”The reason I left the sect was because my Master tried to affiance me with someone I didn ’t like. ” Mu Xueying told the reason why she was able to leave the Sect.

It turned out that the reason Mu Xueying left the sect was because she had tried to be affiance with someone she didn ’t like.

”Huh? How could you master that to do that to Senior Sister? ” Mei Yueli could hardly believe what she had just heard, she didn ’t expect that her master would affiance Mu Xueying with someone she didn ’t like.

Even though Mu Xueying was the favorite disciple of Master, how to master able to affiance Mu Xueying to someone else, this was completely inconceivable to Mei Yueli.

”Master has a good reason for doing that, it ’s because my condition is getting worse every time due to excess Yin Qi, that ’s why mastery has decided to find someone worthy of me. ” Mu Xueying started telling Ye Chen and Mei Yueli about her past.

Ye Chen and Mei Yueli listened carefully to Mu Xueying ’s past.

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It seemed that the reason Mu Xueying had run away from the Sect was because she didn ’t want to be affiance with someone she didn ’t like.

It was like a story that Ye Chen often listened to in novels, a woman runs away because she doesn ’t want to be arranged with someone they don ’t like.

”So that was the reason for staying in this place, it turns out that from the start you were deliberately hiding in this place to avoid engagement? ” Ye Chen now understands why Mu Xueying who has high cultivation can be on earth, it turns out that Mu Xueying is running away from an arranged marriage.

No wonder at that time Mu Xueying had said that she founded the Frozen Ice Sect to find women who would accompany her alone, apparently this was the reason.

”So that ’s the reason Senior Sister left. ” Mei Yueli finally understood why Mu Xueying left the sect several thousand years ago turned out to be an arranged marriage with a person she didn ’t like.

”So now you two know the reason why I left the Sect? ” Mu Xueying asked Ye Chen and Mei Yueli.

”Yes, now we understand. ” Mei Yueli and Ye Chen simultaneously answered Mu Xueying.

”It ’s good if you both understand, please keep this matter a secret from others, I don ’t want anyone else to know about this matter. ” Mu Xueying told Ye Chen and Mei Yueli to keep this matter a secret.

Ye Chen and Mei Yueli nodded, both of them promised to keep this matter a secret from outsiders.

”Senior Sister, you have to help me find justice. ” Mei Yueli suddenly asked Mu Xueying to help her seek justice.

”Who would dare bully you? ” Mu Xueying asked who had dared to bully Mei Yueli.

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”That man is the one who dared to bully me. ” Mei Yueli pointed at Ye Chen, herself tellingthat Ye Chen was the one who bullied her.

Mu Xueying immediately looked at Ye Chen with an extremely sharp gaze.

Mu Xueying ’s gaze was very uncomfortable for Ye Chen, Mu Xueying ’s gaze seemed to penetrate Ye Chen ’s body.

”How can he bully you, isn ’t your cultivation much higher than him? ” Mu Xueying started to wonder how Ye Chen bullied Mei Yueli.

It was clear that Mei Yueli ’s cultivation was far above Ye Chen ’s, if Ye Chen dared to bully Mei Yueli, Mei Yueli would have defeated Ye Chen very easily.

” that.
” Mei Yueli looked troubled while trying to answer Mu Xueying ’s question, she couldn ’t possibly tell Mu Xueying about the scene she had previously experienced with Ye Chen.

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