Deep in the forest there are many powerful and scary Magical Beasts, it will be very dangerous if you go too deep into this forest.

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”Okay I understand ” Ye Chen nodded, he would remember Qin Ci ’s warning.

”Good, then we go first. ” Qin Ci and the others bid farewell to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw the departure of Qin Ci, Le Ru, Kim Yan, and Ji Xe, now it was time for him to go look for medicinal herbs alone.

Ye Chen flew in the opposite direction with Qin Ci, Le Ru, Kim Yan, and Ji Xe, immediately flying towards the deepest part of this Forest.

Ye Chen didn ’t pay attention to the warning Qin Ci gave him, Ye Chen still insisted on going to the inside of this forest.

Ye Chen ’s goal is very clear, he is looking for medicinal herbs in large quantities, if the disciples prefer to look for medicinal herbs in the outer side of the forest.

it means that there are rarely people who go into the forest, it means that the place is still rarely touched, where the place is rarely touched, it is certain that there will be a lot of medicinal plants.

Ye Chen wants to train and try to fight the Magical Beasts in this forest, he wants to know how strong the Magical Beasts that live in this place are.

Ye Chen very quickly entered the depth of this forest, the deeper Ye Chen entered, it could be seen that this forest was getting denser and looked natural.

”Very good, now let ’s find medicinal plants, will I be lucky or not in this first job of mine ” Ye Chen began to explore every inch of the forest in front of him, he began to look for any medicinal plants he could find.

With the help of his God Eyes technique, Ye Chen very quickly found a lot of medicinal herbs, after marking all the locations, Ye Chen immediately went to pick them.

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With very fast and skillful movements Ye Chen began to pick the medicinal herbs he found.

”It ’s going to be a long time if it continues like this, I ’d better use a Shadow Clone, Ye Chen made dozens of clones of himself.

”All of you quickly disperse and look for medicinal herbs in this forest ” Ye Chen immediately ordered the clones he made to go and look for medicinal herbs around here.

These Clones nodded, they immediately went to do the task given by Ye Chen.

”Hehehe, fortunately I have the technique ” Ye Chen was grateful that he had the Shadow Clone technique, Shadow Clonereally made all kinds of things that take up a lot of time easier.

”Master, there are several Magical Beasts coming towards you. ” Chu Yuechan suddenly warned Ye Chen about the existence of several Magical Beasts that were coming here.

”Okay, I understand. ” Ye Chen understood, he had already detected several Magical Beasts roaming this place.

” What will you do now ? ” Chu Yuechan asked what Ye Chen would do now.

”They came towards me, of course they had to pay the price ” Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

Since these Magical Beasts dared to come to him, they had to be prepared for the consequences they would have to accept.

Magical Beasts will become the punching bag for Ye Chen ’s training.

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Moments later there were five Magical Beasts that came to Ye Chen, the Magical Beasts that came to Ye Chen were Magical Beasts that could fly, these Magical Beasts looked like bees and had a body that was bigger than a container truck.

The bee magical beasts looked at Ye Chen, it could be seen that they were currently hunting for prey.

When the bee Magical Beasts saw Ye Chen, they had already marked Ye Chen as a prey.

So two of the five Magical Beasts directly swooped down on Ye Chen and prepared to capture and immobilize Ye Chen.

Ye Chen didn ’t react much when he saw the arrival of this huge wild beast, Ye Chen was currently waiting for the right time to attack the bee Magical Beast that was heading towards him.

Seeing Ye Chen not showing any signs of resistance, the bee Magical Beasts accelerated the speed they had.

It could be seen that the intelligence of the Magical Beasts in the God Realm was already on a different level.

When the Bee Magical Beast got very close to Ye Chen, Ye Chen finally started to act, he immediately jumped up and climbed onto the back of the Bee Magical Beast.

” Srekkk ” Ye Chen immediately tore off the bee ’s Magical Beast ’s wing, in this case Ye Chen needed extra strength to break the beeMagical Beast ’s wing.

The bee Magical Beast ’s wings were much stronger and tougher than Ye Chen had expected.

after that Ye Chen immediately flew away from the back of the Magical Beast.

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When the Magical Beast lost its wings, instantly the bee Magical Beast fell like a plane that had lost its engine and fell to the ground.

Seeing their comrades being defeated by Ye Chen, the other bee Magical Beasts started shooting at Ye Chen using their sharp and large stingers.

Dozens of stings flew towards Ye Chen, it looked like a huge projectile was shot towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen stretched his hand forward, instantly a barrier appeared in front of Ye Chen and blocked all these projectiles.

Of the dozens of projectiles fired by Magical Beasts, not a single projectile could penetrate Ye Chen ’s defense, the power of this projectile was still not strong enough to penetrate Ye Chen ’s defense.

Ye Chen looked at the projectile that the bee ’s Magical Beast had just fired, it could be seen that this projectile contained a large amount of poison.

If you get hit by this poison, it can be ascertained that the person will be paralyzed.

The aim of the bee Magical Beasts shooting the projectiles was to immobilize Ye Chen.
Unfortunately all the shots they took were unable to penetrate Ye Chen ’s barrier.

The bee Magical Beasts started to stop shooting at Ye Chen, they immediately flew away from this place.

The bee ’s magical beasts are currently misty leaving this place, they know that they can ’t win against Ye Chen

”huh, they ’re pretty smart too ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that the magical beasts he met would be so clever, when they knew they couldn ’t win against him, they immediately retreated and left this place.

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Ye Chen was getting more and more knowledge of this matter more and more.

”You guys want run away, it ’s not that easy. ” Ye Chen wouldn ’t let the bee Magical Beast run away after trying to hunt him.

Ye Chen will now take turns hunting bee Magical Beasts, Ye Chen changed from prey to hunter, this is very funny.

”Ye Chen flew after the bee Magical Beast that fled, when Ye Chen went to chase the bee Magical Beast, Ye Chen didn ’t realize that he was going deeper and deeper into the forest.

In the depths of the forest there are countless magical beasts that are far more powerful than Ye Chen could imagine, the lord of this forest even lives in the depths of this forest.

For this matter, Ye Chen didn ’t think much of it, his goal was to hunt down the bee Magical Beast.

After all, Ye Chen was still quite unfamiliar with this forest, so it wasn ’t strange that Ye Chen would be very brave to enter the deepest part of this forest.

”Where are you guys going? ” Ye Chen launched several ranged attacks at the bee Magical Beast, with Ye Chen ’s ranged attack, Ye Chen managed to take down all the Magical Beasts.

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