”Really, then show me the strength you have, I want to see the abilities of my first wife ”, Ye Chen put his hands on his head, he told Zhao Yanyan to show her combat ability.

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It was quite rare for Zhao Yanyan to take an initiative like this, Ye Chen wanted to see what Zhao Yanyan would do, whether Zhao Yanyan would show her ability or not.

”Just, I ’ll show you the results of watch my practice over the past few months. ” Zhao Yanyan said with absolute confidence.

Zhao Yanyan had practiced the Queen Heart Silk for a long time, so now that Zhao Yanyan ’s abilities had grown further, now Zhao Yanyan wanted to try hers against Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan didn ’t know that Ye Chen already possessed a new technique that was stronger than the king ’s heart, Ye Chen ’s new technique might be very difficult for the Queen Heart Silk that was currently studying Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan waved her hand, when Zhao Yanyan did this, Ye Chen ’s clothes disappeared instantly.

Now Ye Chen is not wearing any clothes on his body, he is completely naked by Zhao Yanyan.

Ye Chen didn ’t look surprised at what Zhao Yanyan had just done, with Zhao Yanyan ’s current cultivation already at the peak of the Divine Nascent Realm, it would be very easy for Zhao Yanyan to do this.

Ye Chen was more curious about what Zhao Yanyan would do next, he wanted to see what Zhao Yanyan would do to him.

Zhao Yanyan started to lower her head towards Ye Chen ’s neck, she started to lick Ye Chen like a cat spoiling her master.

Meanwhile Zhao Yanyan ’s free hand started to hold Ye Chen ’s large object which was already tensed up, Zhao Yanyan started to help Ye Chen ’s hand.

When Zhao Yanyan did this, Ye Chen felt a very comfortable feeling, he was quite enjoying what Zhao Yanyan was doing right now.

Needless to say, Zhao Yanyan ’s current abilities were getting more and more skilled, Zhao Yanyan really already knew how to pamper Ye Chen and make Ye Chen happy.

Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen ’s reaction, when Zhao Yanyan saw Ye Chen ’s reaction that seemed to be enjoying this, Zhao Yanyan felt very happy, she was very satisfied to see Ye Chen enjoying what she was doing right now.

Zhao Yanyan become increasingly confident with the abilities she had, Zhao Yanyan started trying various tricks that he learned during these months.

Zhao Yanyan used her thighs to tease Ye Chen ’s little brother.

Ye Chen was quite surprised when he saw what Zhao Yanyan was doing, he didn ’t expect that Zhao Yanyan would know this kind of trick.

”How?, is this fun? ” With a voice full of temptation Zhao Yanyan asked about Ye Chen ’s current condition, Zhao Yanyan wanted to know how Ye Chen felt at this time.

”Of course it ’s convenient. ” Ye Chen said to Zhao Yanyan that it was very convenient.

”Do you want more? ” Zhao Yanyan whispered in Ye Chen ’s ear.

Tonight Zhao Yanyan was really very seductive, Ye Chen could hardly believe that this was the pure and innocent looking Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan tonight was very much like Vixen trying to suck out Ye Chen ’s soul, she was too tempting.

”Of course ” Ye Chen nodded to Zhao Yanyan, he wanted to see all the new skills that Zhao Yanyan had.

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Zhao Yanyan smiled hearing this, she started to use all kinds of tricks to beat Ye Chen.

Zhao Yanyan ’s hands at this time even started to play on Ye Chen ’s ball sack, she really played this like her favorite toy.

Ye Chen was really made very comfortable by Zhao Yanyan, Zhao Yanyan had lots of tricks to make Ye Chen happy.

While Ye Chen was enjoying Zhao Yanyan ’s skillful hands, Ye Chen felt his thing being squeezed by something soft, when Ye Chen looked down, himself to see Zhao Yanyan giving him Sandwich service.

Since Zhao Yanyan ’s dual peaks had already grown, now that Zhao Yanyan could provide this kind of service to Ye Chen, it was obvious that the old Zhao Yanyan couldn ’t do this, only women of above average size could do this.

”fufufu, husband, get ready. ” This would be a lot of fun, with a smile full of flowers, Zhao Yanyan said that she would start right away.

Sure enough Zhao Yanyan started to serve Ye Chen, Ye Chen felt a very pleasant feeling from what Zhao Yanyan was doing at this time.

Even Ye Chen started to let out a slight moan of pleasure at what Zhao Yanyan was doing right now.

Zhao Yanyan didn ’t stop there, she started to use her Cherry lips to swallow the large object that was stuck in the abyss of hers.

Zhao Yanyan began to provide highly skilled mouth service once, Zhao Yanyan ’s combined attack certainly became a threat to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t expect Zhao Yanyan ’s skills to be this extraordinary, Zhao Yanyan was really like a succubus wanting her soul.

