e Chen brought Mei Yueli down and into the villa.

When Ye Chen entered the villa, it happened that he did not see a single female figure welcoming him, it seemed that women had their own busyness.

Ye Chen took Mei Yueli to a special family room in the Villa, there was a suitable place for Mei Yueli to rest and recover.

Ye Chen couldn ’t possibly bring Mei Yueli to his room, it would be a misunderstanding if one of the women found out.

When Ye Chen entered the family room, he found that Mu Xueying was in this room, it was seen that the two of them were watching the news on the television in this room.

The news that Mu Xueying was looking at was news about an incident that had befallen residents in the capital.

Mu Xueying carefully listened to the news anchor on the television.

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Mu Xueying was a smart woman, she quickly adapted to the technological developments in the modern earth.

”Did you see what was in the box thing? ” Mu Xueying suddenly said to Ye Chen who was behind her.

Mu Xueying has detected Ye Chen ’s whereabouts, so Mu Xueying knows that Ye Chen is currently behind her.

”Of course, that time I was in that place. ” Ye Chen of course knew about the incident that happened in the capital, he happened to be there to help fight a demon who intends to absorb the blood essence of the capital ’s inhabitants.

”Do you already know who the person behind all this? ” Mu Xueying asked Ye Chen.

”Of course I already know, the person behind all of this is a demon from the era of the gods. ” Ye Chen told Mu Xueying that the perpetrator of all this was a demon from the era of the gods.

Hearing this, Mu Xueying immediately turned around and looked at Ye Chen, she couldn ’t believe what Ye Chen had just said.

”What did you just say? ”.
Mu Xueying again asked Ye Chen.

Ye Chen repeated his words again, telling Mu Xueying that the culprit was a Demon from the era of the gods.

Mu Xueying looked surprised when she heard this, she couldn ’t believe that the culprit was a demon from the god era.

If what Ye Chen said was true, then that would be very bad news.

”Xueying senior sister Is that you ? ” Suddenly Mei Yueli who was on Ye Chen ’s back spoke, Mei Yueli suddenly called Mu Xueying who was in front of him.

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Mu Xueying immediately looked at the woman behind Ye Chen, she wondered who the woman was on Ye Chen ’s back.

Mei Yueli who was on Ye Chen ’s back immediately jumped towards Mu Xueying, Mei Yueli suddenly hugged Mu Xueying who was in front of her.

Ye Chen and Mu Xueying were both confused when they saw what Mei Yueli was doing.

” Xueying senior sister ,This is really you, I can ’t believe you are still alive. ” Mei Yueli looked happy when she saw Mu Xueying still alive.

” Who are you? ” Mu Xueying didn ’t know about Mei Yueli, she felt a little strange about Mei Yueli.

”  Xueying senior sister, it ’s me Yueli, have you forgotten me? ” Mei Yueli told Mu Xueying who she was.

Mu Xueying began to look at Mei Yueli who was in front of her, it was true that Mei Yueli looked very much like Mei Yueli who was still a little girl.

”You really are Yueli? ” Mu Xueying asked Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli nodded at Mu Xueying, she was glad that Mu Xueying finally remembered herself.

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