”Who is that ? ” Ye Chen started to wonder about the identity the young man who was hiding behind the clouds had.

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This young man seemed foreign to Ye Chen, plus this young man possessed the power of darkness it was certain that this young man was an evil cultivator.

”You save the people, I will go to meet the enemy. ” Ye Chen said to Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin to save the people below.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen intends to meet the enemy above the sky.

Zhang Shiyun and Xue Suyin nodded at Ye Chen, the two of them would do their best to save the people they could save.

Ye Chen immediately went towards the young man in the sky, when Ye Chen arrived near the mysterious youth, he found that this mysterious young man was focused on absorbing the blood of the people below.

Ye Chen was quite angry when he saw this, this person was so relaxed when he killed millions of people in this way.

”Bastard, feel this, Breaking Meteor Blow ” Ye Chen immediately attacked the mysterious young man using the Breaking Meteor Blow.

”Bamm ” The mysterious young man was hit by Ye Chen ’s attack and was blown away several hundred meters.

This young man was injured by the sudden attack made by Ye Chen.

”Who bastard would dare to attack me? ” The mysterious young man was furious at Ye Chen who had dared to attack him, he was really annoyed at the person who had attacked him while absorbing blood from the people below.

”I was the one who bothered you ” Ye Chen appeared in front of the mysterious young man, he told the mysterious young man that he was the one who had attacked him.

”You bastard, you dare to bother me again, you really are a trouble maker. ” The mysterious young man shouted at Ye Chen, he looked quite angry at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was confused when he listened to what the mysterious young man had just said.

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From the words that this mysterious young man had just spoken, this person seemed to know about Ye Chen.

”Who are you, have we met before? ” Ye Chen asked if the two of them had met before.

”You bastard, you forgot me, this time I will definitely kill you ” it seemed that the mysterious young man didn ’t want to tell Ye Chen his identity.

The mysterious young man began to use the dark power he had, it seemed that this young man was intending to attack Ye Chen.

” Ying ’er come out ” Ye Chen did not remain silent, he immediately called Ying ’er to help himself overcome this mysterious young man.

In this option, Yin Ying ’er is the best choice for Ye Chen to fight against evil cultivators who cultivate the power of darkness.

Divine Yin Yang Sword immediately appeared in Ye Chen ’s hand, after Divine Yin Yang Sword appeared in his hand, Ye Chen immediately cut down the mysterious young man in front of him.

” a very powerful slash cut through the mysterious young man in front of Ye Chen.

”Arghhh ” The mysterious youth was injured when he received the slash attack that came from the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

”Damn, this hurts so much. ” The mysterious young man felt immense pain when he received the attack that came from the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

Black-colored blood came out from the body of a mysterious young man.

This mysterious young man looked in great pain when he received the attack that came from the Divine Yin Yang Sword.

It seemed that the attack that came from the Divine Yin Yang Sword had a profound effect on this mysterious young man.

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Seeing that the Divine Yin Yang Sword could injure this mysterious man, Ye Chen again tried to attack the mysterious man.

This time, Ye Chen used the full strength he had to kill this mysterious man.

”slash ” Ye Chen returned to slashing towards the mysterious man, this time Ye Chen used the full strength he had.

This mysterious man was more vigilant than before, turning himself into darkness and dodging the attacks launched by Ye Chen.

With extremely agile movements, the mysterious man dodged the attacks made by Ye Chen.

Seeing the mysterious man dodging his attacks, Ye Chen launched another attack on the mysterious man.

What is certain is that Ye Chen didn ’t just let this person run away, Ye Chen launched a barrage of attacks towards the mysterious man.

The speed possessed by this mysterious man was so great that Ye Chen barely saw the movements this person had.

This person was like teleporting from one place to another place, this made it difficult for Ye Chen to predict the movements of the opponent.

”Hahahaha, how, you can ’t see my movements right? ” said the mysterious man to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen tried to focus on seeing the movements of his enemy, he didn ’t want to be fooled by this young man ’s words.

”I ’m behind you ” a mysterious young man suddenly got behind Ye Chen, himself attacking Ye Chen with his palms that are very dark.

Ye Chen hurriedly used his Divine Yin Yang Sword to deflect the attacks aimed at him.

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”Bamm ” suddenly Ye Chen was hit by an attack belonging to a mysterious young man.

Ye Chen was forced back several hundred meters when he received the attack just now.

The attack just now hit Ye Chen ’s chest.

Ye Chen held his chest, the attack just now felt enough for Ye Chen.

”What just happened, didn ’t I just ward off it? ” Ye Chen looked confused by what just happened.

Even though Ye Chen was very sure that he had warded off an attack from the enemy, it was unexpected that the enemy ’s attack could still hit him.

”Master, take a good look around you. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to take a good look at what was around him.

Ye Chen began to see what was around himself, he began to observe the red clouds around him.

”Don ’t tell me this is a domain? ” Ye Chen finally realized that this entire black cloud was a domain.

”master You is already in the enemy ’s domain, so it wouldn ’t be strange if you had a hard time fighting that mysterious young man.
”Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

No wonder Ye Chen seems to be having a hard time fighting the enemy, it turns out that this is the enemy ’s Domain area, so it ’s not strange that Ye Chen is heavy against his enemy.

”Give up, you won ’t be able to win against me. ” The young man appeared several meters in front of Ye Chen, this person told Ye Chen to give up right now.

”Whoever wants to give up someone like you, I will defeat you and end the cruelty that you have committed. ” Ye Chen pointed his Divine Yin Yang Sword towards the mysterious young man.

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”You will not be able to stop me, everyone on this planet will be a resource for me to increase the strength I have. ” The young man said that no one could stop him.

This person really had the ambition to turn everyone on this earth into a resource to increase the power that he belonged to.

”Let ’s prove it, I will definitely stop you ” Ye Chen said that he would stop this person ’s bad behavior.

”Azure Dragon Domain ” Ye Chen opened his own domain to destroy the domain that belonged to a mysterious young man.

When Ye Chen opened the Azure Dragon Domain, a dragon ’s roar was extremely loud and sounded all over the sky.

An extremely powerful ancient pressure began to appear around this place.

The Azure Dragon Domain started shaking up the domain that was owned by the mysterious young man.

The red clouds that were around Ye Chen began to collapse when they were swept away by the roar of the Azure Dragon projection.

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