Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli immediately showed the strength they possessed.

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Mu Xueying ’s body began to be enveloped in crystals similar to ice, while Mei Yueli ’s body was covered in red flames.

Mu Xueying surroundings were snow and cold, and Mei Yueli hot , and the temperature difference between the two was extremely extreme.

On the one side the temperature is so low that it can freeze whatever is around it, while on the one side the temperature is so high that it can melt whatever is nearby.

Fire and Ice are elements that intersect with each other, if they are brought together, they will attack each other.

”Let ’s go. ” Mu Xueying invited Mei Yueli to step forward and attack Hun Cao.

”OK. ” Mei Yueli nodded at Mu Xueying, herself and Mu Xueying advancing towards Hun Chao.

”Darkness Chain ” From Hun Chao ’s body began to appear dozens of chains of darkness that had an extremely terrifying aura.

Dozens of these chains twisted like a tentacle ready to be used to catch prey.

”Come here, I will suck up the blood and souls you have. ” Hun Chao said that he would suck the blood that was owned by Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli.

Mu Xueying immediately made a weapon from the profound ice that she possessed, she made a one-handed sword that was very thin and flexible, even this one-handed sword had a very thin thickness.

It was not known why Mu Xueying made a one-handed sword out of ice that was so thin, it was likely that this sword would break immediately when faced with a fairly strong attack.

Meanwhile Mei Yueli made several fireballs the size of a basketball around herself, it seemed that these fireballs were about to be fired towards Hun Chao.

The fireball that Mei Yueli made was not an arbitrary fireball, the explosive power that this fireball could generate was quite terrifying.

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Hun Chao welcomed the arrival of Mu Xueying who wanted to attack him, Hun Chao immediately controlled his chains to attack Mu Xueying who wanted to try to attack him.

Dozens of chains of darkness headed straight for Mu Xueying, these dozens of chains looked like a tentacle that wanted to catch Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying did not remain silent when she found out that Hun Chao was trying to catch her, Mu Xueying began to use her ice sword to attack the chain of darkness that was coming towards her.

, Clank.
, Clank.
, Clank.
, ”The clash between the chain of darkness and Mu Xueying ’s ice sword sounded very loud, it could be seen that the thin ice sword that Mu Xueying made was strong enough to face the chains of darkness that Hun Chao possessed.

Although this sword looks very thin, it turns out that this sword is very sharp, this can be seen from the chain of darkness that was partially cut by Mu Xueying ’s sword of Ice.

If Mu Xueying continued to attack Hun Chao ’s chain of darkness, it was certain that Hun Chao ’s chain of darkness would be cut by Mu Xueying.

Mu Xueying tried to divert Hun Chao ’s attention to her, Mu Xueying began to preoccupy Hun Chao with the incessant attacks she launched.

Mu Xueying ’s fighting style was beautiful to look at, she was like snow dancing in the sky.

”Feel this, explode. ” While Mu Xueying distracted Hun Chao, Mei Yueli started secretly shooting fireballs at Hun Chao, she immediately shot dozens of fireballs at Hun Chao.

”Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, ” a continuous explosion rained down on Hun Chao ’s body, this explosion was extremely powerful, the explosion could be felt almost all over the earth.

because of this explosion, the earth began to tremble, this proved how powerful the explosion was generated by the dozens of fireballs that Mei Yueli created.



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Meanwhile, Ye Chen along with Zhang Shiyun, Xue Suyin and Nangong Xiang had retreated quite a distance from the battlefield held by Hun Chao vs Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli.

the four of them decided to retreat in order to avoid the impact of the high-level battles fought by Hun Chao Vs Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli.

Currently, Ye Chen can only see the battle fought by Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli, he is still trying to heal the wounds he has.

Ye Chen had absolutely no idea what level of cultivation Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli had, who he knew both had terrifying strength, they were both much stronger than the current Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hoped that Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli could defeat Hun Chao, so Ye Chen didn ’t have to bother fighting Hun Chao, Ye Chen only needed to seal Hun Chao.



Return to battle.

Mu Xueying had now retreated, she had now returned to Mei Yueli ’s side.

”Is it working? ” Mei Yueli asked if the attack just now succeeded in killing Hun Chao.

”Stay alert, that person will definitely not be easy to beat. ” Mu Xueying told Mei Yueli to remain vigilant, the enemy would definitely not be that easy to lose with just a technique like this.

Mei Yueli nodded at Mu Xueying, she would still be on the lookout for Hun Chao.

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Incredibly dense smoke enveloped the vicinity, it could be seen that this dense smoke was blocking a little of the vision that Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli had.

., suddenly from behind the black smoke there were dozens of chains, at this time dozens of chains of darkness were heading towards Mu Xueying and Mei Yueli.

”Quickly evade ” Mu Xueying told Mei Yueli to avoid the sudden attack launched by Hun Chao.

Mei Yueli managed to dodge it in time, meanwhile Mu Xueying immediately used her sword to cut through the chains surrounding her.

”Slash, Slash, Slash. ” Mu Xueying slashed and cut the chains of darkness trying to catch her.

This time, the chains of darkness around Mu Xueying were cut, this felt much easier than before.

” caught you ” suddenly Hun Chao appeared behind Mu Xueying without being detected.

Hun Chao immediately touched Mu Xueying ’s body in front of him.

”You troublesome woman.
Feel this Darkness Cultivation Seal. ” Hun Chao used a shackle of darkness seals to seal Mu Xueying ’s cultivation.

Mu Xueying ’s strength immediately vanished when she was hit by the Darkness Cultivation Seal used by Hun Chao.

Mu Xueying immediately fell to the ground as her strength was sealed by the Darkness Cultivation Seal technique.

  ”Senior Sister ” Mei Yueli shouted at Mu Xueying, herself trying to save Mu Xueying who was currently falling down.

”Where are you going, now is your turn. ” Hun Chao appeared in front of Mei Yueli, Hun Chao tried to attack Mei Yueli who was off guard.

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Mei Yueli didn ’t go to Mu Xueying ’s , she now had to focus on Hun Chao, if she didn ’t fight Hun Chao then it was certain that this person would attack her from behind.

Mei Yueli couldn ’t help but fight against Hun Chao, she took all her strength to fight against Hun Chao.

There was another fierce battle between Mei Yueli and Hun Chao, this time the two of them were both serious while fighting.



When Ye Chen went to save Mu Xueying who fell from the sky, he immediately caught Mu Xueying who fell from the sky.

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