few moments later Mu Xueying opened her eyes, she now knew a little about Ye Chen.

”It is only fitting that your luck with Many women, so you have an ancient (Yang) body. ” Mu Xueying finally understood the reason for the increase in strength experienced by the female disciples of the Frozen Ice Sect who had become Ye Chen ’s woman, it turned out that the reason they were able to rise so quickly was that Ye Chen is the possessor of ancient (Yang) body.

The possessor of the ancient (Yang) body was destined to be with women, if they did not do that then there was one possibility, namely death for the owner of this body.

If Ye Chen ’s ancient (Yang) body was published to God Realm, there would definitely be countless women targeting Ye Chen for their own benefit.

The temptation that came from the benefits of the ancient (Yang) body could not possibly be resisted by the beautiful women and goddesses of the God Realm, they would definitely use Ye Chen as a personal furnace to simply increase their strength.

Ye Chen can be a tool used by women to increase the strength they have.

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If that happened, it would be quite terrifying for Ye Chen, just imagine Ye Chen being chased by millions or maybe even hundreds of billions of women from God Realm, that would definitely be very funny to see.

”How do you know that easy? ” Ye Chen was quite surprised when he saw Mu Xueying know that he had an ancient (Yang) body, even though Ye Chen did not do anything that might expose his ancient (Yang) body to Mu Xueying.

”It ’s because I have Nine Exquisite Goddess Body, so I can easily feel your special body. ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen the reason why she could easily know Ye Chen ’s Ancient (Yang) body.

Mu Xueying possessed Nine Exquisite Goddess Body, Ye Chen ’s Ancient (Yang) body would be useful enough for her to overcome the excess Yin Qi that was attacking him.

This is good news for Mu Xueying, now Mu Xueying can practice without thinking that her Yin Qi is unstable.

The reason Mu Xueying was forced into a long sleep state for thousands of years, was because her Yin Qi was unstable because it could harm her, Mu Xueying had no choice but to sleep in the ice box to continue to live.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that the reason Mu Xueying found out about his Special body was because of such a thing.

Mu Xueying was smarter than Ye Chen thought, in addition, Mu Xueying was very complicated, it was almost the same as Zhao Yanyan ’s thought which was hard to guess.

”Let ’s go out. ” Mu Xueying invited Ye Chen and Mu Nianci to leave this place.

It had been a long time since Mu Xueying had a breath of fresh air, she wanted to try to breathe in the fresh air that was outside.

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Without waiting for the answer from Ye Chen and Mu Nianci, Mu Xueying started walking towards the exit.

Ye Chen and Mu Nianci looked at each other when they saw what Mu Xueying was doing.

” Nianci, This female is quite complicated to understand, was the first founder of the Frozen Ice Sect really like this? ” Ye Chen asked Mu Nianci.

”I also didn ’t know that the first ancestor would become like this, this is far from the image I have. ” Mu Nianci was the same as Ye Chen, she did not expect that Mu Xueying would become like this.

Mu Nianci thought that Mu Xueying would become a woman that was much colder and heartless than her, but Mu Xueying pointed out that she was a mysterious and difficult woman to understand.

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