”OK. ” Mu Xueying nodded at Ye Chen, she agreeing with what Ye Chen wanted.

Mu Xueying did not expect Ye Chen to give herself the Heavenly Goddess Diamond for nothing like this,Ye Chen was really too kind to give herself such a valuable item for free.

Mu Xueying immediately kept the jewelry box in a safe place.

”How do I look, do I look beautiful? ” Mei Yueli returned to Ye Chen and Mu Xueying ’s side, herself asking Ye Chen and Mu Xueying about her current appearance.

”Of course you are beautiful. ” Ye Chen was the one who commented on Mei Yueli.

Ye Chen told Mei Yueli that she looked more and more beautiful.

Mei Yueli looked very happy when she listened to Ye Chen ’s praise, her heart felt sweet when Mei Yueli listened to the praise given by Ye Chen.

” an extremely violent explosion occurred, it seemed the origin of this explosion came from outside.

” What happened ? ” Ye Chen started to wonder what was going on out there, how come there was an explosion going on out there.

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”Let ’s see. ” Mei Yueli invited Ye Chen and Mu Xueying to go and look outside.

Ye Chen and Mu Xueying immediately nodded at Mei Yueli, the three of them immediately went to check the situation outside.

When Ye Chen, Mei Yueli and Mu Xueying got outside, they saw the city burning everywhere.

There were countless hysterical screams of despair that could be heard from afar.

Ye Chen immediately used his God Eyes technique to see what was going on.

When Ye Chen used the God Eyes technique, he saw that there were thousands of people who carried weapons and had strength attacking the people in the city.

From the looks of it, Ye Chen could tell that these people were not cultivators, obviously they were from the large faction that controlled the world.

These people actually attacked this city and spread fear to the people in the city.

Several people attacking the city started heading towards Ye Chen ’s villa, it seemed that they wanted to attack the Golden Eagle district.

Ye Chen did not remain silent when he saw these people attacking his residence, Ye Chen immediately stepped forward to stop the people who had attacked this city.

”Ye Chen, wait a moment. ” Mei Yueli called Ye Chen, who had first gone to fight the people who had attacked the city.

”These people don ’t seem to come from this land? ,Are they from the big faction that controls this world? ” Mu Xueying saw that these people were not from this land, it was clear that these people were from the great faction that controlled this world.

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”Senior Sister what are we going to do, are we just going to watch or help? ” Mei Yueli asked what they should do now, whether the two of them should interfere in this matter or not.

”Let ’s help, we can ’t allow this persecution to continue. ” Mu Xueying intended to help solve this problem.

Mu Xueying owed Ye Chen a lot, she couldn ’t possibly let Ye Chen ’s hometown be destroyed by these people.

”Senior Sister, then I want to go see my friend first. ” Mei Yueli wanted to see Xia Qingyu ’s condition, she was afraid that bad things would happen to Xia Qingyu.

”Go away. ” Mu Xueying allowed Mei Yueli to go see Xia Qingyu.

”Fine. ” Mei Yueli nodded, she immediately went to Xia Qingyu ’s place.

Mu Xueying took her veil, she immediately put the veil on her face, after wearing the veil, Mu Xueying immediately went after Ye Chen, who had already gone against the people who had attacked the city.

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