”Linger let me see it. ” Ye Chen immediately got up from Zhao Yanyan ’s lap, he immediately went to see the state of Fu Lanling.

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”Ye Chen, master.
stop there. ” When Ye Chen wanted to see the state of Fu Lanling, Nangong Xiang and Chu Yuechan simultaneously tried to stop Ye Chen.

” What is wrong ? ” Ye Chen immediately asked Nangong Xiang and Chu Yuechan who stopped him.

”Ye Chen, it is a poison called God Slaughter poison. ” It is a poison that is very dangerous and very deadly if you touch it just a little bit.
”Nangong Xiang said to Ye Chen that the poison in Fu Lanling ’s hands was a type of poison that was very deadly.

” What ! ! ! ” Ye Chen was shocked when he heard what Nangong Xiang had just said, he had just found out about such poison.

”Xiang, what kind of God Slaughter poison ” Ye Chen wanted to know about the God Slaughter poison that Nangong Xiang had just talked about.

”Ye Chen is a very dangerous poison left behind during the era of the gods, this poison is even said to be able to kill a god. ” Nangong Xiang began to tell Ye Chen about God Slaughter poison.

Ye Chen was dumbfounded when he heard what Nangong Xiang had just said, not expecting Fu Lanling to be hit by something so dangerous like this.

”Then how to cure it ” Ye Chen asked a way to cure the God Slaughter poison that was in Fu Lanling ’s body.

Nangong Xiang seemed silent when she heard Ye Chen ’s question, Nangong Xiang didn ’t know how to answer Ye Chen ’s question.

Ye Chen saw the awkwardness shown by Nangong Xiang, it was seen that Nangong Xiang did not know how to cure God Slaughter poison.

”Master, you better bring Sister Lanling into the fairy gate as soon as possible, I will help her suppress the poison, if it is not treated immediately it will be very dangerous. ” Chu Yuechan spoke to Ye Chen in a quite serious tone, he immediately told Ye Chen to brought Fu Lanling inside the fairy gate.

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”Very well, I understand. ” Ye Chen immediately did what Chu Yuechan said, he had to bring Fu Lanling into the fairy gate.

”Linger, let ’s enter the fairy gate immediately. ” Ye Chen invited Fu Lanling to enter the fairy gate, over there Chu Yuechan had a way to deal with this.

”Husband, you better go see Sister Yin condition, her current condition is much worse than mine. ” Fu Lanling told Ye Chen to take a closer look at Ling Yin ’s condition, Ling Yin ’s condition was much worse than hers right now.

”I understand, I will come back soon and see the condition of Ling Yin, Yanyan please bring Linger into the fairy gate, I will return to the mortal world to see Ling Yin ’s condition. ” Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan to bring Fu Lanling into inside fairy gate, while Ye Chen himself will see Ling Yin ’s condition in the mortal world.

”Very well, you can leave the matter to me, you can go to the mortal world now. ” Zhao Yanyan understood, she would bring Fu Lanling into the fairy gate.

”Very good, then I ’ll leave everything to you. ” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction at the answer given by Zhao Yanyan.

Now Ye Chen can go back to his villa and see Ling Yin ’s condition.

”Ye Chen, I will come with you ” Nangong Xiang decided to come along with Ye Chen, she wanted to know where this God Slaughter Poison came from.

”OK ” Ye Chen didn ’t mind when Nangong Xiang wanted to come with him.

Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang immediately left this room, after leaving the room.

After Ye Chen left, Zhao Yanyan immediately took Fu Lanling inside the fairy gate to get help.

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Meanwhile Ye Chen immediately took out his profound ark, intending to use this profound ark to return to the city.

In that case Ye Chen didn ’t want to delay much time, he had to go immediately to where Ling Yin was.

Ye Chen brought Nangong Xiang up onto the profound ark, after the two of them boarded the profound ark, Ye Chen immediately operated this profound ark towards the mortal world.

This ark was moving at full speed, with a speed like it was certain that Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang would soon arrive at his villa.



Meanwhile the situation at Ye Chen ’s villa.

Su Mengxin.
Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng continued to monitor Ling Yin ’s situation, both of them confirmed that Ling Yin would be fine.

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From time to time Ling Yin ’s condition was getting worse and worse, you can see that Ling Yin ’s condition started to slowly deteriorate over time.

”why husband, not came here  ” Su Mengxin was getting more and more worried about Ling Yin ’s situation, she kept praying that Ye Chen would return as soon as possible.

” while Su Mengxin was praying, she heard a rather loud roar that came from the direction of the horizon.

From the direction of the horizon one could see that there was a profound ark approaching very fast in this direction.

Su Mengxin was naturally familiar with this profound ark, it was clear that this was the profound ark that belonged to Ye Chen.

Su Mengxin was very happy when she found out that Ye Chen had returned, the prayer she had previously done was answered very quickly.

After arriving at the top of the villa, Ye Chen and Nangong Xiang immediately descended downstairs, the two of them immediately descended towards Ling Yin ’s side where almost her entire body had turned black.

”Husband ” When Ye Chen came down, he was welcomed by Su Mengxin, Lin Rouxi and Qing Cheng .

”Husband, quickly see the condition of Sister Yin right now ” With a worried expression, Su Mengxin told Ye Chen to immediately see Ling Yin condition. 

”Mengxin calm down, I ’ve heard about what happened on Ling Yin. ” Ye Chen tried to calm Su Mengxin who looked worried about Ling Yin.

Su Mengxin became relieved when Ye Chen heard what had happened, he hoped that Ye Chen could treat the poison that was in Ling Yin ’s body.

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Ye Chen immediately went to Ling Yin ’s side, he saw Ling Yin ’s condition, whose body had turned black, if Ye Chen didn ’t come as fast as he could, surely Ling Yin wouldn ’t be able to be helped anymore.

”Yuechan, is it possible for me to bring Ling Yin into the fairy gate? ” Ye Chen asked if he could bring Ling Yin into the fairy gate.

Ling Yin was still not completely Ye Chen ’s woman, so he wondered if she could bring Ling Yin into the fairy gate.

”unfortunately that ’s not possible, the level of the fairy gate is still too low to bring outside women inside, you need at least Level 21 or more if you want to bring outside women into the fairy gate. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that the level of The fairy gate was still not enough to bring an outside woman who was not yet completely Ye Chen ’s woman to enter into the fairy gate.

Ye Chen was quite disappointed when he heard this, he was quite disappointed because he was slow in increasing the level of the fairy gate.

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