The youth started flying towards the capital, he began to look for fresh prey to increase his strength.

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From now on the national capital will be a dangerous place, there will be a lot of people who died because of this young man.




We return to Ye Chen, Xia Qingyu, and Mei Yueli.

After he finished healing Mei Yueli, Ye Chen immediately walked out of Xia Qingyu ’s room.

Outside Xia Qingyu was waiting for news from Ye Chen and Mei Yueli, she was eagerly awaiting news from Ye Chen and Mei Yueli.

”Click ” Ye Chen opened the door, Ye Chen came out to meet Xia Qingyu.

” Ye Chen How about?, Did it Success? ” Xia Qingyu asked Ye Chen about Mei Yueli ’s state.

”Dear Qingyu, Miss Mei Yueli is fine, you don ’t have to worry anymore, ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu that Mei Yueli was fine.

Xia Qingyu felt relieved when she heard this, it seemed that Mei Yueli ’s condition had improved and there was no need to worry anymore.

”Dear Qingyu, I have to go ” Ye Chen said to Xia Qingyu that he had to go right now.

There was an important matter for Ye Chen to do.

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”Ye Chen, where else do you want to go? ” Xia Qingyu asked where Ye Chen intended to go.

Even though Ye Chen just came to see her, she didn ’t expect Ye Chen to just want to go.

”Dear Qingyu, I have to go do something very important, if I have time, I ’ll be with you next time. ” Ye Chen told Xia Qingyu that he had a very important problem.

It was for this reason that Ye Chen couldn ’t stay here for a long time, if only Ye Chen didn ’t have a problem of his own, Ye Chen would definitely spend time together with Xia Qingyu.

”Okay, I can understand. ” Xia Qingyu could understand Ye Chen ’s problem, she understood that Ye Chen was a very busy person.

As a woman Xia Qingyu must be able to understand this, she must not be selfish in having Ye Chen.

Ye Chen started to hug Xia Qingyu who was in front of him, Before leaving he wanted to kiss Xia Qingyu again.
Ye Chen didn ’t forget to kiss Xia Qingyu, Ye Chen himself didn ’t know when he could be with Xia Qingyu again.

Xia Qingyu obediently accepted this farewell kiss, she didn ’t know when to see Ye Chen again, so it was fine if she had a farewell kiss like this.

The two of them kissed for approximately 5 minutes, after feeling enough Ye Chen immediately separated from Xia Qingyu.

Ye Chen was actually a little reluctant to leave Xia Qingyu, too bad he had to make sure Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin were safe, he couldn ’t let anything bad happen to Zhang Shiyun or Xue Suyin.

Ye Chen had already missed which put Ling Yin in such a bad condition, Ye Chen didn ’t want this incident to happen again.

Ye Chen said goodbye to Xia Qingyu, himself quickly flying towards the nation ’s capital.

Xia Qingyu could only see Ye Chen ’s departure, she hoped that nothing bad could happen to Ye Chen.

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”Qingyu, where did Ye Chen go? ” Mei Yueli walked out of the room, asking Xia Qingyu about Ye Chen ’s departure.

”Ye Chen just left, he said he has an important business, ” Xia Qingyu told Mei Yueli that Ye Chen just left.

” What..
.! go away!, How can he go like that, he hasn ’t given me the jewelry he promised before.
”Mei Yueli was annoyed when she heard this, even though she wanted to collect the earrings that Ye Chen had promised her before.

Even though Mei Yueli had been waiting for the jewelry made by Ye Chen using the Heavenly Goddess Diamond for a long time, she wanted to see what kind of jewelry Ye Chen made.

”Sister Yueli, maybe Ye Chen forgot about it, maybe next time you can collect it, for now, it looks like Ye Chen is quite busy, ” Xia Qingyu told Mei Yueli to collect Ye Chen another time.

”No, I want my jewelry now, I will go after it. ” Mei Yueli wanted her jewelry right now, she wanted to see how beautiful her jewelry made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond was.

Xia Qingyu was helpless when he heard this, it seemed impossible to persuade Mei Yueli to something like this.

Mei Yueli was quite a stubborn woman, it was hard to persuade Mei Yueli.

”I will go after Ye Chen, ” Mei Yueli said that she would catch up with Ye Chen, it seems that Ye Chen is not too far from this place.

”Sister Yueli, you just recovered, don ’t do anything weird. ” Xia Qingyu warned Mei Yueli not to do anything strange.

Mei Yueli just recovered, if Mei Yueli did something strange, maybe Mei Yueli ’s condition would worsen again.

”Qingyu, you don ’t need to worry, I ’m fine, now I ’ve completely recovered. ” Mei Yueli felt completely recovered.

So Xia Qingyu no longer needed to worry about herself anymore.

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Mei Yueli immediately disappeared from Xia Qingyu ’s face, herself leaving to catch up with Ye Chen.

Xia Qingyu was helpless when she saw Mei Yueli who had gone after Ye Chen, it seemed impossible to change the will of Mei Yueli who was quite stubborn.

”OK, I ’ll just go back to work. ” Xia Qingyu didn ’t want to think about this constantly, she still had work to do.

Xia Qingyu decided to return to her unfinished work.




Ye Chen was currently using the Profound Ark to head towards the capital, himself using the Profound Ark to shorten the time it took to arrive at the capital.

By using the Profound Ark Ye Chen was able to reach the capital very quickly.

After arriving in the capital, Ye Chen immediately went to look for Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun ’s whereabouts.

Ye Chen used his connections to find the exact location of Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun ’s whereabouts.

It just so happened that Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun were currently outside the capital, from the location of the two of them, the two of them were currently not far from the location of the Demon Prison that Ye Chen had once visited.

Seeing Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun approaching that dangerous place, Ye Chen immediately dashed towards where the two of them were, he had to stop Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun from entering the location where the terrible demon was sealed.

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With use full speed, Ye Chen rushed towards Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun.

In a short time, Ye Chen descended in front of Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun.

When Ye Chen came down, Ye Chen made a big hole, the dust also flew everywhere because of the impact just now.

The two Sexy beauties were shocked when they saw someone fell right in front of them.

Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun were on high alert by the presence of a mysterious person who had just fallen right in front of the two of them.

When the dust had completely disappeared, Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun saw a familiar figure.

”husband ” Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun simultaneously called Ye Chen.

The two of them didn ’t expect that Ye Chen would appear right in front of them.

Ye Chen advanced towards Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun.

”Are you all right? ” Ye Chen asked about the state of Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun, he wanted to know whether Xue Suyin and Zhang Shiyun were okay or not.

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