10 minutes quickly passed, Zhao Yanyan continued to enjoy herself as she indulged Ye Chen ’s younger brother using her skills.

Ye Chen ’s younger brother really melted, it could be seen that Ye Chen ’s younger brother was already unable to defend against Zhao Yanyan ’s barrage of attacks. 

Ye Chen felt that he would soon reach his limit, it seemed he couldn ’t hold it in any longer.

Zhao Yanyan saw the changes experienced by Ye Chen, seeing this Zhao Yanyan immediately stopped her actions.

Ye Chen who was on the edge of happiness immediately felt lost, Ye Chen looked at Zhao Yanyan, he wondered why Zhao Yanyan even stopped at such a critical moment.

”Yanyan why did you stop? ” Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan who was in front of him.

Zhao Yanyan gave Ye Chen a triumphant smile, she managed to seduce Ye Chen.

Ye Chen ”-_- ”.

Ye Chen knew what was going on now, Zhao Yanyan was teasing him.

Ye Chen didn ’t know where Zhao Yanyan learned this kind of trick, this kind of trick was really very uncomfortable for Ye Chen who previously wanted to vent.

Ye Chen woke up like a tiger, and went to pounce on Zhao Yanyan who was in front of him.

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”A naughty wife should be punished for daring to seduce her husband. ” Ye Chen said that he would punish what Zhao Yanyan did before.

Zhao Yanyan really made Ye Chen feel very uncomfortable.

”No, someone help me, I will be raped ” Zhao Yanyan shouted in a not too loud voice.

”Scream to your heart ’s content, tonight I won ’t let you rest ” Ye Chen said to Zhao Yanyan who was below him.

Ye Chen really enjoyed doing things like this with Zhao Yanyan, it could be seen that Zhao Yanyan was inviting Ye Chen to play the flower thief game.

Ye Chen immediately took off the pajamas that Zhao Yanyan was wearing, now Zhao Yanyan ’s perfect body appeared before his eyes.

Ye Chen ’s huge object became bigger and bigger when he saw the beauty that was presented in front of him, Ye Chen couldn ’t wait to taste Zhao Yanyan ’s taste.

”Ah no, please stop, spare me. ” Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen to spare herself.

Zhao Yanyan ’s acting really looked very natural, this made Ye Chen feel very happy.

In the past, Ye Chen, Zhao Yanyan used to play various games such as nurses, teachers, maids, secretaries and various kinds of games that could increase passion, so it was not surprising that Ye Chen was used to Zhao Yanyan ’s acting.

”Never mind, give up now, I will make you completely mine, look at this you will definitely like this ” Ye Chen showed the prowess of his weapon in front of Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan gulped when she saw Ye Chen ’s majestic and massive weapon.

”Wait, why does it look bigger than last time? ” Zhao Yanyan felt that Ye Chen ’s property became bigger and stronger over time, Zhao Yanyan did not expect that Ye Chen ’s could still grow.

If it continues like this, Zhao Yanyan ’s body and mind will be completely overpowered by Ye Chen.

”Then please slow down, I ’m still pure. ” Zhao Yanyan said to Ye Chen to take it slow.

”Leave it to me ” Ye Chen looked overjoyed, the huge weapon started to break through Zhao Yanyan ’s narrow gate like a virgin.

”Zhao Yanyan groaned loudly as Ye Chen ’s weapon drilled into her flower core.

As expected, Ye Chen ’s thing became bigger and bigger, it was extremely difficult for Zhao Yanyan to resist an invasion of this magnitude.

Ye Chen actually completely entered, after entering, Ye Chen immediately moved very quickly and was full of energy.

. ” Zhao Yanyan ’s mind went blank when Ye Chen started his actions, it could be seen that this pleasure made Zhao Yanyan reach the seventh heaven.

This time Ye Chen was very aggressive, it could be seen that Ye Chen was really very excited to do Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan was rendered helpless by Ye Chen ’s abilities, even the Queen Heart Silk cultivated by Zhao Yanyan couldn ’t help much when compared to the Passion Goddess technique.

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This pleasure was far more extraordinary than Zhao Yanyan had ever felt, Zhao Yanyan truly felt a pleasure that could no longer be put into words.

At this rate, Zhao Yanyan will definitely be defeated by Ye Chen sooner or later, Ye Chen ’s ability is much stronger than Zhao Yanyan thought.

The current Zhao Yanyan looked like a ship that had been hit by an extremely violent wave, she was completely rendered helpless by Ye Chen ’s overly terrifying abilities.

Ye Chen and Zhao Yanyan decided to try out lots of different positions, both enjoying the Dual Cultivation Session they had together.

