

The voices of Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang and Fu Lanling were very loud, Ye Chen, who was resting, was immediately awakened by a loud sound created by Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang and Fu Lanling.

Ye Chen woke up from his sleep, when Ye Chen just woke up from his sleep, Ye Chen started to look around this place,

When he looked around this place, Ye Chen found that there were two new women who were here.

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One is Nangong Xiang and another is Fu Lanling.

”Linger, why are you here? ” Seeing Fu Lanling was in this place, Ye Chen immediately asked what happened.

Fu Lanling didn ’t want to waste any more time, she told Ye Chen what happened.

”What? Ling Yin got poison? What kind of poison is it? ” Ye Chen immediately asked about the poison that Ling Yin suffered.

”Husband, I don ’t know, the poison suffered sister Yin is really weird.
I even got contaminated just from touching her. ” Fu Lanling started to show her hand that she had previously used to touch Ling Yin.

When Fu Lanling raised her hand, Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan and Nangong Xiang could see Fu Lanling hand which was slightly black.

Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan had absolutely no idea what kind of poison Fu Lanling was suffering from at this time

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