Ye Chen started to stretch his hand forward, he immediately grabbed the giant snake body in front of him.

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With great ease, Ye Chen grabbed onto one of the bodies of the giant snake that was trying to attack him.

”Reeekk ” without thinking, Ye Chen immediately tore the snake body in his hand into two pieces.

Ye Chen did this so easily, he looked as if he was tearing a piece of paper that was very fragile.

When they saw one of their comrades so easily killed by Ye Chen, another giant snake immediately stopped in place, all the snakes began to be afraid of Ye Chen who could kill one of them very easily.

” Sabaki Yonda was very angry when she saw Ye Chen kill one of her favorite pets, Sabaki Yonda started to emit a terrible killing aura towards Ye Chen.

”Do you still want to go forward and give your life for nothing ” said Ye Chen to the giant snake who was currently trying to get away from him.

All of the giant snakes immediately fled when they heard what Ye Chen had just said, they all seemed to understand what Ye Chen had just said.

These snakes have been kept by Sabaki Yonda for hundreds of years, it is not surprising that they have an intelligence that is almost equivalent to humans.

”You bastard, I will make you regret that you dare to frighten my pet. ” Sabaki Yonda was getting more and more angry with Ye Chen, she immediately went to Ye Chen to take revenge for the death that happened to one of her favorite pets.

All the snakes in this room are Sabaki Yonda ’s favorite pets, Sabaki Yonda has considered all the snakes here as his own children.

this may sound crazy enough for normal people, but for Sabaki Yonda this is a very meaningful thing to him.

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Sabaki Yonda headed towards Ye Chen with a very agile movement, Sabaki Yonda ’s movement looked like a very agile snake.

Ye Chen began to see the movements made by Sabaki Yonda, he was waiting for the right moment to attack Sabaki Yonda.

On the other side, Sabaki Yonda tried to find the loopholes that Ye Chen had, he tried to beat Ye Chen by using one of his attacks.

Sabaki Yonda has a poison that is quite dangerous in his body, if Sabaki Yonda manages to inject this poison into Ye Chen, then you can be sure that Ye Chen will most likely die immediately.

Sabaki Yonda ’s poison is thousands of times more venomous than the poison of the King Cobra, once exposed to this poison, the life expectancy of the affected person will be very slim.

This is also one of the terrifying abilities of the people who come from the  Yagatama Orochi faction, the Yagatama Orochi faction possesses a poison ability that is lethal to all its enemies.

After observing for a while, Sabaki Yonda finally found an opening that he could use to attack Ye Chen.

Sabaki Yonda didn ’t waste any time, he immediately tried to attack Ye Chen with the venomous fangs he had.

”Bastard, go to hell ” Sabaki Yonda told Ye Chen to go to hell.

”You are so stupid. ” Ye Chen suddenly turned towards Sabaki Yonda, he immediately stretched out his hand to grab Sabaki Yonda ’s neck.

With fast movements Ye Chen could easily grip Sabaki Yonda ’s neck.

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”Ugghh ” Sabaki Yonda is now in Ye Chen ’s hand, now in Ye Chen ’s grasp.

”You really are so stupid, you are too easy to trick ” Ye Chen said to Sabaki Yonda.

According to him, Sabaki Yonda is quite easy to trick, this man is very easy to be trapped by the ploy made by Him.

Just now Ye Chen deliberately made an opening for Sabaki Yonda, he did this so that Sabaki Yonda would want to attack him.

As a result, Sabaki Yonda fell into his trap, this man was so stupid that he even got into the trap he had set.

”Who are you calling stupid , feel this ” Sabaki Yonda ’s neck began to lengthen like rubber, he started trying to bite Ye Chen who was in front of him.

Seeing what Sabaki Yonda was trying to do, Ye Chen immediately stretched out his other hand to hold Sabaki Yonda ’s head.

Now Sabaki Yonda ’s neck and head were completely under Ye Chen ’s grip.

”You are brave enough to bite me, then feel this ” Ye Chen began to grip Sabaki Yonda ’s head and neck even harder and harder.

., Crack.
., Crack.
., ”Came a cracking sound as Ye Chen tightened his grip.

Surprisingly at this time Sabaki Yonda didn ’t scream at all when Ye Chen started to tighten his grip on Sabaki Yonda ’s neck and head.

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Sabaki Yonda ’s body was like a snake that had very flexible bones, so Sabaki Yonda didn ’t really feel any pain when Ye Chen tightened his grip.

”Hahaha, what you are doing is useless, it doesn ’t hurt at all. ” Sabaki Yonda arrogantly said to Ye Chen that what she was doing didn ’t hurt for Sabaki Yonda at all.

Ye Chen started to raise his eyebrows when he listened to what Sabaki Yonda had just said, this men tried to challenge him to be more serious.

”So you don ’t think it hurts, then how about this one ”.
From Ye Chen ’s hand began to shoot out profound flames that had an extremely hot temperature.

Sabaki Yonda who was previously arrogant and underestimated Ye Chen, suddenly felt that his neck and face suddenly felt extremely hot.

This heat was so painful, Sabaki Yonda felt that her body felt like it was melting by the profound flames used by Ye Chen.

Snakes were creatures that couldn ’t stand the heat, so when Ye Chen used his profound flames, Sabaki Yonda immediately felt uncomfortable.

, it ’s hot ”Sabaki Yonda started screaming in heat, it can be seen that Sabaki Yonda felt excruciating pain.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw this, he felt satisfied seeing Sabaki Yonda screaming in pain like this.

This arrogant man finally got the price for challenging Ye Chen to be more serious in fighting him, as a result Sabaki Yonda got the consequences.

Ye Chen started to burn the body of Sabaki Yonda in front of him.

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”Arghh ” Sabaki Yonda ’s shout echoed throughout this room, in an instant, Sabaki Yonda ’s body was turned to ashes by Ye Chen.

Li Qingzu and the women in this place were shocked at what Ye Chen had just done.

Especially Li Qingzu was quite surprised when she saw the strength possessed by Ye Chen, it was clear that Ye Chen was very similar to the Black ghost who had once helped her from Yun Hao.

After completely destroying Sabaki Yonda, Ye Chen immediately went to Li Qingzu ’s side, he immediately freed Li Qingzu, who was currently being held by Sabaki Yonda.

Ye Chen immediately opened the gag that covered Li Qingzu ’s mouth, Ye Chen also untied Li Qingzu ’s body.

”Ye Chen ” Li Qingzu who was just released immediately hugged Ye Chen who was in front of her, Li Qingzu began to cry in Ye Chen ’s arms.

”It ’s been, it ’s all over. ” Ye Chen tried to win over Li Qingzu, he tried as much as possible to make Li Qingzu calm down for a while.

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