”Yes, how could I do that, if I dared to bully you, you would have beat me up before I could do that. ” Ye Chen immediately raised his voice to defend himself.

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Mei Yueli didn ’t have any proof of bullying from the start, so Mei Yueli wouldn ’t be able to complain to Mu Xueying.

”It ’s obvious that you have been bullying me. ” Mei Yueli pointed at Ye Chen in a very dissatisfied manner.

Ye Chen is truly a shameless man, he actually dares to twist the facts.

”Then do you have evidence that I have done bullying? ” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli, he wanted a proof that he had done bullying.

Mei Yueli didn ’t have solid evidence, which was why Mei Yueli couldn ’t prove it to Mu Xueying.

”Yueli, tell me how Ye Chen bully you, there ’s no way Ye Chen can do that to you right? ” Mu Xueying still couldn ’t believe that Ye Chen was bullying Mei Yueli.

In terms of cultivation, Mei Yueli was clearly far above Ye Chen, if Ye Chen really did bully Mei Yueli, Mei Yueli would have beaten Ye Chen up.

Mei Yueli gritted her teeth, she was really very annoyed with Ye Chen.

In his heart, Ye Chen laughed with satisfaction, he was happy to see Mei Yueli cornered like this.

”Forget it. ” Mei Yueli sniffed coldly, it was useless if this matter continued, she would lose even more of her face.

Originally Mei Yueli intended to ask Mu Xueying for help to pack Ye Chen, not expecting that Mu Xueying would instead defend Ye Chen.

This made Mei Yueli very, very upset, why would Senior Sister Xueying want to defend a lewd and shameless man like Ye Chen.

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Mu Xueying shook her head when she saw what Mei Yueli was doing, it seemed that even though it had been thousands of years Mei Yueli was still the same as an unreasonable little girl.

”Ye Chen, hurry up and give me my earrings. ” Mei Yueli collected her earrings from Ye Chen.

She wanted to immediately see the earrings that Ye Chen had made for her.

”Can ’t you ask nicely and be a little gentle? ” Ye Chen asked Mei Yueli.

The tone that Mei Yueli used was unpleasant to listen to, it was like a bandit asking her victim for something.

Mei Yueli ’s mood wasn ’t very good right now, so the tone Mei Yueli used was a little harsh to Ye Chen.

”Yueli, you have to be more polite and gentle when asking something from someone. ” Mu Xueying scolded Mei Yueli for the attitude she had just shown.

Mu Xueying wanted Mei Yueli to be a little more courteous towards Ye Chen, after all Ye Chen was still the benefactor who had saved her.

So Mu Xueying hoped that Mei Yueli could be a little polite and respect Ye Chen.

Mei Yueli couldn ’t believe that Mu Xueying continued to defend Ye Chen, actually what happened that Mu Xueying wanted to defend Ye Chen instead of herself.

Mei Yueli started to think that Ye Chen might have given something to Mu Xueying so that Mu Xueying would really defend Ye Chen like this.

”You heard what Mu Xueying just said, hurry up and ask more politely and kindly. ” Ye Chen started to pose a victory pose in front of Mei Yueli.

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Mei Yueli could only grit her teeth, she had no choice but to back down for now.

”Ye Chen, I beg you to give me the earrings that you promised before. ” Mei Yueli tried to ask her back in a slightly gentler tone than before.

Even though Mei Yueli ’s tone sounded gentle and polite, Ye Chen could still feel a slight trace of hostility in Mei Yueli ’s words.

”That ’s good enough, this is your earrings ” Ye Chen passed a box containing the earrings he made to Mei Yueli.

Mei Yueli immediately received the box given by Ye Chen, Mei Yueli couldn ’t wait to see what was in the box in her hand.

Mei Yueli started to open the box in her hand, when Mei Yueli opened the box in her hand, she saw that a pair of earrings looked very beautiful.

Mei Yueli ’s Ruby eyes shone when she saw the earrings in the city, these were the most beautiful jewels Mei Yueli had ever seen.

Mei Yueli ’s mood immediately improved when she saw the jewelry in her hand, she was completely satisfied with the jewelry that Ye Chen had made for her.

Mu Xueying was curious about the object Mei Yueli asked Ye Chen, Mu Xueying began to peek at the thing in Mei Yueli ’s hand.

When Mu Xueying peeked at the box in Mei Yueli ’s hand, she found a pair of earrings that were very beautiful.

Mu Xueying felt that she wanted one like the one in Mei Yueli ’s hands.

Mu Xueying was a woman, naturally she liked things like jewelry to beautify herself.

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The temptation of the Heavenly Goddess Diamond was too strong for a woman, so it wouldn ’t be strange for Mu Xueying to show a little interest with the pair of earrings in Mei Yueli ’s hand.

Mei Yueli started to take out a pair of earrings made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond, she started wearing this pair of earrings.

When Mei Yueli wore a pair of Heavenly Goddess Diamond earrings, she looked even more beautiful, Mei Yueli ’s aura of beauty became even stronger when wearing earrings made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond.

Mei Yueli immediately went to the mirror in this room, she wanted to see what her appearance would look like after wearing earrings made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond.

When Mei Yueli looked at herself in the mirror, she found that her appearance had become even more beautiful just because of the pair of tiny earrings she was wearing.

Mie Yueli is really very satisfied with this, he is satisfied with Ye Chen ’s handicrafts which are very beautiful when he uses them.

Ye Chen saw Mei Yueli ’s mood change, Mei Yueli looked very happy when she got the pair of earrings she made.

Heavenly Goddess Diamond is indeed extraordinary, it can make the mood of a woman who was previously angry to be happy and happy.

Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to give all of his wives the jewelry made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond, he wanted to see the reactions of all of his wives when they got jewelery made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond.

Until now, Ye Chen hasn ’t given his wives any jewelry made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond, he still hasn ’t had the chance to do that.

Due to the incident in the Kunlun Holy Land and Ling Yin ’s attack, Ye Chen did not have time to give all the women the jewelery made of Heavenly Goddess Diamond.

Problem after problem kept coming, which made Ye Chen feel very inconvenient.

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”Ye Chen, where did you get such beautiful jewelry? ” Mu Xueying suddenly spoke to Ye Chen using voice telepathy.

Mu Xueying wanted to know where Ye Chen got such a beautiful jewelry from.

”Of course I made it. ” Ye Chen told Mu Xueying that he was the one who had made a pair of earrings for Mei Yueli.

”Then can you make me one too, I will pay a high price if you want to make me one like that. ” Mu Xueying asked Ye Chen to make one like Mei Yueli ’s, Mu Xueying didn ’t even hesitate to pay a high price if Ye Chen wanted to make one like Mei Yueli ’s.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Mu Xueying would be interested in the jewelery he made.

It seemed that Mu Xueying was attracted to rare items like the Heavenly Goddess Diamond.

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