Seeing that Mei Yueli was ready, Ye Chen immediately started a treatment session with Mei Yueli, himself starting to stab some of Mei Yueli ’s acupoints.

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”It will a little hurt, You better hold on for a moment, ” Ye Chen told Mei Yueli to endure the pain for a moment.

”I see. ” Mei Yueli understood, she would try to endure the impending pain.

Seeing that Mei Yueli was ready, Ye Chen began to take medication, he began to use the profound energy he had to remove the dirty blood that was in Mei Yueli ’s body.

”The dirty blood that was on Mei Yueli ’s body started to get pushed out, Mei Yueli started vomiting large amounts of blood.

After all the dirty blood had been drained from Mei Yueli ’s body, now all that needed to be done was to heal Mei Yueli ’s injured internal organs.

”Miss Mei Yueli eat this. ” Ye Chen gave Mei Yueli a pill.

Mei Yueli didn ’t ask many questions, she immediately accepted and put Ye Chen ’s pill into her mouth.

After Mei Yueli ate the pill he gave her, Ye Chen now started the process of healing Mei Yueli ’s internal organs.

This process will take some time, so Ye Chen will have to be patient in this process.

After spitting out a lot of dirty blood, Mei Yueli felt better, her body no longer felt as painful as before.

Mei Yueli started to feel her body warm, Ye Chen ’s Energy felt very comfortable for Mei Yueli.

Little by little the wounds suffered by Mei Yueli got better and better, Mei Yueli was getting better and more feeling better over time.

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After approximately 3 hours, Ye Chen finally finished, he was done to heal Mei Yueli ’s injured internal organs.

”Fine, it ’s finished. ” Ye Chen said to Mei Yueli that the treatment was finished.

Mei Yueli was relieved to hear this, she hurriedly put back the clothes on her body.

”Ye Chen, what about the wounds I have? ” Mei Yueli asked Ye Chen about the injuries she had.

”Your wound is almost completely healed, you should rest enough for the time being, ” said Ye Chen to Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli ’s wounds would soon heal as long as she had enough rest for a while.

Mei Yueli felt relieved when she heard this, soon her strength will recover as usual.

”Miss Mei Yueli, exactly what did you do to get your wound like this? ” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli.

Ye Chen wanted to know the reason why Mei Yueli ’s injuries were so bad.

It should have been the reason Mei Yueli ’s injuries had gotten so bad because she had fought a battle or used too much of her strength.

” that..
., a few days ago I went to the grave belonging to God of War.
”Mei Yueli told Ye Chen that a few days ago she went to the tomb of God of War.

? ” why did you go there didn ’t I already say that it is a prison of a very dangerous demon.
”When Ye Chen found out about this, Ye Chen immediately scolded Mei Yueli.

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It wasn ’t a tomb, it was a prison for an extremely dangerous demon.

”Yes, I just want to go there alone, and besides, there are plenty of people who go there, so I ’m also interested in this issue, ” said Mei Yueli expression of innocent

Interest early Mei Yueli coming to earth was to seek rumors about inherited from God of War, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Mei Yueli to come here too.

”Many people? What do you mean? ” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli.

”There were a lot of people from God Realm who went to that tomb, so I was attracted and went to that place, unfortunately, my strength was not at its peak, so I couldn ’t win against these people and was forced to retreat, ” said Mei Yueli to Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli had just told Ye Chen why her injuries had gotten so bad, it turned out that Mei Yueli had just had an argument with people from God Realm.

Ye Chen felt bad when he heard about this matter, if the demon in that prison was freed from his seal, it would be a disaster for the Earth and this whole world.

Ye Chen of course knew how cunning the demon that was sealed in the prison was, if the Demon in the prison was freed then surely the earth would be in the most difficult times in this world.

”Master, is it possible that the person who has massacred several small towns is a demon sealed within that prison? ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan began to guess that the possibility of the demon being the perpetrator who had massacred millions of people, it was likely that this demon was the person that Ye Chen was investigating.

”The possibility could happen, if until the Demon really comes out of that prison, then it will be quite a big problem. ” Ye Chen thought the same thing Chu Yuechan thought, he also started to think that the person who had to carry out the massacre was the Demon who had previously almost tricked Ye Chen.

”You should go and have a look at the prison used to seal demons, if he really has escaped then it can be ascertained that he is the culprit, ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

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”Alright, later I will go check the prison where the Demon was sealed ”.

Ye Chen was a little reluctant to return to that place, the demon prison was a troublesome place to visit.

”Miss Mei Yueli, can you tell a little about the people from the God Realm that you met. ” Ye Chen wanted to find information about the people from the God Realm who Mei Yueli fought.

”I will tell the people I met and fought against. ” Mei Yueli began to tell about the people she met.

From the story that Mei Yueli said, Ye Chen could conclude that if the people of God Realm came to this land together with the higher-ups of the big Faction, it seemed that the big faction leaders were the ones who had guided the people of God Realm to this region.

”This is bad, it looks like Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin are in danger ”.
After listening to Mei Yueli ’s story, Ye Chen felt that Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin were in danger.

If Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin met people from God Realm, they would be in danger.

Looks like Ye Chen should immediately go to see Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin.





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Meanwhile on the border of the nation ’s capital.

There was a handsome young man in a suit standing looking at the nation ’s capital.

Around this young man ’s body began to be enveloped by a very terrifying dark aura, this dark aura could give people chills just from approaching him.

This young man smiled to himself as he looked at the country ’s capital which looked very densely populated.

”Hahaha, this is really a very large city, here is a lot of fresh blood worthy of being harvested ” This young man laughed when he saw that there were hundreds of millions of people living at the same time in this city.

If he manages to absorb the blood in the bodies of the people in the nation ’s capital, then his strength will increase very rapidly.

This young man was a perpetrator who had absorbed the people in several cities to the point that they looked as dry as bones.

It was unexpected that the person who would be the perpetrator in this massacre would be a young man who was still quite young.

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