Time passed, after a few hours, Ye Chen finally wanted to let Zhao Yanyan go, Ye Chen took out his burden on Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan accepted Ye Chen ’s Yang Qi essence gracefully, Zhao Yanyan started cultivating the Yang Qi that she got from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen lay on the bed, for some reason he was very excited today when he fought Zhao Yanyan.

He thought that Zhao Yanyan was very beautiful and seductive tonight, this charm was very difficult for Ye Chen to resist.

. ” While Ye Chen was resting, he felt a very pleasant warm feeling, it could be seen that Zhao Yanyan was currently cleaning up the remnants of Yang Qi that remained inside.

”Wife, you are really very seductive today ” Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that today Zhao Yanyan was very seductive.

”This is the gift I promised you, don ’t you like it? ” Zhao Yanyan asked Ye Chen.

”Of course I like it, I want to do this until morning ” Ye Chen told Zhao Yanyan that he would do this until morning with him.

”Husband, you better prepare yourself, soon you might be overwhelmed ” Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen to prepare himself.

”Do you want to start the next round? ” Ye Chen asked Zhao Yanyan.

”Fufufu, of course, but this time let ’s change the location, I want to do it inside the fairy gate ” Zhao Yanyan wanted to change the location of the battle between the two of them, Zhao Yanyan wanted to do it in the special Dual Cultivation room inside the fairy gate.

”Alright, let ’s go now. ” Ye Chen carried Zhao Yanyan ’s body, he immediately carried Zhao Yanyan into the fairy gate.

After entering the fairy gate, Ye Chen immediately rushed to the Dual Cultivation room.

Ye Chen immediately opened the entrance to the Dual Cultivation room, Ye Chen immediately stopped in place when he looked inside.

In this Dual Cultivation room, it turns out that there are already dozens of beautiful women who are all wearing very sexy pajamas.

Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Fu Lanling, Qing Cheng, Mu Lanyin, Lin Rouxi, Xiao Lulu, Su Yuya, Cheng Mengyan, Feng Xue, Nanhua Caiyi, Zhang Shiyun, Xue Suyin, Ye Xiu, Nangong Xiang, Li Qingzu and the woman from Frozen Ice Sects are all in the same place.

Ye Chen didn ’t know what was going on here, why were all the women gathered in the same room like this.

”Yanyan, why are you taking so long?, We have been waiting here for a long time ” Lin Rouxi complained to Zhao Yanyan who had been outside with Ye Chen for too long, as a result, everyone waited for quite a long time in this place.

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Zhao Yanyan got off Ye Chen ’s body, Zhao Yanyan went over to everyone in this place.

”Big sister Rouxi, everyone, I ’m sorry I seem to have been carried away ” Zhao Yanyan told Everyone that she was carried away by Ye Chen ’s abilities.

As a result, Zhao Yanyan had to fight a round with Ye Chen before heading to this room.

Everyone felt helpless when they heard what Zhao Yanyan had just said, apparently this was the reason why Zhao Yanyan had been outside for so long.

It turned out that Zhao Yanyan had tasted Ye Chen before them, even though everyone had agreed to do it together, unexpectedly Zhao Yanyan would actually take the first start.

”That, what ’s in here? ” Ye Chen immediately asked about what happened in this place, why everyone was gathered in the same room.

Zhao Yanyan turned towards Ye Chen, she was going to tell Ye Chen what happened.

”Husband, this is actually a secret surprise that we have prepared for you. ” Zhao Yanyan told Ye Chen what had happened.

It turned out that this was a special surprise that Zhao Yanyan and the others wanted to give before Ye Chen left for the God Realm.

”Why are you doing this? ” Ye Chen immediately asked why everyone was doing something like this.

”Husband, maybe we won ’t see each other often, so for tonight onwards we will be with you ” Zhao Yanyan told them the reason for doing this.

If Ye Chen went to the God Realm, then they would probably all see each other less often, so there was no harm in them doing something like this.

Ye Chen was happy with what all his wives were doing, he would make happy memories with everyone.

”I love you all ” Ye Chen immediately went towards Zhao Yanyan Liu Yue, Su Mengxin, Fu Lanling, Qing Cheng, Mu Lanyin, Lin Rouxi, Xiao Lulu, Su Yuya, Cheng Mengyan, Feng Xue, Nanhua Caiyi, Zhang Shiyun, Xue Suyin, Ye Xiu, Nangong Xiang, Li Qingzu and the women from the Frozen Ice Sect.

Ye Chen and all the women started a battle in this room, this battle will definitely last a very long time, Ye Chen alone against dozens of women at once, who do you think will win this battle later?.

all kinds of pleasant female voices could be heard in this room, even fools knew what they were doing in the room.

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