”She just left. ” Liu Yue told Xia Ningzi that Xia Qingyu had just left.

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”Oh so big sister is gone ” Xia Ningzi looked very disappointed when she heard this, she couldn ’t meet her older sister who had left.

”Ningzi you don ’t have to be so sad, Qingyu will definitely see you if she has time ” Liu Yue tried to comfort Xia Ningzi.

”umm ” Xia Ningzi nodded to Liu Yue, surely she would meet her older sister again.

”Huh? Ye Chen went to God Realm, why didn ’t I know about this matter? ” Xing Mei on the other side screamed as she listened to what Zhao Yanyan had just said.

Xing Mei did not expect that Ye Chen would go to the God Realm without her knowing.

For Xing Mei Ye Chen was the best furnace, just being and hugging Ye Chen was like cultivating for tens of days.

Now that Ye Chen had gone to the God Realm, what should Xing Mei do now.

”Sister Yanyan, do you think you know where Ye Chen is going? ” Xing Mei asked Zhao Yanyan.

”I don ’t know about it. ” Zhao Yanyan said that she didn ’t know where Ye Chen was going right now.

Zhao Yanyan deliberately didn ’t tell where Ye Chen was going, this was meant so that Xing Mei wouldn ’t bother Ye Chen, if Xing Mei were to look for Ye Chen, it would most likely cause Ye Chen a lot of trouble.

”Oh, what a shame ” Xing Mei looked disappointed when she heard this, it seemed that she couldn ’t find Ye Chen without a clear clue.

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Zhao Yanyan turned a proprietary gaze towards Nangong Xiang.

”Sister Xiang, let ’s discuss the matter beforehand, which woman are you referring to? ” Zhao Yanyan wanted to ask who the woman Nangong Xiang was just referring to.

”Actually I ’m not that close with that woman, I ’ve only met her a few times. ” Nangong Xiang told Zhao Yanyan a little bit about the woman she was referring to.

”If you two aren ’t that close, is it possible that she will accept us? ” Zhao Yanyan asked Nangong Xiang.

”Of course, that Saintess body that you have will definitely attract her. ” Nangong Xiang told Zhao Yanyan why she was so sure that she would accept them all.

It was because of Zhao Yanyan ’s Saintess body, Zhao Yanyan ’s special Saintess body would definitely attract her.

”So you two are talking about me? ” A voice that sounded extremely gentle and full of majesty rang in the ears of Zhao Yanyan, Nangong Xiang and all the women in this place.

All the women immediately turned their heads to see where the voice they had just heard came from.

The source of the voice they just heard came from the sky, when they all looked up at the sky, all the women saw a golden light that was so dazzlingly shining that it shone across the earth.

This light is so dazzling that some people are unable to see it with their naked eyes.

This light descended towards the bottom of the place where Zhao Yanyan and the others were.

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Zhao Yanyan, Liu Yue and all the women were alert when they saw this dazzling light approaching towards them, they all felt an extremely terrifying pressure emanating from this light.

Needless to say, this was beyond the imagination of Zhao Yanyan and the others, they had all never felt this kind of power in their lives.

The dazzling light began to dim slightly, this light began to dim and shrink to a size similar to that of a human body.

This light actually began to dim until it completely disappeared, when the dazzling light disappeared, all the women could see the figure of a beautiful woman in plain white clothes.

This woman ’s face is absolutely perfect, there is almost no flaw in this woman ’s beauty, this woman is also This woman ’s hair flows straight down, this woman ’s hair looks shiny and very soft.

This woman has a beauty comparable to Nangong Xiang and Dongfang Xiu, it can be said that women are worthy of being called a peerless beautiful goddess.

”Saintess Shui ” Xing Mei immediately shouted when she saw the beautiful woman who had just appeared in front of them.

Xing Mei immediately felt scared when she saw the arrival of this beautiful woman, it was clear that Xing Mei already knew about the identity of the woman who had just appeared in front of her.

This beautiful goddess in front of her is really very great, almost everyone from the Immortal Destiny Star Realm knows the figure of this beautiful goddess.

Even people who had very high positions in the Immortal Destiny Star Realm had great respect for Saintess Shui.

”You are always one step ahead of everyone else. ” Nangong Xiang was helpless when she saw Saintess Shui already in front of them.

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Even though Nangong Xiang wanted to come to see this woman, she didn ’t expect that this woman would actually meet Nangong Xiang first.

This beautiful woman ’s name was Shui Yixian, she was the only person with the strongest profound light power currently in the God Realm, so it was not surprising that Shui Yixian had earned the nickname Saintess because she possessed the power of light.

Shui Yixian smiled slightly when she heard Nangong Xiang ’s words, Shui Yixian couldn ’t say much in response to the words Nangong Xiang had just said.

Shui Yixian turned his gaze towards Zhao Yanyan, Shui Yixian began to serve closer towards Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan looked straight at Shui Yixian, she could see that this woman in front of her had a slight match for her.

Shui Yixian looked at Zhao Yanyan who was in front of her, Shui Yixian smiled gently at Zhao Yanyan.

”Excellent, I finally met a suitable successor. ” Shui Yixian finally met Zhao Yanyan who had a Saintess Special body.

”Your name is Zhao Yanyan isn ’t it? ” Shui Yixian asked Zhao Yanyan who was in front of him.

”How do you know my name? ” Zhao Yanyan was immediately shocked when she saw Shui Yixian knew her name so easily.

”Yanyan, this woman has the ability to see far into the future, she can even see into the future worried that her lifespan will decrease, so it is not surprising that she knew about you a long time ago ” Nangong Xiang told Zhao Yanyan about Shui Yixian ’s special ability. 

Shui Yixian had the special ability to see straight into the future, so it was not surprising that Shui Yixian already knew very well about the Zhao Yanyan in front of her.

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”Oh, I see. ” Zhao Yanyan nodded to Nangong Xiang, now she knew why Shui Yixian knew her name so easily.

Zhao Yanyan was quite surprised by the ability of this woman in front of her, this woman ’s ability was truly extraordinary.

”You ’re exaggerating it, I ’m not that great. ” Shui Yixian said that she wasn ’t as good as Nangong Xiang said she was.

Even though Shui Yixian could see into the future freely, he could not arbitrarily tell others what he saw, otherwise Shui Yixian could still earn the wrath of heaven.

That ’s why there were some things that Shui Yixian couldn ’t say freely to others, Shui Yixian could only warn that person.

”What are you doing here? ” Zhao Yanyan immediately asked why Shui Yixian had come here.

”How about we talk about this matter inside, this place is not suitable for talking. ” Shui Yixian said to go inside the villa and discuss what she wanted.

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