Even though Ye Chen had tried his best to become strong in order to match Dongfang Xiu, he didn ’t expect that Dongfang Xiu had actually accepted Hai Ming ’s engagement and proposal.

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”Why do you look sad like that? ” Gu Xun asked Ye Chen.

”Yes, it seems that Goddess Dongfang Xiu has forgotten about me and has chosen Hai Ming, ” Ye Chen said to Dongfang Xiu.

”Who said that, do you know, every day Miss always daydreams ,herself while looking at this planet ” Gu Xun told Ye Chen about what happened to Dongfang Xiu after meeting Ye Chen.

After meeting Ye Chen, Dongfang Xiu changed a little, Dongfang Xiu was no longer what she used to be, sometimes Dongfang Xiu would daydream , herself while looking at the direction where the earth was.

As Dongfang Xiu ’s only personal maid, Gu Xun naturally knew of every change made by her Miss, that ’s why Dongfang Xiu knew what Ye Chen was thinking.

It must be that Dongfang Xiu was thinking about Ye Chen, after all Ye Chen was the one who had saved her and could make her heart move.

”Is that true? ” Ye Chen asked Gu Xun.

Gu Xun nodded to Ye Chen, she telling Ye Chen that what he just said was the truth.

Ye Chen was happy to hear this, it seemed that Dongfang Xiu was still thinking about him in her heart.

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This alone could make Ye Chen believe that Dongfang Xiu was still waiting for him.

”Wait a minute, then why did Dongfang Xiu accept Hai Ming ’s proposal? ” Ye Chen immediately asked why Dongfang Xiu accepted Hai Ming ’s proposal.

”That ’s because young lady was forced to accept it, otherwise Hai Ming will definitely go berserk and look for you ” Gu Xun said to Ye Chen why Dongfang Xiu would accept Hai Ming ’s proposal.

It turned out that Dongfang Xiu was forced to do this to protect Ye Chen.

Ye Chen felt extremely guilty when he heard Dongfang Xiu inflaming herself like that to protect himself.

Ye Chen felt that being a man was useless when he allowed a woman who liked him to be forced together with another man just to protect himself.

Ye Chen clenched his fists tightly, he wished that right now he had the strength to take Dongfang Xiu away.

”Ye Chen, I will tell you an important piece of advice that you must keep in your heart, the God Realm is a place for strong people to gather, where strength is everything, if you want to help young lady, you must have very strong strength.
big deal to deal with the Immortal Profound Sea Realm. ” Gu Xun gave a piece of advice to Ye Chen to quickly become stronger.

”I tried my best to be strong ” Ye Chen said that he had tried his best to become strong.

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”In this place you may be very strong, but in God Realm you are still an ant in the eyes of the Immortal Profound Sea Realm, I suggest you go to God Realm immediately, this place is not suitable for you, with your talent cultivation fast, I believe in God Your realm will get stronger quickly, you only have less than 5 years left, if you continue to be trapped in this place then you will have no hope ” Gu Xun gave a short lecture to Ye Chen.

Gu Xun even suggested to Ye Chen to leave this small planet like earth, according to Gu Xun this planet was not a suitable place for Ye Chen to become stronger.

5 years was a short time for a cultivator, it felt like the blink of an eye for a cultivator at the God Realm

Ye Chen ’s talent would be wasted if he continued to stay on this small planet.

Ye Chen started to think about the wise words that Gu Xun just said, according to him Gu Xun ’s words were the truth that Ye Chen had to accept.

Ye Chen could not continue to be on earth, every day Ye Chen felt a huge setback in terms of cultivation.

Even though Ye Chen was inside the fairy gate, Ye Chen felt that his cultivation had become slower than before.

Perhaps it was time for Ye Chen to go to the God Realm to train and increase his strength.

”Ye Chen I can ’t talk to you for too long, if I take too long then I will be caught, you better think about what I said earlier, I hope that our next meeting you will become even stronger ” Gu Xun no longer had the time to talked more with Ye Chen, this was all Gu Xun could give Ye Chen.

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Gu Xun hoped that Ye Chen would think about the words she just said, this was also for the sake of the young lady who looked sad when she was forced to marry Hai Ming.

Gu Xun really hoped that Ye Chen could save Dongfang Xiu from the shackles of this forced marriage.

”sister Xun wait a moment ” Ye Chen tried to stop Gu Xun, he still had many things he wanted to ask Gu Xun.

Even Ye Chen wanted to inquire about Gu Xuan ’s news to Gu Xun, Ye Chen wanted to know the news about his current master.

Too bad Gu Xun had already left this place, he couldn ’t stay with Ye Chen for too long.

Ye Chen felt helpless, it seemed that he would have to wait another time to discuss this with Gu Xun.

Ye Chen tightly gripped the wedding invitation paper that was currently in his hand, from now on Ye Chen had to come up with his own plans to save Dongfang Xiu and Ling Yin, Both of them were currently waiting for Ye Chen patiently.

Ye Chen entered the villa, he might start thinking about his own plans to become strong, Ye Chen had even decided to try going to the God Realm.


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Meanwhile Gu Xun saw that Ye Chen had now entered the Villa, Gu Xun ’s task was finished, she hoped that what she had just said to Ye Chen could make Ye Chen more enthusiastic in practicing and cultivating.

That way Ye Chen would quickly become a strong and formidable person.

Gu Xun is very confident in Ye Chen ’s strength, it is clear that Ye Chen ’s talent in cultivation is very fast, this is evident from Ye Chen ’s current cultivation, in just a few months Ye Chen has been able to reach the first level of the Divine Spirit Realm, speed this is quite fast to cultivate in a place with low energy like earth.

”Alright, time to go. ” Gu Xun had to leave Earth immediately, she had to return to the Sacred Heaven Star Realm to serve Dongfang Xiu.

If Gu Xun had been missing for too long, then Dongfang Xiu would definitely be suspicious of what Gu Xun had just done.

Gu Xun came here to see Ye Chen on her own initiative, Gu Xun came unnoticed by Dongfang Xiu.

Gu Xun was afraid that she would be angry if Dongfang Xiu found out that she had gone to see Ye Chen, it was for this reason that Gu Xun couldn ’t be in this place for a long time, she could only tell Ye Chen a brief thing.

”Ye Chen don ’t disappoint me, I hope our next meeting you can become a strong person ” Gu Xun hoped that in their next meeting Ye Chen would be much stronger than now.

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