Several days had passed since Nie Nuren and Yu Ting ’s incidents of attack.

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Ling Yin was currently in a very safe place, she would be safe for the time being until Ye Chen could obtain the antidote for God Slaughter poison.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yanyan, Fu Lanling, Zhang Shiyun, Xue Suyin, Nanhua Caiyi, and Ye Xiu had returned from the Kunlun holy land and settled in Ye Chen ’s Villa.

They all decided to return immediately when they heard the news that Ling Yin ’s condition was quite bad.

Even Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin left their leadership to people they trusted, The two of them could still give orders even though they were quite far from the Kunlun Holy Land.

Currently, Fu Lanling was able to carry out her usual activities, the poison in her body was temporarily suppressed by the seal given by Chu Yuechan.

so Fu Lanling looks normal and can do things as usual.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen spent most of his time cultivating and practicing, he continued to hone his abilities and strengths.

Sometimes when he was free, Ye Chen would do Dual Cultivation together with his women to quickly breakthrough to the Divine Realm realm.

With Ye Chen ’s efforts, Ye Chen is getting closer and closer to Divine Realm level, maybe in a few weeks, he can break through to Divine Realm Level.

”Husband, do you have time? ” Mu Lanyin came to see Ye Chen, he seemed to have a problem to discuss with Ye Chen.

”Wife, What ’s wrong with you ? ” Ye Chen immediately asked about Mu Lanyin ’s needs.

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”Husband, I want to discuss something about my master. ” Mu Lanyin said that she wanted to discuss Mu Nianci together with Ye Chen.

”What ’s wrong with Mu Nianci, did something bad happen? ” Ye Chen asked if something happened with Mu Nianci.

”master just went back to the Frozen Ice Sect, she said he wanted to stay in the Frozen Ice Sect. ” Mu Lanyin told Ye Chen that Mu Nianci had gone to the Frozen Ice Sect.

”What is the reason for her doing such a thing, aren ’t all the women from the Frozen Ice Sect living here in peace? ” Ye Chen asked the reason why Mu Nianci left this place.

Even though the women from the Frozen Ice Sect felt comfortable living in Ye Chen ’s Villa, in fact almost all the women from the Frozen Ice Sect had become Ye Chen ’s women.

Even Feng Xi, Mu Fei, Murong Xia were getting used to living in this place, so what was the reason Mu Nianci left his villa.

During the move to Ye Chen ’s Villa, Mu Nianci was only an occasional fairy in her room, she always stayed in her room and spent time cultivating.

Even Ye Chen rarely saw Mu Nianci leave her room.

”Master said that she was not suitable to live in this place, that ’s why she decided to return to her cave in the Frozen Ice Sect. ” Mu Lanyin told Mu Nianci ’s reason for leaving this place, it seems Mu Nianci doesn ’t like staying at Ye Chen ’s place.

Moreover, Mu Nianci felt displeasure when she saw female disciples from the Frozen Ice Sect become Ye Chen ’s women, Ye Chen was a bad influence on women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Mu Nianci felt that if she stayed too long in Ye Chen ’s villa, she would be dragged into the whirlpool and could no longer return like a female disciple from the Frozen Ice Sect.

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”So what do you want to do, she left because of her own will, so it is quite difficult to make her back, ” said Ye Chen to Mu Lanyin.

”That ’s why I ’m looking for you, I want you to make the master come back to this place again. ” Mu Lanyin wanted Ye Chen to bring Mu Nianci back to this place.

Mu Lanyin couldn ’t possibly allow Mu Nianci to live alone in the ruins of the Frozen Ice Sect building, it wasn ’t good for Mu Nianci at all.

Ye Chen was a little dizzy when he heard the request from Mu Lanyin, the request from Mu Lanyin was really quite difficult for him.

Mu Nianci is a woman who is much colder than Mu Lanyin, it is quite difficult for Ye Chen to persuade a woman like Mu Nianci.

In addition, Mu Nianci ’s relationship with Ye Chen was not very good, it could be seen from Mu Nianci ’s attitude who never once came to see Ye Chen even though he had lived in this villa for a long time.

”Husband, can you do something about it? ” Mu Lanyin asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly refuse Mu Lanyin ’s request, he inevitably had to accept Mu Lanyin ’s request.

”Okay, I will try to bring Mu Nianci back here. ” Ye Chen promised Mu Lanyin that he would bring Mu Nianci back to this place.

”Thank you very much. ” Mu Lanyin thanked Ye Chen for accepting her request.

”Okay, then I ’ll go to follow Mu Nianci. ” Ye Chen decided to immediately go after Mu Nianci, he would try to bring Mu Nianci back to this villa.

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If Ye Chen couldn ’t use ordinary means to persuade Mu Nianci, then Ye Chen might have to pick up Mu Nianci by force.

A cold woman like Mu Nianci would definitely be very difficult to overcome, Ye Chen had to use a tough approach to persuade a woman like Mu Nianci.

Ye Chen immediately went to the Frozen Ice Sect, he didn ’t want to waste the time he had, Ye Chen would immediately bring Mu Nianci back to his Villa.

Mu Lanyin saw Ye Chen ’s departure, she hoped that Ye Chen could persuade Mu Nianci to return to this villa, it would be great if Ye Chen could make Mu Nianci enter the harem.

Mu Lanyin felt very sorry for her Master who had been alone for hundreds of years, if she could have a man like Ye Chen, perhaps Mu Nianci would start changing her overly cold and aloof attitude.

Ye Chen used his full speed to go to the Frozen Ice Sect, in a short time Ye Chen had arrived in front of the ruins of the Frozen Ice Sect.

”Approximately where is Mu Nianci now ” Ye Chen began to search for Mu Nianci ’s whereabouts, he began to use his Spirit Sense to search for Mu Nianci ’s whereabouts.

When Ye Chen used his Spirit Sense, he could easily spot Mu Nianci ’s whereabouts.

Mu Nianci was currently in a cave that was a little far from the ruins of the Frozen Ice Sect.

”Eh, what was Mu Nianci doing there? ” Ye Chen started to wonder what Mu Nianci was doing at that place.

As far as Ye Chen remembered, the cave Mu Lanyin was in was not the cave Mu Lanyin had previously lived in, it was clear that this was another cave that Ye Chen had never seen before.

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Being a little curious about what Mu Nianci was doing in the Cave, Ye Chen decided to go and see in the Cave.

When Ye Chen left and entered the cave, he found that Mu Nianci was kneeling in front of a coffin made of ice.

Seen from any angle, this place was clearly someone ’s tomb, Ye Chen began to wonder about the owner of this tomb.

”ancestors, forgive me for failing to guard the Frozen Ice Sect, I don ’t have the face to facing you anymore, ” Mu Nianci said in front of the coffin made of Ice.

From Mu Nianci ’s words, it could be seen that this was the tomb belonging to the founder of the Frozen Ice Sect.

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