”Finally caught up ” Ye Chen was very happy because he managed to catch up with the Magical Beasts and take them all down.

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Ye Chen looked around, when Ye Chen looked around he found that there were Magical Beasts trying to target him.

” Whoosh ” a burst of fire was shot out by the Magical Beast hiding underground.

Ye Chen didn ’t dodge this flame, he knew that it wouldn ’t have much of an effect on him.

Ye Chen immediately swooped down, immediately aiming for the Magical Beast hiding underground.

”Bam ” Ye Chen directly hit the Magical Beast that was underground with his full strength.

When Ye Chen used his full strength, the ground beneath was instantly lifted into the sky due to the attack launched by Ye Chen.

The Magical Beast that was hiding underground was also lifted into the sky, when the Magical Beast was already lifted into the sky, Ye Chen immediately attacked and hit the Magical Beast ’s body.

because this magical beast ’s body was a little hard, Ye Chen needed his full strength to destroy the magical beast ’s body.

With a little bit of hard work put in by Ye Chen, Ye Chen was finally able to destroy the Magical Beast ’s body.

The Magical Beast ’s body was completely battered from being hit by Ye Chen.

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”This monster ’s body is very hard and very strong ” Ye Chen felt that this monster ’s body was very hard and very strong, it was much stronger than the Magical Beasts that Ye Chen had previously encountered.

Ye Chen even had to use his full strength to defeat this Magical Beast.

”Master around you, there are a lot of magical beasts with terrifying strength, you should be careful. ” Chu Yuechan immediately warned Ye Chen that around this place there were a lot of very powerful Magical Beasts that Ye Chen had to watch out for.

”Are they really that strong? ” Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan, Ye Chen wanted to know if the Magical Beast in this place was very strong.

”Master, if I ’m being honest, some of the Magical Beasts here are much stronger than you right now, you should be more careful in choosing your opponent in this place. ” Chu Yuechan warned Ye Chen to be careful when encountering Magical Beasts, otherwise Ye Chen might be trapped and can ’t escape from this place.

”Okay I understand ” Ye Chen nodded, he would try to be careful.

Ye Chen is a person who likes challenges, so Ye Chen likes to meet enemies who are stronger than himself, according to him it is the fastest way to become stronger and stronger.

Ye Chen went to follow his heart, he didn ’t know where he was going now, Ye Chen didn ’t know anything about this forest, so Ye Chen could only follow his heart.

Ye Chen didn ’t know that he was currently flying to a very dangerous place at the moment

”Master, I feel that there are a lot of treasures ahead ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen that she felt a lot of treasures ahead.

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”treasure? ” Ye Chen ’s eyes immediately changed color when he heard what Chu Yuechan had just said, he was intrigued when he heard what Chu Yuechan had just said.

”Yes, there is a treasure in front of you, you should go and have a look. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to go and take a look.

”Okay, I ’ll be leaving soon. ” With very high passion, Ye Chen immediately went to the place that Chu Yuechan had just said.

when Ye Chen was about to go to the place that Chu Yuechan said, he found something strange happening, around this place there was a very heavy deep pressure, Ye Chen had difficulty breathing when he felt this deep pressure.

”What happened in this place? ” Ye Chen didn ’t know what had just happened, why suddenly an extremely heavy profound pressure swept over this place.

”Master, it looks like someone is fighting, from the cultivation I can sense, this person is very strong. ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen that far ahead there was a person fighting.

”This profound pressure is really very strong, who exactly is this person? ” Ye Chen started to wonder who the person fighting in front of there was.

”I also don ’t know, what is certain is that this person is very strong, he should be one of the cultivators who are at the peak of this God Realm ” Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

”Is it that strong? ” Ye Chen didn ’t expect that Chu Yuechan would say that this person was a cultivator at the peak of the God Realm, this person must be so powerful that Chu Yuechan could say that.

”If I ’m being honest, this woman should have had the same cultivation as Nangong Xiang when she was at the peak of her glory. ” Chu Yuechan gave a comparison so Ye Chen would know how strong this person was.

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Ye Chen could no longer imagine what Chu Yuechan had just said, it seemed that this person was extremely powerful.

”Can I get closer to it? ” Ye Chen wanted to know if he could come closer and see who the people were currently fighting.

”You ’d better not do that, your body could be destroyed if you approach any further. ” Chu Yuechan immediately warned Ye Chen not to go any further, otherwise Ye Chen ’s body might be affected by this pressure.

The pressure that this person gave off was extremely strong, it was unimaginable for the current Ye Chen.

”So I can ’t go any further, too bad. ” Ye Chen felt disappointed when he found out about this, it seemed that he couldn ’t advance forward.

”Forget it, it seems that someone strong is after the treasure, you better go back and stay as far away as possible, lest you get dragged into this matter ” Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to forget the treasure that lies ahead, it is not good for Ye Chen to sacrifice his life because of something like this.

if Ye Chen died it wouldn ’t be good for Chu Yuechan and Ye Chen ’s woman, that ’s why Chu Yuechan tried to forbid Ye Chen from going near from this place,

of risking Ye Chen ’s life for something that could be obtained another time, Chu Yuechan preferred to have Ye Chen moved away from this place.

Chu Yuechan did this for Ye Chen ’s good, she didn ’t want Ye Chen to be dragged into this super strong battle.

”Bam ” A very powerful explosion occurred far ahead, an explosive impact came towards Ye Chen.

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”Gahhhhh ” Ye Chen was swept away by the impact of the explosion that just happened, Ye Chen was flown thousands of miles away by the impact just now.

”what the hell ” Ye Chen couldn ’t believe what he just saw, he couldn ’t believe the impact of the explosion just now would be that strong.

If Ye Chen didn ’t coat his body with Heavenly Armor, then it was certain that Ye Chen would be injured from just now.

”Master I told you to stay away, why don ’t you listen to me ” Chu Yuechan immediately scolded Ye Chen, Chu Yuechan was very worried about Ye Chen ’s safety, so it wouldn ’t be strange if Chu Yuechan told Ye Chen to leave this place right away.

., okay.
., I will go away ” This time Ye Chen really listened to what Chu Yuechan said, he went away from this place.

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